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07 Nov 2001 description

The following report is an analysis of the infectious diseases in Afghanistan, designed for use by humanitarian relief workers. The author is the GDIN Infectious Disease Working Group. Questions and suggestions for improvement of the data is encouraged. Send to secretariat@gdin.org. Other information on GDIN, the Global Disaster Information Network (GDIN) and its Infectious Disease Working Group can be found at www.gdin.org.

26 Jan 2001 description

GDIN, the Global Disaster Information Network, is asking its partners to acquire data this morning to assess damage to population centers in western India from this morning's 7.9-magnitude earthquake. Please note that when possible, this information will be shared with all of our information partners in order to help the Indians obtain the best damage assessment maps possible.

Base maps of the impacted area tend to be very old, making the development of current maps difficult.

23 Jan 2001 description

Area of Heaviest Concentration, San Cristobal Island, Ecuador

15 Jan 2001 description

The Government of El Salvador requested assistance from GDIN-International www.gdin-international.org and within an hour, the organization began organizing assistance. At the request of GDIN, USG remotely sensed products should be posted up today. In addition, GDIN has requested help from the the European Commission, the European and French Space Agencies, Spot Image and Space Imaging. ArcInfo has also provided assistance through GDIN.