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20 May 2012 description

(Seyaj) has expressed its deep concern about the life of 86,000 living in areas of conflicts between the Yemeni forces and Ansar Al-Sharia (Supporters of the Islamic law) in Abyan governorate. Seyaj cautioned against the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the towns of Zinjibar, Jaar, Lawdar, Mudia and other towns that witness escalation of clashes between the Yemen army and Ansar Al-Sharia.

24 Apr 2012 description

Sana'a , Yemen- April 18, 2012

Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection backed by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany conducts the second stage of its campaign against child recruitment in the armed disputes in Yemen.

During the signature of an agreement between the organization and the German Embassy in Sana'a on Wednesday on combating child recruitment, the German Ambassador to Yemen Holger Green affirmed that the support of this project came in the framework of the German government to support Yemen's development.

27 Mar 2012 description

Efforts exerted by Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection:

Since its creation, Seyaj has given its priorities to stand against child recruitment and protect children from involvement in any violence acts. In 2009, Seyaj opened the file of children in unprecedented way as it demanded the Yemeni government to take real actions to end the child recruitment and engagement in armed disputes.

18 Mar 2012 description

Government Yemeni officials and activists have cautioned against the risks of child recruitment and involving them in the armed disputes whenever there are no tackles that could reduce this phenomenon.

In a workshop titled" Mechanisms to stand against child recruitment in Yemen", the participators came up with a package of recommendations for the government.

They demanded the government to take urgent measures to release the child soldiers and those under-18 children who are involved in armed tribal disputes.

28 Jan 2012 description

The European Union's ambassador to Yemen, Michele Cervone d'Urso, affirmed that the EU cherishes partnership with Seyaj Organization for Childhood protection for the key role it is playing in protecting children, calling the efforts exerted by Seyaj a " model that should be followed by the civil society organizations".

d'Urso, who made an official visit to Seyaj yesterday, further confirmed that the EU seeks to enhance the involvement of civil society organizations in Yemen in the development process in the course of the forthcoming period.

30 Nov 2011 description

Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection expresses its deep concern about more than 5000 children and their families who are subject to killing and direct target of their existence in the fighting areas of Damaj of Saada governorate and Arhab district of Sana'a governorate.

28 Nov 2010 description

Issued by Seyaj organization for childhood protection

Yemen- Sana'a November 28th 2010.

Seyaj organization for childhood protection appeals the Yemeni government and humanitarian relief organizations to provide urgent assistance to hundreds of affected children and families from tribal war in Washhah directorate in Haja governorate north-western Yemen.

According to the Monitoring Unit's field information, the tribal war that renewed between four Yemeni tribes months ago resulted in deprivation of more than 1000 children from their right in education.

Also, the war …

02 Aug 2010 description

SEYAJ organization for childhood protection issues this report on the violations against children in Yemen in 2009 which considered as the first report done by a local organization and came up to light.

SEYAJ has taken the contribution to protect children in various and all possible ways as its priority, therefore, this report is one of the means of children protection beside many other means pursued by SEYAJ in monitoring, documenting violations and supporting children victims.

"Violations against children report "was conducted with volunteers researchers in many Yemeni …

10 Jul 2010 description

Yemen - Sana'a - July 10, 2010

SEYAJ organization for childhood protection launches (an assistance campaign) to support children victims of war and remnants in Sa'ada governorate & Harf Sufian district and camps of displaced in Haja & Amran governorates in northern Yemen.

Because of the many complains and reports that received to SEYAJ from the victims' families about their inability to secure necessary medical services for their children, this campaign - that continues until September 2010 - came up to contribute in providing medical services and assistance to …

23 Mar 2010 description

23March 2010 SANAA - Six Yemenis, including three children, were killed and three children injured by landmine explosion in the country's north on Tuesday, the Seyaj children's rights group said. The explosion occurred during recess at a school in the Mazraq refugee camp for people displaced in long-running fighting between Shiite rebels and the government, Seyaj said. The mine was said to be from the latest round of that conflict, which began on August 11 and ended with a ceasefire on February 12.

01 Mar 2010 description

More than 120 children and their families are stranded at the mosques in Alib area, which is near the border with Saudi Arabia, since mid-September of 2009. The children and their families are war refugees at risk. This appeal is a response to a distress call made by relatives of more than 70 displaced families. Seyaj volunteers in Baqem district, in northern Sa'ada province, confirmed the dangerous place where the displaced people have taken refuge. ....

Seyaj reports that the mosque is not a safe location for the children.