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02 Nov 2018 description

One of the biggest biometric verification processes ever undertaken has confirmed that Uganda is hosting 1.1 million refugees, by far the largest number in Africa and the third largest worldwide. With the scale of the crisis now confirmed, the international community should ensure the response is appropriately funded. As the end of the year approaches, the 2018 response plan has received just 42% of the required funds.

01 Nov 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

In the spotlight: Integrating Psychosocial Support into Education in Emergencies

Although enrollment in education in developing countries has increased, millions of children remain out of school. The situation is especially dire at times of a conflict; globally, half of all out-of-school children live in conflict-affected areas.

Humanitarian crises tend to be long and extremely complex, and therefore affect well-being and education over a long period. Most refugee adolescents and youth are out of school.

12 Oct 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

Peace is like an egg. It is delicate and fragile, but in the right conditions, it gives life.

Those are the wise words of the late Deka Ibrahim, who resolved clan conflicts in Wajir County in the early 90’s, and later became instrumental in the peace processes in North Eastern Kenya. She was my role model when I decided to start working for peace.

12 Oct 2018 description

New project gives vocational training, education and small business support to 4,400 youth.

"The youth of South Sudan are a huge untapped potential. They must be supported to access job training, employment and businesses opportunities. The EMPOWER project will bring new opportunities to thousands of youth that are eager to learn, work and build for the future," said Rehana Zawar, Country Director of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

03 Oct 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

From 2017 to 2018, Finn Church Aid (FCA) offered tailor-made vocational and entrepreneurship training to refugees, persons with disability, and Jordanians in the most vulnerable positions. A total of 424 refugees and Jordanians completed the vocational training and 49 businesses were started in the project that ended in September.

Out of the graduates from the vocational training, 84 have found employment, and 116 have received additional training as well as tools and equipment to start their own business. More than half of the graduates are women.

22 Sep 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

Pibor was long known as the Wild West of South Sudan because of cattle rustling and age-set fighting. The effects of peace processes supported by FCA have enabled the town’s market to flourish and opened the people’s eyes to livelihood opportunities.

The rays of the evening sun caress the town of Pibor and inhabitants are washing themselves by the river at the end of a hot day. FCA’s finance administrator Moses Ludoru greets passers-by on his evening walk. His easy laughter is contagious.

14 Sep 2018 description

Endorsed by: Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA); AVSI; BRAC; CARE; Danish Refugee Council (DRC); Finn Church Aid (FCA); Food for the Hungry; Humanity & Inclusion; Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC); Oxfam; Plan; Save the Children; VSO; War Child Holland; Windle International Uganda; World Vision; ZOA

The launch of Uganda's new Education Response Plan for Refugees and Host Communities (ERP) is an opportunity to ensure a better future for hundreds of thousands of children.

14 Sep 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

There is a desperate shortage of decent jobs in developing countries. Finn Church Aid’s (FCA) investment company responds to this need by introducing a new tool to Finland’s development policy.

Finland will invest EUR 16 million in small businesses that create jobs through FCA Investments Ltd, a new company established by FCA. The investment is made in a form of a loan and, according to the terms and conditions of the loan, assets will be paid back with interest to the State of Finland in 18 years with profits from investment activities.

13 Sep 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

Women and girls learn to read and acquire new skills in an FCA/DCA project in two refugee camps in Bangladesh.

“I feel secure to work in the safe space for women and girls. I enjoy coming to this place and sharing with others,” says a refugee woman volunteering as a teacher. In Myanmar, she taught the national language Burmese and sewing.

09 Aug 2018 description

Four major international NGOs launch an innovative and ambitious new education project, aiming to get thousands of out-of-school refugees and Ugandan children back into education.

The INCLUDE project will use accelerated education methods to teach children who have missed out on years of school. It provides interactive computer games to promote learning, helps children who have fled war to cope with the stress of their experiences, and engages communities to identify their own priorities for improvement.

13 Jul 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

With EU humanitarian funds amounting to €700 000, FCA will rehabilitate schools, provide school supplies and train teachers in Baidoa, a hub for internally displaced people in Somalia.

This ‘education in emergencies’ intervention will address the lack of education for children of displaced families, but also of vulnerable host communities in Baidoa. Some 250 kilometres west of the capital Mogadishu, Baidoa has around 190 000 inhabitants and is a major hub for internally displaced people in Somalia’s Bay region.

18 May 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

How is advocacy best done for financing of education and the SDG goal 4, especially in situations of emergency and conflict? Is good advocacy about gathering evidence and data, and then meeting influential people with fat check-books? Or is it better to be out on the streets, mobilising grass-roots and sharing stories of injustice?

11 May 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

Jonaliese, Sauda and Daphe found a direction for their lives at FCA´s vocational school in Uganda. Thanks to their exceptional motivation, the young graduates from FCA´s school face no difficulties in finding work.

If someone had asked 20-year-old Jonaliese Karsugho where she will be in five years’ time, she would have hardly thought that she would be instructing a final project in metalwork at a Ugandan refugee settlement.

08 May 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

In Athens, it is easy to forget that there is still a great number of people in the city who have come there to escape war or poverty. Watching the good-spirited crowds of the Plaka quarter or the tourists lining up to Acropolis, it does not immediately occur to you that since 2015, over a million refugees have arrived in the country.

One out of a thousand has lost their life on the perilous sea route to Europe. The survivors are trying to build a future for themselves and their families.

26 Apr 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

Youth Means 1.8 Billion Possibilities – ‘Youth on the Move’ Shakes Attitudes

Young people living in fragile conditions are not currently being taken into sufficient account in the field of humanitarian work and development cooperation. According to Youth on the Move, a report published by Finn Church Aid on 26 April, young people often tend to slip through the various forms of work and funding. Nevertheless, youth on the move are dynamic actors having enormous potential as builders of their own lives and societies.

20 Apr 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

Donors’ and international investors’ trust in FCA remained strong in 2017.

Finn Church Aid (FCA) spent 38.6 million euros on aid work last year, an increase of 7.5 million from the previous year. The growth in operations was enabled by the increase in international funding and private donations. The effects of the cuts to development cooperation funding by the Finnish government were still felt in 2017, and operations in Haiti had to be discontinued.

02 Mar 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

In South Sudan, the price of food claims people’s lives as well as guns. Hunger staggers society, with people only focused on where to get their next meal.

When you throw a seed in the ground, it grows into a giant mango tree.

This is a saying from South Sudanese Equatoria, the breadbasket of the country. The soil is so fertile that crops grown in the region have fed millions of South Sudanese people. Practically all of South Sudan is a perfect seedbed for produce such as rice, corn, millet, sugar cane, and fruits.

01 Mar 2018 description
report Finn Church Aid

The greatest fear of Muja Rose, a refugee from South Sudan, is that her daughter will starve to death. Uganda is at a breaking point in the throes of the biggest refugee crisis in Africa since the Rwanda genocide.

The children were playing when war found the family of 34-year-old Muja Rose in South Sudan.

Government soldiers arrived without warning in their hometown of Kajo Keji. They were immediately caught by surprise by a group of rebels. People were killed and their possessions were looted.