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27 Oct 2011 description

Deniz Feneri gave start to building 150 after-disaster houses in Van that is shocked by the earthquake.

Deniz Feneri team that went to Van from Erzurum Representative Agency just after the earthquake are carrying on their efforts.

Deniz Feneri that sent blanket and food to the disaster area in the first place is now sending relief vehicles from İstanbul and Ankara Logistical Centers. Deniz Feneri, started to build 150 after-disaster houses in the area that is allocated by Van Governorship Disaster Coordination Centre.

10 Aug 2011 description

Deniz Feneri Takes Humanitarian Assistance to Somali Chairman of Deniz Feneri, Mehmet Cengiz and a team from Deniz Feneri have taken emergency humanitarian assistance to Somali.

Deniz Feneri has launched a campaign for emergency assistance regarding the famine in Somali. With the campaign going on, Deniz Feneri have taken to Somali in the first place humanitarian assistance consisting of food, clean water and cleaning materials.

The aids will be distributed in and around Mogadishu to where drought-effected Somalian people migrate heavily.

05 Jun 2011 description

Deniz Feneri sends 60 more prefabricated houses to the region in line with the need in Simav.

Deniz Feneri who carrries out intense activities to help people of Kutahya after the earthquake, had set up 21 prefabricated houses for families whose houses are no longer usable because of earthquake damages.

10 Sep 2009 description

Flash floods killed 31 people in and around =DDstanbul on Wednesday. While 9 people are still missing, hundreds of houses and offices have been severely damaged by the flash floods.

Hundreds of families cannot go their houses flooded with mud.

09 Jan 2009 description

Deniz Feneri emergency response team is still in the area to provide emergency relief to the victims of the ongoing Israeli military aggression.

The numbers of casualties increased, humanitarian situation is getting worse and humanitarian aid workers were hit by fire in Gaza.

The Palestinian death toll in Gaza is 778, including more than 200 children and more than 3,250 people have also been wounded since the Israeli offensive began on December 27.

Health services in Gaza are on the point of collapsing if steps to support and protect them are not taken immediately. Injured …

05 Jan 2009 description

Our emergency response team is in the area to provide emergency relief supplies to the victims of the ongoing Israeli military aggression on Palestinians.

8 people on team including doctors are carrying out assessments to meet the needs of the Palestinians under Israeli siege. Hundreds of Palestinians have died in four days of Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip.

02 Aug 2008 description

At the beginning of 2007, people living in Caia District were affected by the floods and Cyclone Elyne. Those people lost their houses due to floods.

01 Aug 2008 description

7th medical team has visited Niger, to help 200.000 fistula illness effected women and across Sahara district 18 million caratact diseased people , under the project ''Violets of hope''and ''Eye of Africa''.

The 7th medical team to Niger consists of doctors from the following fields: gynecology, urology, internal medicine, cardiology, infection and nursing.

31 Jul 2008 description


Forages et Fontaines

Nous avons creusé 16 puits pour I'agriculture dans la région d'Ingal (Agadez). Nous avons réalisé 10 forages avec des pompes Volonta dans 10 villages différents dans la région de Tessaoua. Nous avons mis en place un systeme d'énergie solaire qui permet la distribution de I'eau potable à 4 villages voisinants.


Nous avons construit et équipé un centre de santé intégré type 2 dans la ville de Madaroufa pour plus de 40 000 personnes.

18 Jun 2008 description


Deniz Feneri delivered emergency aid after the 7.6 earthquake 2005 happened in North of Pakistan.

23 May 2008 description

The extremely cold weather during January-February 2008 resulted in economic and social shocks worsening the already precarious food security situation in Tajikistan. Even though the cold wave has passed, its effects are still present. As the country is recovering from the exceptionally harsh winter, a locust infestation has arisen in the past few weeks further threatening the food supply of the population.

23 May 2008 description

According to UN data and reports Tajikistan, which is known with its 7 million population, young structure, and not using the natural resources efficiently, classes among the poorest countries in the Central Asia.

07 Apr 2008 description

The Deniz Feneri Association delivered 200 blankets, 187 pairs of boots, 420 child's hats, 450 child's pairs of mittens, 462 child's coats and 660 baby food meals for a total of 2379 items in kind aid to Tajikistan which is experiencing serious problems in energy, health, transportations, nutrition and education due to the cold winter of the last couple of months.

The Deniz Feneri team which visited Tajikistan recently prepared a report on the most recent situation, after the effects of the winter subsided determined that the people in Central Asia's poorest country were …

31 Mar 2008 description

Report of Tajikistan

Tajikistan has faced in the past two months unusually cold winter which has nearly crippled the country thus plunging a large number of its population in a dire need of food, fuel, blankets and medicines.