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03 Sep 2008 description

The KSM representatives visited the Nampo-Northern Jeonla Province Korean People's Piggery, located at Nampo, North Korea, from July 30-August 2, 2008, for monitoring purposes.

The Nampo-Northern Jeonla Province Korean People's Piggery has been supported by the KSM and the provincial government of Northern Jeonla since March 2007. The piggery received 700,000 USD, while facility agriculture and agriculture facilities received 300,000 USD.

Following the May 2007 visit of twelve representatives, seven more visits took place during the six months of construction.

14 Aug 2008 description

The KSM supplies medical analysis facilities to the quality control department of the Jungsung General Medical Center, North Korea

The KSM delivered 320,000 USD worth of supplies to the Jungsung General Medical Center, North Korea, on July 23, 31 and August 7, via Incheon-Nampo sea route.

05 Aug 2008 description

Seoul (5 Aug 2008)-- On July 25th, The KSM delivered 4,000 USD worth of aid via Domun, China and Onseoung, North Korea, to 1,108 children residing at Onseoung kindergarten and Jagu Kindergarten, located respectively at Onseoung town and Namyangro-dong, Onseoung Province. The aid included food such as ramen, powdered milk, bread and school supplies such as notes and pencils.

The kindergartens have 1,100 children between age 5 and 7. While the KSM supplies daily lunch and snack, as well as other necessities of life to improve the nutrition status and living standard of the children.

21 Jul 2008 description

Seoul (21 July, 2008) - On July 1, 2008, the Korean Sharing Movement (KSM) delivered USD 250,000 worth of malaria prevention materials to the North, including larvicide, 47,000 L insecticide, malaria self-test kits, via Gaesung land route. The delivery was a follow up of the first material assistance on May 16, 2008, which consisted of USD 140,000 worth of seven automobiles, automotive insecticide sprayers and insecticide medicines.

The project aims at terminating malaria in the North.

07 Jul 2008 description

Seoul (7 Jul 2008) - Korean Sharing Movement (KSM) delivered USD 5000 worth of food aid to two kindergartens in North Hamkyoung province on June 19 2008 via the Danmun-Onsung land route. Food meals including noodles, powdered milk and bread were distributed to 1,108 children in Onsung town and Namyangrodong kindergartens in Onsung County.

The KSM provides monthly food aid to orphans and the disabled who live in remote regions where government food distribution and international aid are less likely reach.

01 Jul 2008 description

Seoul(1 July, 2008) -- On June 18, 2008, the Korean Sharing Movement (KSM) delivered USD $17,000 worth of support materials via Gaesung land route, including cement and steel rods, to the Gae-Pung tree nursery located at the city of Gaesung.

23 Jun 2008 description

Seoul (23 June, 2008) -- Korean Sharing Movement (KSM) sent $50,000 worth of building repair materials to the Red Cross General Hospital in Pyongyang on 10 June by a sea route from Inchon harbor, S. Korea to Nampo, N. Korea.

These materials are the last supplies for the modernization of operating room of otolaryngology / head and neck surgical department.