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05 Sep 2018 description

This guidance/tip sheet is elaborated as a follow up to the Principal’s decision on improving HRP costing in July 2017. This is a living document that will be updated as more knowledge and experience of costing is gathered. In particular, the cluster-specific guidance part will be updated whenever relevant information is provided by the GCCs.


27 Aug 2018 description

Appui à la participation des jeunes dans le processus de Stabilisation et de réconciliation des communautés et à la promotion de la paix. (Projet conjoint Ezingo 2)

•Financé par le PNUD à hauteur de 75.085 dollars.
•Partenaire d’exécution : Organisation des Jeunes pour l’Education et le Développement (ONG OJED) •Zone d’exécution du projet : Sous Préfecture de Bossangoa, Communes de Bossangoa Centre et de Benzambé.

19 Jul 2018 description

Aden, Yemen - UNDP Yemen, in partnership with Oxfam, is conducting a series of Community Protection workshop for 300 beneficiaries from the targeted districts of Craiter, Attawahi and Mualla in Aden with the funding support from Government of Japan.

09 Apr 2018 description


• Desk review and key informant interviews prior to mission to formulate and adapt adequate assessment tools and identify locations.

• Briefing of mission and response plan objectives for the area with local government, community representatives and (I)NGOs on the ground.

• Mixed focus group discussions with community leaders and representatives.

• Technical sub-group discussions and key informant interviews on relevant themes as well as general overview of living conditions

09 Apr 2018 description


The mission, its preparation and follow-up relies on the methodology listed below:

  1. Desk review, UNHCR rapid assessments and key informant interviews prior to mission to formulate and adapt adequate assessment tools.

  2. Briefing meetings with local Authorities, Community Leaders and representatives of the returnees in both Songo Admin unit and Dafag villages.

  3. Community meetings and mixed focus group discussions with community leaders and representatives.

24 Jan 2018 description

This Tip Sheet describes interventions, poses action-oriented questions and offers an example of the 4 Key GEMs. These critical programming steps connect to generate gender equality in Early Recovery projects and programs. The IASC GAM (described below) flags whether these steps are in proposals or implemented projects.

Gender Equality in Early Recovery: Programs equally benefit women and men and contribute to the empowerment of women.

The Early Recovery sector can make things fair by:

17 Nov 2017 description

During the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), UN Member States, Civil Society Organizations, private sector and media gathered on the topic of Transforming Humanitarian Action with and for Young People, and called to align strategies, approaches and programmatic responses to reach all young people and empower young women and men, and adolescent girls and boys to be agents of positive transformation.

11 Jul 2016 description

Background and aims

In 2015, the Global Cluster for Early Recovery (GCER) sought to measure how well early recovery was integrated into each cluster, and in parallel, to advance understanding of the relative importance of early recovery principles and practices in humanitarian crises overall. In designing a methodology to undertake this analysis, two assumptions were made.