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04 Apr 2014 description

The church in South Sudan is bringing emergency aid to thousands of displaced people despite many challenges.

But the Sudan Relief and Development Agency (SUDRA), the church's department leading the response, may be forced to scale back its help for displaced people because of a lack of funds.

29 Jan 2014 description

A chaotic and volatile situation remains in large areas of South Sudan, with half a million people displaced. The church has put together an emergency plan to do its part and needs your help to support it.

Long-term peace and reconciliation depends on effective aid and relief now, says the Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan, the Most Rev Dr Daniel Deng Bul Yak.

05 Nov 2012 description

More than 2,300 people living in remote areas of Nepal received much-needed healthcare over the past couple of years, thanks to staff at Lamjung District Community Hospital (LDCH), including nurse Lalruatdiki (Dicky) Khiangte, a CMS Timothy mission partner.

This took place through five outreach medical camps in faraway villages.

"People cannot come to the hospital so the hospital goes to them," explained Dicky, who is originally from Mizoram and who sees her work as service to God.

27 Feb 2012 description

More than 1,100 marginalised children in rural Bangladesh are receiving quality primary education in Jesus’ name, thanks in part to generous CMS supporters.

This education, provided through the Church of Bangladesh Social Development Programme (CBSDP), a CMS partner, will help children from ethnic minorities or poor backgrounds to have a better chance at employment.

This project also provides for employment for 37 teachers across 10 schools.

Most of these teachers are women, who might not otherwise have an opportunity to work.

27 Nov 2011 description

Andrew was a year old when he was brought to Potter’s Village in Kisoro, Uganda weighing just 4kg.

“In Kisoro, where the soil is fertile, you would think there would be plenty of food,” said mission partner Jenny Green, who started and heads Potter’s Village.

“But as food prices soar the land is increasingly being used for growing potatoes to sell at a high price…lunch for many children is two potatoes, one in each hand.

"Little Andrew could not thrive on that meagre diet.”

Andrew was admitted to Potter’s Village for emergency care.

27 Nov 2011 description

More than 2,000 people received food, shelter or other assistance from CMS partners in Manila after a fire ripped through the local slums earlier this year.

Staff at Jigsaw Kids Ministries sprang into action, opening their main centre near the fire-ravaged area 24 hours a day for two weeks.

“Over 1,000 families lost their homes and possessions in a matter of hours.

"We set up emergency shelter and looked after the children while parents salvaged what they could from the remains,” said a Jigsaw worker.

17 Oct 2011 description

People living in remote Obongi, Uganda had access to healthy food right under their noses – or rather, above their heads – but they didn’t know it until mission partner Heather Sharland made the effort to visit them.

Nestled on the banks of the Nile, Obongi residents’ diet consists mainly of fish and cassava, with no vegetables. “The women were saying they would like to cook and eat vegetables, but they are difficult to grow,” Heather said. “We looked around and saw many Moringa trees growing tall with many leaves.”

14 Sep 2011 description

CMS partners are among those struggling to bring aid to thousands of families made homeless by yet more severe floods

Pakistan's government has appealed to the United Nations for humanitarian aid in the wake of increasingly severe flooding in Sindh province, which has now reached Karachi.

23 Aug 2011 description

Severe flooding following torrential rains has hit close to home for CMS partners in Sindh province, Pakistan

Three and a half thousand families in 89 villages have only a few days' supply of food left after homes, crops and livestock were washed away.

That's according to a report made by workers from the Primary Education Project in the Diocese of Hyderabad, where Jane Jerrard has worked for 15 years.

They toured flood hit villages in the areas the project serves from 14–18 August, to assess needs.

18 Aug 2011 description

It is only a matter of time before northern Kenya will look like Somalia, says Rev Francis, leader of TSM, an indigenous NGO determined to make an impact and give hope

"Everywhere – dead animals on the side of the road and plants and trees without a single green leaf."

This was the report of the TSM relief team on a recent visit to Wajir town.

"The ground water table is dropping and they are on the verge of disaster if the water dries out."

