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21 Nov 2017 description

Sri Lanka was once again affected by severe floods and landslides, in May 2017. While the spread of disaster situation was confined only to 15 districts compared to the 24 districts in the previous year, increased incidents of landslides and deaths in 2017 made the situation equally challenging.

22 Feb 2011 description

    This document is a compendium of projects aimed to respond to the priorities outlined in the Joint Plan of Assistance (JPA) to the Northern Province 2011. The JPA was developed through a consultative process led by the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) through the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on assistance needed during 2011 to help people in the Northern Province to recover and rebuild their lives.

09 Jul 2009 description


Six weeks after the conclusion of the war in Sri Lanka, the UN continues its support to Government of Sri Lanka's operations in the camps in Vavuniya, Jaffna and Trincomalee. These camps currently hold approximately 280,000 people, and although conditions have improved as the weeks have passed, much remains to be done. Presented below are snapshots of some of the achievements in UN support by emergency sector and some of the gaps that remain.

20 Jun 2009 description

The UN understands that two of its national staff members have been arrested. The two employees, one from UNHCR and one from UNOPS, were reported as missing 8 days ago, after which it emerged that they had been taken into custody.

05 May 2009 description

COLOMBO, 5 May 2009: The United Nations and Government of Sri Lanka said today that an urgent appeal has been launched for $50 million to meet the most immediate humanitarian needs of civilians fleeing fighting in the country's north.

The appeal comes at a time when aid agencies and the Government of Sri Lanka are struggling to cope with a sudden rise in displaced crossing into government territory, and as fighting continues over the last pocket of land held by the LTTE.

The number of people being held in government camps rose from 65,000 to 190,000 in just a few days after a …

04 May 2009 description

The Office of the UN Resident Coordinator has received a number of queries regarding casualty figures that began circulating in the media ten days ago. The UN Under-Secretary General John Holmes has clarified since that these figures were drawn from an internal working document which is based on information that cannot be fully, reliably, and independently assessed, because of limits on access to civilians in the combat zone.

23 Apr 2009 description

COLOMBO, 23 April 2009: The UN today issued an urgent appeal for funds to meet the critical needs of an exodus of thousands of people who are fleeing fighting.

Speaking from Colombo after returning from camps in the town of Vavuniya where around 80,000 exhausted civilians who escaped the combat zone are being held, the UN's Humanitarian Coordinator in Sri Lanka said that teams are scrambling to feed, clothe, shelter, and provide water to "crowds of weary and hungry people."

"I saw infants with dysentery, malnourished children and women, untended wounds, and people …

19 Mar 2009 description

COLOMBO, 19 March 2009: The UN in Sri Lanka is saddened to learn of the death of a CARE national staff member, who succumbed to injuries sustained as a result of shelling inside the No Fire Zone, compounded by a lack of sufficient medical care. Unfortunately, the death of Mr. R. Sabesan is an insight into the larger circumstances confronting civilians trapped by fighting in the conflict area.

The UN extends its condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Mr. Sabesan.

United Nations
Office of the Resident / Humanitarian Coordinator
Colombo, Sri Lanka

10 Mar 2009 description

10 March Colombo - The United Nations said today that the high energy BP-100 therapeutic food found on a dead LTTE cadre, as reported by the Ministry of Defense, was part of a nutritional programme for Sri Lanka's severely malnourished children.

The last shipment of BP-100 was sent with all due Government authorisations by UNICEF to the Ministry of Health Regional Directors of Health Services in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu in June 2007, for the treatment of severely malnourished children in those districts.

The treatment of malnutrition among children remains a priority for Sri …

16 Feb 2009 description

COLOMBO, 16 February 2009: The United Nations' concern for the welfare of the civilian population caught up in the fighting has heightened based on reports received in the last few days. While the designation of the new safe zone has provided some respite for the tens of thousands of civilians trapped for weeks by heavy fighting which has killed and injured many people, reports from yesterday indicate that there was some fighting inside the zone. This fighting led to the deaths and injury to yet more civilians.

28 Jan 2009 description

Colombo, 28 January 2009: The United Nations in Sri Lanka says that it will attempt for the second time in three days to help evacuate by convoy hundreds of critically wounded civilians from the war torn north of the country, including at least 50 seriously injured children. The convoy has been trapped for days in the town of Puthukkudiyiruppu, which lies just across the lines of confrontation in Tamil Tiger-controlled territory. The UN says that if permission is granted by the LTTE, and if a lull in fighting permits, the convoy will cross the frontline at midday Thursday.

22 Jan 2009 description

The United Nations in Sri Lanka has issued its strongest possible protest to the LTTE for their refusal to allow UN national staff and dependents to return from the Vanni with the present UN convoy.

The staff are part of a UN convoy which traveled to the Vanni on Friday 16 January delivering urgent food and emergency supplies to displaced populations.

03 Dec 2008 description

Colombo, 3 December 2008: The UN Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) in Sri Lanka, Mr Neil Buhne, condemns the murder of a humanitarian worker in Batticaloa, eastern Sri Lanka last week. Mr A. Vigneswaran is the third employee of the Norwegian Refugee Council to have been murdered or disappeared. It is noted the Government has already begun an investigation into this murder and we call upon the authorities to vigorously pursue the culprits. For humanitarian workers to meet their responsibilities fully they must be able to work without fear.

03 Nov 2008 description

COLOMBO, 3 November 2008: The United Nations says that it has dispatched another major food convoy into the Vanni region of northern Sri Lanka. The 29 truck World Food Programme convoy carrying 438 metric tons of food is part of a continuing humanitarian aid effort to reach the estimated 230,000 civilians displaced behind the lines of confrontation in the districts of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu. This is the fourth UN convoy since the UN was forced to temporarily withdraw from the Vanni in mid-September due to fighting.

28 Oct 2008 description

COLOMBO, 28 October 2008: The UN says that it has discovered two pistols hidden on the premises of one of its offices. The Makarov pistols, and 48 rounds of ammunition, had been secreted under an outdoor wood pile in the Mannar IOM office, and were discovered at 10 am this morning by a United Nations security officer during a regular security sweep. The police and national authorities were immediately notified. The matter is now under police investigation.

17 Oct 2008 description

COLOMBO, 17 October 2008: The United Nations says that a second attempt will be made this morning to send a convoy of food to civilians displaced behind the lines of confrontation in Sri Lanka's north.

16 Oct 2008 description

COLOMBO, 16 October 2008: The United Nations says that a major food convoy into the north of the island has been forced to turn back due to fighting. The UN says that it will immediately seek renewed security assurances from the two sides before attempting the route again tomorrow morning.

16 Oct 2008 description

COLOMBO,16 October 2008: The United Nations says that it has dispatched a major food convoy into the Wanni, in an effort to reach civilians displaced behind the lines of confrontation in the districts of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu. The 50 truck World Food Programme (WFP) operation carrying 750 metric tonnes of food left the northern town of Vavuniya at 12 noon. It is expected to reach the estimated 230,000 civilians forced from their homes by fighting this evening.

02 Oct 2008 description

October 2, 2008, COLOMBO: The UN says that a convoy carrying 650 metric tonnes of food crossed the Omanthai border at 10 am this morning, en route to 200,000 civilians displaced behind the lines of confrontation in the Vanni. The convoy will transport and distribute food to four locations to the east of Kilinochchi, where the majority of displaced civilians are thought to have concentrated. The convoy is accompanied by 7 UN international staff, who will monitor the initial distribution.