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11 Dec 2009 description


This manual is based on the experience of German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in a project supporting the establishment of Local Flood Early Warning Systems. The European Commission and the German Government funded the project. The manual describes how to set up and run a Local Flood Early Warning System for inland river floods.

01 Jun 2009 description

Between 2004 and 2008, almost two in three partner countries of German development cooperation experienced violent conflicts or the immediate aftermath of such conflicts. Crisis prevention and conflict transformation have become crucial for successful development cooperation. At a time when international markets are crumbling and millions of workers are losing their jobs due to the global economic crisis, the fear of an explosive social situation is also growing in many fragile nations and transition countries.

25 Nov 2008 description

On 30 October, Ambassador Antonio Cardoso, Head of the Delegation of the European Commission in Peru, and Wilfried Liehr, GTZ Country Director in Peru, signed an agreement officially mandating GTZ to implement the project "Aid for Peru" on the EU's behalf. The signing ceremony took place at the Peruvian Foreign Ministry in the presence of high-ranking representatives from Peru, the EU and the German Embassy.

"Aid for Peru" supports the reconstruction of areas in the south of the country that were struck by the earthquake in 2007.

The project is to run for 18 …

18 Nov 2008 description

The eastern province of Maniema in the Democratic Republic of Congo was - and continues to be - particularly severely affected by fighting. Water and electricity supplies function only sporadically and often fail for days at a time. Bridges and roads have been completely destroyed. The rail link from the south operates only every two months. Goods are flown in at inflated prices by aging Antonov aircraft.

20 Jun 2008 description

"The earth was dried out, not a leaf growing anywhere," recalls Gerenchael Giday from Abrha Atsebha, in the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray. The once fertile soil around his village was marked by erosion: the trees had been felled and the meadows grazed bare; the crop areas were dried out and the springs were running dry. Today, the situation is very different: all kinds of fruit and vegetables grow on terraced plots, trees cast shade, the springs flow with water again and are capped. Abrha Atsebha has become a green oasis.

13 Sep 2007 description

Drinking water supply in Afghanistan

What seems a contradiction at first glance is a reality in Badashkhan Province in north-eastern Afghanistan. One pump, powered by electricity from 39 solar modules, delivers fresh water for up to 12 hours every day. "Now the 450 families in the village of Kushka Dara finally have drinking water," says Jörg Yoder from GTZ's Development-Oriented Emergency Aid team.

21 May 2007 description

A ceasefire is now in place in the Kailahun district of eastern Sierra Leone, but there are hundreds of thousands of largely young, unemployed internally displaced persons, most of them in the cities. They have almost no economic prospects and thus harbour considerable potential for conflict. At the same time, there is a lack of workers to rebuild the country's agriculture sector, the sector with the greatest potential for growth in Sierra Leone.

04 Jan 2007 description

Banda Aceh: Before the tsunami, combatants belonging to the Free Aceh separatist movement (GAM) used to produce weapons. Today, they are using old bullet cases to make other things, such as ship propellers. They have built up peaceful commercial livelihoods with GTZ support. In special training courses, GTZ prepared them for a future as small entrepreneurs and advised them on all aspects of business start-ups and the development of market-oriented products.

06 Sep 2006 description

The Elements of the Aceh Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Programme

Since the firstweeks after the tsunamiGTZhas been providing substantial humanitarian and reconstruction assistance in Aceh.

03 Apr 2006 description

Karin Kortmann, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), undertook a five-day fact-finding mission at the end of March that took her to GTZ projects in Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. She travelled with a delegation of BMZ officials, SPD, CDU, FDP and Green members of the German Bundestag, and representatives of the press.

In Kenya, Ms Kortmann visited an emergency aid project in the north-east of the country, which is currently suffering from severe drought.

07 Mar 2006 description

Eschborn, 7 March 2006. The German Government has allocated €50,000 in humanitarian aid to the survivors of the landslide on the Philippine island of Leyte. The German embassy in Manila has contracted the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH to implement the aid measures.

The devastating landslide of February 17 cost some 1000 lives. Many people lost all they possess. GTZ will provide the survivors and evacuees with tents with water supplies, sanitary facilities, and other everyday necessities.

22 Feb 2006 description

Trading in a gun for a lathe

Baluku is now 19 years old. Standing there in the little workshop, he looks proudly at the youngsters he is training in carpentry, who are busily at work. Like him, they are demobilised combatants. And like him - and some 30,000 to 40,0000 other boys and girls - they have served as child soldiers and experienced close up the many bloody wars in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

29 Dec 2005 description

Eschborn, 29.12.05. Many villages in Pakistan's Siran Valley at the foot of the Himalayas were almost completely levelled by the earthquake on 8 October. In cooperation with the Pakistan NGO HAASHAR, GTZ had over 2,300 igloo-like tents with metal roofing constructed by Christmas. "These have space for up to eight people, withstand earthquakes, are so robust that they can withstand even four metres of snow, and provide insulation against the cold," reports Ingolf Vereno, GTZ Country Director in Pakistan.

13 Dec 2005 description

Launching des ARTE-Themenabends von Milka Pavlicevic

Just under one year ago, a giant tidal wave swept over the coasts of South-East Asia, claiming the lives of over 200,000 people. But the disastrous destruction caused by the tsunami set something else in motion: an unprecedented willingness across the globe to donate. According to UN figures, EUR 5.8 billion was donated within a matter of weeks, more than EUR 600 million of which came from Germany alone.

Today, attention is focused on the question of what has been achieved so far and what else can be done.

11 Nov 2005 description

More than four million people, most of them in southern Malawi, are threatened with food shortages, according to the Malawian Government. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GTZ is supporting the Malawian Government in alleviating the effects of the looming famine with funds of around EUR 2.6 million. The aid will primarily benefit schoolchildren, poor families and the sick.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) already runs school meals programmes in 10 of Malawi's 34 school districts.

31 Aug 2005 description

After over twenty years of civil war, the Sudanese people are daring to hope again. In January 2005 a peace agreement was signed between the Muslim Arab government in Khartoum and the Christian African Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement (SPLAM) in the south. Now in the coming years up to 500,000 refugees will return from the neighbouring African countries, and four million internally displaced persons will return to their home regions.

02 Aug 2005 description

First came the drought, then the locusts, and now famine: the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has reacted quickly, providing EUR 1,500,000 to be used by the World Food Programme and the German Red Cross.

Besides immediate emergency aid, the people of Niger need above all long-term help in order to escape from the drought cycle.

05 Apr 2005 description

From the start of the crisis, some 230 GTZ employees have been providing emergency aid to the coastal regions devastated by the tsunami. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GTZ has been active for decades in the Sri Lankan districts of Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Jaffna, which have been heavily affected by the tsunami, and is cooperating with regional and local partners.

14 Mar 2005 description

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is commissioning the Deutsche Gesellschaft f=FCr Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH to carry out emergency aid measures in Sri Lanka. To date, 1.3 million euro has been made available for emergency aid funding. This will supply transit camps with water, food, clothing, blankets, tarpaulins, cooking utensils, lamps and generators. Wells are being purified. Transport infrastructure for distributing aid supplies is being provided. Women and children are being given priority.