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09 Jan 2019 description
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This LLE is limited in its scope to the past performance of the Task Force against its set objectives and Terms of Reference as a coordination body established specifically for ESSN-related tasks. As such, the recommendations in this report do not seek to expand the Task Force’s mandate, but rather to enhance the outcomes of its function as a sub-set of the Basic Needs Sector and a platform supporting inter-sector linkages under the 3RP coordination system.


08 Oct 2018 description
report Norwegian Capacity

Unless Europe urgently steps up its support to tens of thousands of refugees in Greece, harsh winter conditions may claim lives of vulnerable families living in squalid conditions.

"We're facing a preventable human catastrophe. The refugee camp in Lesvos is bursting beyond capacity, and conditions are worsening by the week. As many as 150 people have arrived on a single day," said the Director for the Norwegian Refugee Council's expert deployment capacity, NORCAP, Benedicte Giæver, who visited Greece last week.

02 May 2018 description
report Norwegian Capacity


In February 2018, the Asia Pacific Regional Cash Working Group (RCWG) held its first meeting in the year to discuss and validate the 2018 workplan – informed through bilateral discussions with regional members and the National CWGs in the region. The workplan1 , is structured around three objectives (see below) with key indicators and activities to guide in the dispensation of the roles and responsibilities of the RCWG.

13 Apr 2018 description
report Norwegian Capacity

Oda Lykke Mortensen | Published 13. Apr 2018

The international community has failed to help and protect the people of DR Congo. 13.1 million people need humanitarian assistance, more than a double since 2014. Despite the situation getting worse, donors have reduced funding to the country. "Haven't the people of DR Congo suffered enough? Millions of lives are at stake, and if not taken seriously, the situation could get worse. Donors must step up their support," says NORCAP Director, Benedicte Giæver.

25 Mar 2018 description

Executive Summary

The influx of over 600,000 Rohingya Refugees into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, caused by targeted violence and human rights violations in Rhakine State of Myanmar, has unfolded rapidly and is defined by the complexity of needs. This requires not only immediate solution for a safe and protective learning environment, but also a guarantee for better and diverse solutions to address the learning needs of children, adolescents and young adults.

21 Jan 2018 description
report Norwegian Capacity

The demand for cash transfer programming (CTP) expertise has grown significantly over the last decade, outstripping the increasing investments made in capacity building.

In order to improve the sustainable inclusion of CTP in the planning, implementation and analysis of humanitarian responses, capacity needs to be boosted across sectors. Standalone training sessions are not enough in themselves to address gaps at the individual and organisational level, or to overcome obstacles in the humanitarian architecture.

21 Nov 2017 description
report Norwegian Capacity

“The crisis facing 800,000 refugees in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazaar today is alarming, but we’re on the brink of a large-scale health catastrophe if the situation isn’t turned around,” warned Benedicte Giæver, Director of the Norwegian Refugee Council’s expert deployment roster, NORCAP.