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20 Feb 2018 description
report Foundation.101

As in the past year, NGO "Foundation.101" analyzes the work of entry-exit control points on the line of contact in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In August, Foundation.101 presented the infographics of the intersection of the contact line during the first half of 2017. Now we suggest looking at the general trend of flow over the past 12 months.

30 Aug 2017 description
report Foundation.101

NGO "Foundation.101" continues observing the operation of entry-exit control points in the eastern Ukraine within the "Frontline Inspection" initiative. This time we present the dynamics of the movement across the line of contact during January-July 2017 through the control points "Novotroitske", "Mayorske", "Mariinka", "Hnutove", and "Stanytsia Luhanska".

18 Apr 2017 description
report Foundation.101


This analytical report is based on a study conducted by the NGO "Foundation.101" from October 2016 to January 2017.

29 Mar 2017 description
report Foundation.101

In winter NGO "Foundation.101" monitored observance of human rights as well as sanitary conditions at the entry-exit control points in Donetsk and Luhansk regions within the "Frontline Inspection" initiative.

The organization recorded improvement in the quality of sanitary infrastructure, i.e. availability of toilets, drinking water, garbage containers, medical aid stations and heating points. The infographic drafted by the Foundation.101 points out figures and location of the mentioned infrastructure objects.

27 Mar 2017 description
report Foundation.101

Inter-factional association of the Members of Parliament "Parliamentary Platform for the Future of Donbas", OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, Council of Europe Office in Ukraine, non-governmental organizations "Foundation.101" and "Donbas-SOS" held a round table to discuss the ways to improve the operation of the entry-exit control points.

15 Mar 2017 description
report Foundation.101

NGO "Foundation.101" analyzed information on the state spending for social benefits of IDPs. For this purpose organization requested information on the monthly budget allocations for the IDPs from the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

According to the information received, the number of budget allocations for IDPs has increased by 309 million over the past year. Thus, it totals in 3.2 billion UAH. In January 2016, Foundation.101 informed that the budget allocation to assist IDPs equaled 2.89 million UAH.

13 Mar 2017 description
infographic Foundation.101


In February 2017 the observers of Foundation.101 conducted 19 monitoring visits to control points in the Donetsk region within the "Fronline Inspection" initiative. Our monitors inspected a current situation with drinking water, condition of toilets as well as a presence of litter on roadsides at the control points "Marinka", "Mayorske", "Novotroitske" and "Hnutove".

06 Mar 2017 description
report Foundation.101

NGO "Foundation.101" requested an information on the total number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine as well as distribution of IDPs by regions as of the February 2017. Information provided by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine is presented in the infographic below as a part of the "Frontline Inspection" initiative.

06 Feb 2017 description
infographic Foundation.101

NGO "Foundation.101" conducted a thorough analysis of the data on number of people crossing the contact line in 2016. Data provided by the State Border Service of Ukraine contended information on the total number of people who crossed the line of contact as well as information about the direction of their movement.

The infografic above shows that the number of people who cross the contact line in 2016 increased by 4 million people compare to 2015 (4.05 million vs. 7.92 million).

27 Jan 2017 description
report Foundation.101
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NGO "Foundation.101" has been implementing the initiative "Frontline Inspection" since September 2015. The aim of the initiative is to monitor the observance of human rights at the entry-exit control points on the line of contact, check the sanitary condition of control points and study public opinion on the work of inspectors and problems faced by citizens when crossing the line of contact.