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25 Jun 2009 description

Regional Cooperation Programme has delivered food parcels to the 130 victim families of the mudslides which were happened on 20th April and 8th of May in the Khuroson district of Khatlon Region in Tajikistan.

The relief operation has been coordinated by the RCP Tajikistan Representative Muzaffar Akhmedov within the partnership of Tajikistan Red Crescent Disaster Response Team.

18 Jun 2009 description

RCP General Secretariat, Ankara-TURKEY

On 18th of April and 08th of May 2009, Kurgan-Tyube and Khatlon Region of Tajikistan were hit by a strong mudslides, which destroyed the houses and lands of the people living in some villages around the region.

According to the long-term assessments of Tajikistan Red Crescent Society who is also a member of RCP, it has been decided to support victims with food parcels, as it is one of the most primary need of the victims there.

On 17 June, 130 Family Food Parcels have been delivered to the victim families in the villages of Khatlon …

17 Apr 2009 description

The rescue operations have been completed in the Raykomol village which was swept through a landslide in 16.04.2009. According to the final results, 16 person lost their lives and 3 houses have been destroyed.

The rescue teams of Ministry of Emergency have reached to the 16 corpses in the morning of 17th April.

16 Apr 2009 description

Caused by heavy rains, a landslide swept through the Raykomol village of Jalalabad Region in Kyrgyzstan in the early morning of 16th April, destroying 3 houses with 16 victims inside.

17 Oct 2008 description

Regional Cooperation Programme (RCP) is an humanitarian organisation which was established in 2006 by the partnership of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of Azarbaijan, Georgian, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. RCP is working on disaster and tuberculosis areas, by developing new projects to reduce preparedness and awareness.

27 Aug 2008 description

Today in early morning hours, Regional Cooperation Programme Team has started the delivery of food packages in Gori City of Georgia. The RCP Team which is composed of the RCP Representatives of Azarbaijan, Turkey and Northern Cyprus Turkish Red Crescents conveyed 500 food packages to those in need around Gori City.

26 Aug 2008 description

Regional Cooperation Programme constituted an office and a store for the coordination of its aid operation in Georgia. The RCP who is sustaining its aid operation by the support of RCP Member National Red Cross and Red Crescent Society Representatives and with the cooperation of Georgia Red Cross who is also a RCP Member, is ready to start the delivery of 1000 food package which is ready in its store, to those in need around Gori city and to the Locations of IDPs (Internally Displaced Person).

The RCP who has already delivered 3000 food package, 1683 kitchen set and 720 mattress to the …