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23 Jan 2019 description

Robert Muggah
Co-founder, Igarape Institute and SecDev Group

José Luengo Cabrera
West Africa researcher, International Crisis Group

This article is part of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

12 Jan 2017 description

This 12th edition of The Global Risks Report is published at a time of heightened political uncertainty, following a year of unexpected electoral results, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom. Polarized societies and political landscapes are taking centre stage in many countries, with deepening generational and cultural divisions amplifying the risks associated with sluggish economic recovery and accelerating technological change.

13 Jul 2016 description


For over a decade, the Global Risks Report series has shed light on the increasing interconnectedness and rapidly evolving nature of global risks. As of its 2015 edition, the Report has put forward actionable solutions to address global risks, the scope of which is beyond the domain of just one actor.

15 Jan 2015 description

2015: a year of action for global risks?

Geo-economic conflict is the number one risk facing the world right now, according to the Global Risks 2015 report.

Experts believe we face a greater threat of terrorist attacks and state crises, while water shortages and extreme weather could create more havoc and be more frequent due to intensifying climate change.

23 Jan 2014 description

By : Margareta Drzeniek

Top 10 risks for the decade ahead

What are the top 10 risks that the world will face in the decade to come, and what can be done about them?

The Global Risks 2014 report calls attention to risks that could ripple through entire systems. It aims to improve collaboration among business, governments and civil society by raising awareness of these risks and the way they interact with each other.

01 Jan 2008 description

In September 2007, the European Union announced a Global Climate Change Alliance to help poor countries prepare for natural disasters and 'climate proof' development and poverty reduction strategies, including through the use of systematic climate risk assessment tools. However, even with the growth in costs and opportunities associated with disasters, the private sector has remained engaged in resilience through specific projects rather than comprehensive, industry or cross industry-wide initiatives.

01 Jan 2008 description

This report examines global risks for 2008 from a range of perspectives. It focuses on four emerging issues that shape the global risk landscape, namely systemic financial risk, food security, supply chains and the role of energy.

01 Jan 2007 description

At the core of this year's overview of risks to the global community over the next decade is a fundamental disconnect between risk and mitigation. Expert opinion suggests that levels of risk are rising in almost all of the 23 risks on which the Global Risk Network has been focused over the last year - but mechanisms in place to manage and mitigate risk at the level of businesses, governments and global governance are inadequate. The global economy has been expanding faster than at any time in history - but it remains vulnerable.