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05 Sep 2011 description
report Miami Herald



BOIS CARRE, Haiti -- The SUV slowly churns up the green mountainside, rocking from side-to-side as it struggles for traction on rocky terrain.

Any wrong turn and the packed vehicle could easily fall 300 feet. But to save lives in deeply remote rural areas, Fabienne Lorcerie and her team of cholera response experts must risk theirs

22 Jul 2011 description

Mark Schneider, The Miami Herald | 21 Jul 2011

More than two months after his inauguration, Haitian President Michel Martelly still does not have a new government in place. The Parliament rejected his first candidate for prime minister and appears likely to do the same with his second nominee.

23 Oct 2010 description
report Miami Herald

Earthquake survivors are being smuggled across the border, then put to work as prostitutes, peddlers and beggars.



BOCA CHICA, Dominican Republic -- After several days of going hungry, Marie said she surrendered to sexual propositions made by several men in the park where she begged in this resort town in the south of the Dominican Republic.

Marie, 12, said she had sex with ''many'' of those men, sometimes for a dollar, while her cousins, 13 and 10, …

05 Aug 2010 description
report Miami Herald



Haitian children who lost limbs in January's earthquake now have a chance to receive prosthetics and slowly return to everyday life with the help of a new program.

The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal service organization, announced this week it intends to fund a program administered by the University of Miami/Medishare hospital in Port-au-Prince.

''Hope for Haiti's Children'' will provide prosthetic limbs and therapy over the next two years to the …

09 Jun 2010 description
report Miami Herald



Haitian President René Préval is being urged to move faster to schedule presidential and parliamentary elections in an earthquake-battered Haiti or risk losing the confidence of the U.S. Congress.

The warning comes from a high-ranking influential member of Congress, who in an eight-page report obtained by The Miami Herald, calls for Préval, whose presidential mandate ends in 2011, to ''issue the appropriate decree establishing an official date for presidential and parliamentary …

25 May 2010 description
report Miami Herald



PORT-AU-PRINCE -- Flies swarmed around Christiane Carystil's inflamed leg, yet despite her moans for help, there wasn't much the 87-year-old could do to get anyone's attention.

Even outside the crumbled remains of the Asile Communale -- the city's main senior nursing home -- personal attention is hard to come by for many elderly trying to survive in a post-earthquake society.

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24 May 2010 description
report Miami Herald

Taking a cue from other popular microlending sites that connect people directly to business owners looking for a capital, a new website is hoping to connect the Haitian diaspora directly to business people in Haiti who want financial help.

Zafèn is a partnership between Fonkoze, Haiti's largest microfinance organization, and DePaul University, which wanted to create the site as part of its 350th anniversary of the death of St.

23 May 2010 description
report Miami Herald

Microfinance organizations are working to lift Haiti out of poverty one tiny loan at a time.



CABARET, Haiti -- Ask Clanise Paul how to spell her name, and the talkative 27 year-old pauses for a moment before explaining she can't read or write.

But ask her how she operates her business, and she doesn't hesitate to explain the intricate details of how before the January earthquake, she made a hefty profit by selling juice and other food on the side of the road.

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