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23 Aug 2018 description

Executive Summary  

Mozambique is prone to recurrent natural hazards, namely, droughts, earthquakes, floods, tropical storms (cyclones), and tsunamis. Sixty percent of the population lives along the coastline and are vulnerable to tropical storms.1 The recurrent natural hazards, according to the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC), have been increasing in number and magnitude since 1960.   

26 Oct 2016 description

Mozambique: Current (Jul.-Sept.2016) and Projected (Oct.16-Feb.17) Acute Malnutrition situation

Out of the 11 provinces analysed, 2 provinces (Sofala and Zambezia) are in alert and/or serious situation with regards to the levels of acute malnutrition according to the IPC for Acute Malnutrition and one Cabo Delgado is in critical condition.

Current Acute Malnutrtion Situation - July-September 2016

17 May 2014 description


The Livelihood Zone Map for Mozambique is the result of secondary data review and key informant workshops in October and November 2013.

A livelihood zone is an area within which people share broadly the same pattern of livelihood, including options for obtaining food and income and market opportunities. A livelihood zoning is essential for the following reasons:

16 May 2014 description


This Livelihood Zone Descriptions document includes the map and descriptions of livelihood zones in Mozambique based on secondary data reviews and workshops conducted in October and November 2013.

29 Mar 2014 description

MAPUTO, Mozambique – The Ministry of Health of Mozambique, together with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, World Vision and BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities today announced a partnership to ensure that every family in Mozambique will be protected from malaria by the end of this year’s campaign.

25 Oct 2012 description

Under the aegis of Schools for Af rica, the Child-Friendly Schools initiative in Mozambique promotes the rights of children and aims to improve the quality of primary education through a set of multi-sectoral interventions. It reinforces the goals of the Government of Mozambique’s Five-Year Plan (2010-2014) to realize an integrated and cross-cutting approach to basic education.

01 Oct 2010 description


The development objective of the Sustainable Irrigation Development Project (PROIRRI) for Mozambique is to enhance agricultural productivity and profitability of smallholder farms in targeted new or improved irrigation schemes along the Beira Corridor. Negative measures include: water resources, ecology, natural habitat, soil erosion, air pollution, dust, and waste management.

16 Jun 2009 description

l. Introduction


Adopted in 2001, the United Nations Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (hereafter the Programme) recognizes the connection between the illicit trade in small arms and the exacerbation of violence, as well as the detrimental effect of this trade on socioeconomic development and global health.

01 Aug 2008 description


A Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) to the Marratane Refugees Camp in Nampula, Northern Mozambique, was conducted by the Instituto Nacional de Refugiados (INAR), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and World Food Programme (WFP) from 28 July to 1 August 2007.

02 Mar 2001 description

Government of Mozambique - United Nations

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Justification of the Appeal

30 Aug 2000 description
  1. Information update

    A United Nations consultant is working with the INGC to reformulate the INGC's programme on the reduction of vulnerability to natural disasters in Mozambique. The components of the programme include mine clearance, as well as water management. The programme, which is to be supported by the UNDP, will be presented to interested parties in the international community at an opportune time to be announced.

    Now that the period covered by the emergency appeal is coming to an end, the INGC is compiling data on the response to the appeal.

18 Aug 2000 description
  1. Information update

    The Mozambican Foreign Minister, Dr Leonardo Simão, held a meeting with heads of diplomatic missions and UN agencies in Maputo on Friday 18 August, to prepare to close the international appeal for emergency assistance to Mozambique. The first international appeal was launched on 24 February, following a government appeal issued on 11 February.

21 Jun 2000 description


1. Information update

The INGC has issued a circular advising organisations involved in the importation of goods for emergency purposes that regulations covering customs procedures will be strictly enforced as from 25 June. The circular noted that lack of information regarding the quantities and value of donations caused delays in clearing goods, resulting in warehouse charges that could exceed the value of the donated goods.

01 Jun 2000 description

1. Information update

The National Roads Administration (ANE), together with representatives of INGC and WFP, made an assessment of road conditions in the area between the Limpopo and Changane rivers in Gaza province on 24 September.

17 May 2000 description
  1. Information update

    A conference is presently underway at NATO headquarters in Brussels, the objective being the revision of the Oslo Guidelines for Disaster Management. Mozambique is represented in the conference by the Director of the INGC and the FADM representative on the Conselho Tecnico.

10 May 2000 description
  1. Information update

    The conference held in Rome on 3 and 4 May was attended by 306 participants, representing 40 countries, 19 UN agencies, 22 regional international organisations and 15 Mozambican and foreign NGOs. The conference opened and closed with plenary sessions, chaired by the Italian Foreign Minister, Lamberto Dini, and the UNDP Administrator, Mark Malloch-Brown, respectively.

03 May 2000 description

1. Information update

A conference was held in Rome on 3 and 4 May to present Mozambique's needs for reconstruction and rehabilitation following the floods earlier in 2000. The conference aimed to mobilise USD 450 million. This figure was contained in a document outlining Mozambique's plans for post-flood reconstruction and rehabilitation. This document may be consulted, in English and Portuguese, at the INGC website at http//www.teledata.mz/ingc.

28 Apr 2000 description

1. Evolution of the Floods

The Umbeluzi, Movene, Incomati and Limpopo Rivers in the south of the country are still falling and are now below alert level. It is predicted that this situation will continuing in the coming days. The Massingir and Peqquenos Libombos dams are below 100% capacity, although the Corrumane dam on the Incomati River was at 105%.

In the centre of the country, the rivers have stabilised, and this situation is expected to remain stationary in the near future. The flows into and out of the Chicamba and Cahora Bassa dams have fallen considerably.