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02 Aug 2017 description

The training, given by CNE's senior technicians and financed entirely by UNIOGBIS, addressed issues such as electoral management and electoral bodies, voter registration, litigation and offense in the electoral register and the Bissau-Guinean electoral system.

31 Jul 2017 description

It was from this perspective that the National People's Assembly of Guinea-Bissau, on 19 July 2007, established the Organizing Commission of the National Conference. The work of this Commission that has consulted thousands across the country on a possible reconciliation mechanism was strongly supported by former President Malam Bacai Sanha. His death and the coup d’état of 2012 prevented the holding of the national conference.

03 Jul 2017 description

The National Refugee Commission ensures that the country is committed to regularizing the refugee situation, following the commitment made at the high-level meeting held in Geneva in 2011. "We are currently working on the local integration program for refugees and one of our concerns is the nationalization of refugees, to honor the commitment made by the country since 2011 at a high-level meeting on refugees in Geneva.", said Tibna Sambe Na Wana, coordinator of the National Commission for Refugees.

13 Jun 2017 description

UN human rights report urges comprehensive reform of healthcare system in Guinea-Bissau

The Report was discussed and analyzed today at the Government Palace in Bissau in a meeting on international recommendations on human rights made to Guinea-Bissau.

03 May 2017 description

According to experts, malaria is an endemic disease of stable transmission and high prevalence, cause of many deaths.

According to Paulo Djata, "a lot of progress has been made in the fight against malaria from 2000 to 2015, not only in decreasing the number of cases, but also the number of deaths.

03 May 2017 description

The international community continues to make efforts for dialogue as a way to resolve the Guinean crisis by negotiating with the parties involved in implementing the Conakry Agreement.

For the fulfillment of this agreement, CPLP Executive Secretary, Maria do Carmo Silveira, visited the country 2-6 April in order to listen to different national and international actors about the way out of the political crisis in the country.

16 Feb 2017 description

“It will therefore be critical for national actors to implement the provisions in the Conakry Agreement related to the review of the Constitution in order to clarify the provisions that have given rise to inter-institutional conflicts in the past. National authorities will also need to focus efforts on revising the electoral law and the laws governing political parties, as envisaged in the Conakry Agreement, in preparation for the upcoming 2018 legislative elections.

24 Jan 2017 description

According to a joint mission that went to the north of the country on 18 January, 4,327 Gambian nationals have entered Guinea-Bissau. Since the 15th, the number of tickets registered is around one thousand a day.

09 Oct 2016 description

Mr. Mar’s two-day visit aimed at reaffirming and strengthening the support of the United Nations, and in particular UNDP, to the country's efforts in achieving its development priorities in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations will met with the Guinea-Bissau authorities, civil society representatives and the United Nations team in the country.

16 Sep 2016 description

 “It marks an encouraging step in the pursuit of stability in the country”, said Mr. Touré.

The agreement was reached at the end of the ECOWAS high-level mission to Guinea-Bissau by President Alpha Condé of Guinea President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone.

30 Aug 2016 description
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NOTE TO CORRESPONDENTS: Peacebuilding Commission Guinea-Bissau Configuration Situation in Guinea Bissau

The PBC believes that this stalemate severely hampers the country’s ability to sustain stability and provide satisfying services to its population, reads a Note to Correspondents issued today.

16 Aug 2016 description

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated every year on 28 July, this year under the theme "Elimination". The date is an opportunity to intensify national and international efforts against hepatitis and urge partners and member States to support the implementation of the first Global Strategy for Health Sector on viral hepatitis for 2016-2021, which was approved during the sixty-ninth World Health Assembly in May 2016.

18 Sep 2015 description

18 September 2015 - Since the early days of its independence on 24 September 1974, Guinea-Bissau has lived several attempts and several coups, and a political-military conflict that resulted in human rights violations and consequent adoption of amnesties and pardons. Nonetheless, the question on how can Bissau-Guineans achieve national reconciliation remains open. Attempts by political and social actors have been varying between forgiveness and justice.

16 Jul 2015 description

4 July 2015 - The United Nations have commemorated the 4th July as the International Day of Cooperatives. According to the UN, the cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their economic, social and cultural needs and common aspirations through a common owned and democratically managed.

28 Jun 2015 description

25 June 2015 – The Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of (UNMEER), Peter Graaff, ended a two-day official visit today in Guinea-Bissau, calling on authorities and citizens to remain vigilant against Ebola.

Peter Graaff arrived in Guinea-Bissau on 24 June with the intention of assessing the country's level of preparedness in case Ebola crosses the border.

25 Jun 2015 description

Bissau, 23 June 2015 – The Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), Mr. Peter Graaff, is expected to be in Guinea-Bissau for a two-day official visit. The aim of this visit is to take stock of the current Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) prevention and preparedness efforts in the country and see with government how the UN can further mobilize support.

05 Jun 2015 description

03 June 2015 – In reaction to the launch of 2015 State of Food Insecurity in the World (SOFI) Report, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (SRSG) for Guinea-Bissau, Miguel Trovoada, said Wednesday in Bissau that political stability is essential for development. "In a society with permanent instability it is very difficult to promote actions that can lead to development and subsequently to poverty reduction."

29 May 2015 description

29 May 2015 - The latest Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Guinea-Bissau took place in Geneva this year in January, with 151 recommendations adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council to improve the situation of human rights in the country. The responses of the government are expected by June 2015.

20 May 2015 description

18 May 2015 – SRSG Miguel Trovoada witnessed today in the Parliament the swearing-in ceremony of the 32 members of the Commission for the National Conference on Reconciliation, marking its official revival.

The ceremony was chaired by the Speaker of the National Popular Assembly (ANP, Portuguese acronym) ANP Speaker, Cipriano Cassamá.

24 Apr 2015 description

22 April 2015 - The history of Guinea-Bissau has been marked by instability, human rights violations and fragile institutions. Gun ownership in the hands of civilians has been one of the causes and consequence of that instability. To try to put an end to this situation, the Guinean authorities with the support of the United Nations is calling in the population to deliver and register any weapons in their possession.