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05 Nov 2018 description

Pauline Veron and Andrew Sherriff, ECDPM report, November 2018

What are the significant and recurrent factors that influence support to peacebuilding in Europe? And how will these impact the engagement of the peacebuilding community in the years to come?

This report on the changing nature of support to peacebuilding in Europe is the result of 1,5 years of research carried out by ECDPM.

11 Jun 2018 description

On 3 June, a boat packed with over 180 migrants sank off the Tunisian coast, near the island of Kerkennah, causing the tragic death of at least 100 persons. The accident probably represents Tunisia’s deadliest migrant shipwreck and brings again to the fore the upsurge of irregular migration from the country – also known as el-harga in Tunisian.

With the exception of the massive irregular influx into Europe of more than 28,000 Tunisians at the wake of the revolution, Tunisian arrivals in Italy decreased substantially between 2012 and 2016 as border controls were restored.

03 Mar 2018 description

Legal migration is often noted as one of the ways to counter smuggling and irregular migration. With the European Commission’s recent political roadmap for a sustainable migration policy pathways for legal economic migration seem to emerge from oblivion. The article highlights a number of issues with regards to the EU’s legal migration agenda.

Legal channels recognised as way to reduce irregular migration

06 Dec 2017 description

This paper sets out to better inform stakeholders about why the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) and national level stakeholders operate as they do around managing water and security related interests. It concludes with implications for support.

06 Dec 2017 description

What blocks or drives regional integration in Africa? And what role do regional organisations play in this? To answer these questions, we have dug deeper into the political economy dynamics of 17 regional organisations in Africa.

This policy brief analyses the approaches of the African Union (AU) and national level stakeholders to migration governance and related challenges.

12 Sep 2017 description

Sy Traoré, A., Torres, C. A panoply of policy instruments to promote sustainable food systems in West Africa. GREAT Insights Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 4. September/October 2017.

ECDPM’s Carmen Torres interviews ECOWAS Director Alain Sy Traoré, on how his organisation is seeking to use its new agricultural policy, ECOWAP 2015-2025, and various other policy tools, to promote agricultural development, food and nutrition security and the sustainability of food systems in West Africa.

12 Sep 2017 description

Buck, L.E., Neely, C.L., Wertz, L. The right evidence to guide integrated investments for food security in Laikipia County, Kenya. GREAT Insights Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 4. September/October 2017.

Mapping food flows, coupled with ecological, social, and spatial data, helped create a “dashboard” that will strengthen the impact of the next five-year county integrated development plan.

08 Aug 2017 description

This policy brief presents findings and recommendations from the CIVILEX project. The CIVILEX project was funded through a ‘Coordination and Support Action’ call in the H2020 Research and Innovation Framework of the European Commission. The call titled ‘Next generation of information systems to support EU external policies’ invited consortia to submit proposal to establish recommendations for the development of a future common Situational Awareness, Information Exchange and Operation Control Platform (OCP for short), to be employed in EU civilian CSDP missions.

03 Aug 2017 description


Agir à l’échelle régionale dans le Sahel jusqu’en avril 2016 demeurait encore une exception, la majorité des projets continuant jusque-là à être mise en œuvre sur le plan national. En outre, le Mali demeure le point focal des initiatives de coopération en matière de gouvernance et de sécurité. Les projets ciblant les institutions étatiques sont deux fois plus nombreux que ceux destinés à la société civile. Enfin, les projets relatifs à la gouvernance tendent à avoir des budgets plus élevés que ceux qui concernent les domaines de la sécurité.

24 Jul 2017 description


Le Centre européen de gestion des politiques de développement (ECDPM) est un centre indépendant de réflexion et d’action œuvrant dans le domaine de la coopération internationale et de la politique de développement en Europe et en Afrique.

24 Jul 2017 description


The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) is an independent ‘think and do tank’ working on international cooperation and development policy in Europe and Africa.
Our staff members provide research and analysis, advice and practical support to policymakers and practitioners in Europe,

Africa and beyond – to make policies work for sustainable and inclusive global development. We bring people together and collaborate with a broad range of partners to address policy implementation challenges.

06 Jul 2017 description

July 2017

Desmidt, S., Hauck, V. 2017. Gestion des conflits dans le cadre de l'Architecture africaine de la paix et de sécurité (APSA). (Document de réflexion 211). Maastricht : ECDPM.

02 Jun 2017 description

Migration is fast becoming a key topic in development cooperation. International development efforts, especially in Europe, are increasingly directed towards addressing the ‘root causes of migration’ in an attempt to curb flows from Africa. In this context, a particular attention has been given to the relationship between food security and migration. However, an overly simplistic interpretation of this nexus – i.e.

05 May 2017 description

Desmidt, S., Hauck, V. 2017. Conflict management under the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA). (Discussion Paper 211). Maastricht: ECDPM.

10 Mar 2017 description

Abderrahim, T., Knoll, A. 2017

On 2 March, the European Union published the third progress report on actions carried out under the Migration Partnership Framework to manage flows along the Central Mediterranean route. In light of the EU’s plans to enhance engagement with third countries, particularly in North Africa, this series of blogs sheds light on the on-going multilateral and bilateral discussions on migration with these countries.