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24 Oct 2018 description
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Our research reveals a significant funding gap

Have you ever stopped to think about how important it is to have a roof over your head?

It makes you feel safe. It offers security for you, your family and your possessions. It protects you from the driving rain or beating sun. It can even help you to get access public services and community networks.

01 Oct 2018 description
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04 Jun 2018 description
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1.7 million people affected by Guatemala’s biggest volcanic eruption for 44 years – Emergency shelter experts ShelterBox have aid standing by in Panama, and are talking to in-country Rotary contacts

25 people are known to have died, and more may be buried under ash and lava, as the Fuego volcano in Guatemala affected different areas of Chimaltenango, Sacatepéquez and Escuintla. One entire community, El Rodeo, is suspected to be buried. ShelterBox is in touch with colleagues in the Central American country, and monitoring any need for its aid.

02 Feb 2018 description
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New Philippines base in the path of Typhoon Alley has ‘already improved our ability to respond to this season’s storms

Disaster relief agency ShelterBox set up its new operations base in the Philippines in time for tropical storms Kai Tak and Tembin.

27 Jan 2018 description
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In December 2017, Tropical Storms brought devastation to the Philippines triggering devastating mudslides and flooding.

When Storm Kai-tak, known as Urduja in the Philippines, made landfall in early December, it released two months of rainfall within 48 hours. Thousands of families were forced to flee after the storm destroyed over 30,000 homes.

Not out of danger

02 Jan 2018 description
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Farnham, U.K. 02 January 2018

Pure Hydration has announced the receipt of a new order for its Thirst Aid Station emergency water purification system from international disaster relief charity ShelterBox.

04 Oct 2017 description
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Over half a million Rohingya people face new perils in the makeshift camps in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh as the coming cyclone season threatens to wash away the flimsy plastic shelters.

Imagine the entire population of a city the size of Bristol crammed into a little over three square miles. This is the result of over half a million Rohingya people – more than half of them children, thousands separated from their parents – arriving in Bangladesh by foot or by river crossing.

12 Sep 2017 description
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After storming through the Caribbean and leaving a trail of devastation in its wake, Hurricane Irma has finally relented.

Since last Tuesday, Hurricane Irma has wreaked havoc in the Caribbean, flattening homes on St Martin, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. Florida was the last to see the wrath of this ferocious storm.

A highly-trained ShelterBox Response Team has been deployed to understand how we can help the families who have lost everything.

06 Sep 2017 description
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International disaster relief agency ShelterBox is on standby to respond to damage and displacement caused by Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic tropical storm in a decade. ShelterBox has experts available for interview now and over the coming days.

Cornwall-based ShelterBox, the disaster relief agency specialising in emergency shelter after natural disasters, is in touch with its Florida-based office, its US response teams, and its contacts and partners across the Caribbean, as Hurricane Irma threatens several countries.

22 Aug 2017 description
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Three years of drought in Somaliland has now left it in the grip of a cholera epidemic caused by dwindling and polluted water supplies. UK based disaster relief agency ShelterBox has been distributing water filters and carriers, as well as shelter materials to its nomadic population Like much of the horn of Africa, Somaliland is enduring failing crops, a parched landscape, and now the scourge of cholera as water sources are contaminated by waste and rotting animal carcasses.

14 Jul 2017 description
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Violent conflict, caused by the militant extremist group Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria, has been raging since 2009. The violence has since spread to the neighbouring border regions of Cameroon, Niger and Chad, directly affecting around 17 million people.

In addition, this area has been besieged by other problems such as food insecurity and flooding. These floods have not only wiped out edible crops, but the reeds traditionally used to make roofs.

10 Jul 2017 description
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As nine months of bloody battle end in the routing of IS resistance, aid agencies including ShelterBox are standing by ready to support families who were trapped in a destroyed city

The long wait is over. Military reports indicate that the final enclaves of IS resistance in Mosul are now in retreat, signalling the end of the largest and longest urban battle anywhere on the earth since World War 2.

20 Jun 2017 description
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With the final battle for Mosul in Iraq expected to play out in the coming days, the UN fears that up to 100,000 civilians still trapped in the city may be used as human shields by IS. UK charity ShelterBox is standing ready to aid families who manage to escape. They say, ‘The military are talking about the beginning of the end, however the human suffering is far from over.’

02 Jun 2017 description
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Half a million people affected, around 85,000 made homeless. UK disaster relief shelter experts ShelterBox respond to Sri Lankan Government’s call for aid

ShelterBox, UK shelter experts based in Truro, Cornwall, is sending a team to Sri Lanka today (2nd June, 2017) to assess the need for the charity’s specialist aid – including sturdy weatherproof tents, emergency lighting, mosquito nets, and water filtration and carriers.

31 May 2017 description
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The military action to recapture the Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic State may be entering its final phase. 580,000 people have already fled to safety, but the UN says there are fears for an unknown number of civilians still trapped in appalling conditions as fighting intensifies.

UK-based disaster relief agency ShelterBox and its aid partners have been delivering aid for months now to people fleeing Mosul and surrounding areas, the scene of one of the harshest and most protracted battles in the Middle East.

11 May 2017 description
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Cyclone Dineo struck the southern African country of Mozambique on 15 February. Its torrential rain and damaging winds destroyed 20,000 homes and affected 130,000 people. UK disaster relief agency ShelterBox has been working with the Red Cross to help communities rebuild.

The South West Indian Ocean brews up a cyclone season every year, and in recent months there have been five tropical storms, with three intensifying into cyclones.

06 May 2017 description
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These are the grim realities of Syria captured on camera by aid workers – scenes of devastation as a drone creates an explosion that burns a hundred tents. Meanwhile weary evacuees, pawns in a deal to trade fighters, queue for ShelterBox aid.

These latest photos just received by UK aid agency ShelterBox capture everyday life in the world’s greatest ongoing civil war.

Tented encampments engulfed in fire after an airborne explosion.

18 Apr 2017 description
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Photos just in from Syria are of families huddling in open countryside, fearful of returning to the town where so many died in last week’s chemical incident that shocked the world. ShelterBox aid distributed by partner charity Hand in Hand for Syria brings them a little comfort.

These photos just received at ShelterBox HQ from partners ‘Hand in Hand for Syria’ show families that fled their home town of Khan Sheikhoun after last week’s chemical incident. The reported gas poisoning, at 6.30 am local time on 4 April, is said to have killed 74 people and injured over 550.

05 Apr 2017 description
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Hand in Hand for Syria is the London-based charity that has worked for years with ShelterBox taking aid to families displaced by Syria’s civil war. Yesterday their team in Khan Sheikhoun were at the centre of the chemical weapon incident that has caused international outrage.

03 Apr 2017 description
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As the flood-stricken Colombian city of Mocoa counts its dead and searches for hundreds missing after frightening mudslides, UK disaster relief charity ShelterBox has been invited by the Red Cross to help in the aftermath of yet another South American flood disaster A plaintive message was sent via ShelterBox’s Facebook site today. It was from Gloria Cajavilca (right), Secretary of the Rotary Club of Bogota DC in Colombia. She wrote, ‘I'd like to know how we can bring ShelterBox to Mocoa, which yesterday suffered a major collapse in which there are many victims.’