18 May 2011 description

In rural Tanzania it's not always enough to give sick people medicine. Mission partner Ruth Hulser is helping create family for people with no family.

So, you've got tablets to take - "with food, three or four times daily". But what if you don't have enough food for three meals a day?

What if you can't read or write and get lost on your way to the hospital?

Or you're just too fearful of having to fill in forms or pay money you don't have?

12 Apr 2011 description

The young people at the (future) Maison Kimbilio in Lubumbashi, DRC marked the International Day of Street Children yesterday by taking mattresses out to sleep at the site of their new centre, reports mission partner Ian Harvey, working with Project Kimbilio.

22 Sep 2010 description

CMS-backed health centres now among best in country as major investment pays off

Brand new hospital facilities have already attracted new doctors to work in Matana in central Burundi, thanks to a major grant from CMS made possible through a generous legacy.

A much-needed new administration block, isolation ward and laboratory have just been unveiled at the church-run hospital.

The new block at Matana has provided four extra consulting rooms - facilities that mean the hospital has been able to recruit new doctors.

The hospital is now among the best-equipped in the country, says …

03 Aug 2010 description

Concern is growing over violence in Kashmir. CMS contacts at a Christian hospital there are caught up in a maelstrom of retribution

Staff at a Christian hospital in Kashmir have been praying till 4am each night as mobs riot on their doorstep.

Violence in Indian-administered Kashmir has blown up between government forces and protestors, resulting in a curfew being imposed for the last month.

"Kashmir is just boiling," says the medical director of the hospital, Dr Sarah, "People are burning the police stations, railway stations."

The situation seemed more …

01 Dec 2009 description

The peace agreement leading to elections next year in Sudan is at a critical point and desperately needs international pressure to make it work.

That's the message of the Episcopal Church of Sudan in a statement issued yesterday that is both sober and urgent in tone.

The comprehensive peace agreement that brought and end to decades of civil war in 2005 is on the brink of collapse due to arguments over the law governing the referendum scheduled for 2011 (when the South will vote on whether to secede from the North) and over North/South borders.

13 Oct 2009 description

Thanks to the response from CMS supporters to Jigsaw's needs in flood-hit Manila, CMS was able to send a grant of =A33,000 to help with their emergency work, adding to the "amazing response" from supporters and churches up and down the country that Jigsaw reports.

Tim Lee, CMS mission partner who founded Jigsaw Kids Ministries, is in regular touch and gives us this update:

"The situation in so much of the Philippines, especially urban poor areas of Manila, is terrible and almost every day more problems arise from the aftermath of the typhoon.

"One of …

30 Sep 2009 description

Flood disaster hit the Filipino capital on the weekend, just after CMS mission partner Tim Lee returned from a visit to the Jigsaw Kids Ministries project he founded.

26 Jun 2009 description

Disturbing reports of new attacks are coming out of DRC, even as the Anglican Church there strives to provide food and healthcare - with help from CMS supporters

Thanks to the generosity of supporters, CMS has been able to send grants totalling £7,100 to partners in eastern DR Congo who are caring for displaced people in the wake of last autumn's violence.

CMS transcultural manager for Africa Stephen Burgess says, "A big thank you to everyone who gave.

11 Jun 2009 description

Pakistani IDPs marry in church relief camp, even as more are evacuated from their homes

Amid the trauma of displacement, a double wedding brought shared joy at the Diocese of Peshawar's relief camp in Mardan, north-west Pakistan.

Shilla, 23, was forced to flee fighting near her home in the Swat Valley a matter of weeks before her wedding to Waqar from Mardan.

The invitations had been sent - but what would happen now?

02 Jun 2009 description

The Sri Lankan government says there are now "no minorities" in the country. What does this statement mean for the Tamil people, asks Keerthisiri Fernando, acting principal of the Theological College of Lanka

The Sri Lankan Government claims that they have wiped out the LTTEers from Sri Lanka. According to government sources all the geographical areas are now under the control of the Sri Lankan government.

Announcing this "victory" the President of Sri Lanka said that now in Sri Lanka there are no "minorities" but only two sections of society.