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12 Jul 2018 description

Government launches emergency measures to prevent children from lifelong paralysis.

02 Jul 2018 description
  • Featured on www.polioeradication.org: World leaders reaffirm commitment to polio eradication at G7 Summit.
  • The Republic of Korea becomes the first donor to support polio outbreak response in the Horn of Africa. cVDPV outbreak in Papua New Guinea. For further information see the country section below.
29 Jun 2018 description

In the sahel surrounding Lake Chad, health workers provide vaccines to refugees and internally displaced people.

The environment

Dar es Salam refugee camp, in Bagassola district, Chad, is home to thousands of refugees. 95% of the population is Nigerian, displaced by years of violent insurgency, drought and insecurity in the Lake Chad basin. Some have lived in the camp since 2014.

27 Jun 2018 description

In hard-to-reach communities, a Canada-funded project is opening up access to health.

Three-year-old Ibrahim wouldn’t stop crying. Suffering from ringworm, a fungal infection, his leg had become badly infected. Left untreated, he risked developing fever and scarring wounds.

For Ali Musa, his father, it was hard to know where to turn for help. Where he lives, in the nomadic community of Daurawa Shazagi in the Nigerian state of Jigawa, there is little access to professional medical treatment.

26 Jun 2018 description

Dr Farzia Sadat was forced out of university for six years, but she persisted. Now she manages over a thousand people in the polio eradication initiative in Afghanistan.

A little girl giggles as she gets her finger marked with blue marker pen in front of a full classroom.

Eight-year old Pashton has joined her mother Shaima Ebrahimi in a training for polio vaccination campaign monitors a few days before a national campaign starts in Afghanistan.

22 Jun 2018 description

Polio this week as of 19 June 2018

Featured on www.polioeradication.org: Stopping polio at the border.
World leaders rearmed commitment to eradication at the G7 summit.

22 Jun 2018 description

Circulation of vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 (cVDPV1) has been confirmed in Papua New Guinea, with a case reported from Morobe province, as well as the same virus isolated from two healthy children from the same community. Surveillance for AFP cases is being strengthened and an outbreak response will be implemented.

21 Jun 2018 description

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea announced today an additional USD$2 million to fund polio outbreak response and surveillance activities in the Horn of Africa.

21 June 2018 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea announced today an additional USD$2 million to fund polio outbreak response and surveillance activities in the Horn of Africa. This commitment makes Korea the first country to support outbreak response efforts in the region, critical to protecting global progress toward ending polio.

15 Jun 2018 description

Following unconfirmed reports on 8 June of suspected polio re-emergence in Venezuela, final laboratory testing has confirmed the cause of the paralysis is not wild poliovirus or vaccine-derived poliovirus.

A 34-month old child had presented with symptoms of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) on 29 April, from a community with low vaccination coverage in Orinoco delta, Delta Amacuro state.

15 Jun 2018 description

“We reconfirm our resolve to work with partners to eradicate polio and effectively manage the post-polio transition.”

World leaders gathered in Charlevoix, Canada last week to discuss the most critical issues facing the planet today, including their reaffirmed commitment to a polio-free world.

14 Jun 2018 description

Flexible support to Nigeria also approved.

In the fight against the virus, two important tools are used to help prevent polio – two safe, effective vaccines. Only through full funding of these vaccines can worldwide immunity be achieved, and the virus eradicated.

07 Jun 2018 description
  • Featured on www.polioeradication.org: Meet a doctor at the frontline of polio eradication in Pakistan; and, vaccinators ensuring that every child is reached in Afghanistan.

  • Summary of newly-reported viruses this week: one new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) case reported from Pakistan; and, one new WPV1-positive environmental sample from Afghanistan. See country sections below for more details.

31 May 2018 description
  • At last week’s World Health Assembly (WHA), ministers of health and delegates reviewed progress being achieved through national emergency action plans in remaining endemic countries. Delegates noted that wild poliovirus transmission is now at the lowest ever levels in history.

28 May 2018 description

Polio discussions at this year’s World Health Assembly

28 May 2018, Geneva, Switzerland:  ‘Eradicate first’ was the mantra at last week’s World Health Assembly (WHA). While holding detailed discussions to plan for a polio-free world, delegates emphasized the need to finish the job of eradication.

25 May 2018 description

Meet a doctor at the frontline of polio eradication

Almost everyone in the Killa Saifullah district of Balochistan, Pakistan, knows and respects 35-year-old Taj Muhammad. A dedicated and passionate doctor by profession, Dr Taj spends his days working as a Union Council Medical Officer in his local public health facility, and his evenings running a free medical clinic for local residents.

In his capacity as Medical Officer, he coordinates polio eradication efforts at the Union Council level, which is the smallest administrative unit in Pakistan.

24 May 2018 description
  • New on www.polioeradication.org: Rotarians are at the heart of the fight to end polio, and in Pakistan, are reducing chance of virus spread through provision of clean drinking water.

  • This week, the World Health Assembly is meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, and will be presented with a Strategic Action Plan on Polio Transition (including the Post-Certification Strategy), a status report on polio eradication, and a proposed resolution on containment of polioviruses.

24 May 2018 description

How do vaccinators ensure that every child is reached?

Every child needs to be vaccinated to protect them from poliovirus. To achieve this, detailed plans are prepared for vaccination teams. The aim is to find each child under 5 years of age – in Afghanistan, that is around 10 million altogether – and to reach them with vaccines.

24 May 2018 description

Immunizing every child in remote communities is a top priority for vaccinators like Daeng

For 15 years Daeng Xayaseng has been travelling through rugged, undulating countryside by motorbike and by foot to deliver vaccines to children in some of the most remote villages in Laos.

It’s hard work but she is determined: “We have a target of children to reach and we’ll achieve that no matter how long it takes,” she says. “We’ll keep working until we reach every child.”

19 May 2018 description

In Karachi, Pakistan, Rotary PolioPlus activities are building community trust.

Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, is Pakistan’s largest city, with an estimated population of more than 16 million people. It is also by far the most challenging place in Pakistan to eradicate polio. Difficulties include the large and frequent movement of people, poor water and sanitation conditions, and pockets of community resistance to vaccination.