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17 Jul 2018 description

Executive Summary

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the paradigm shift from traditional humanitarian response by international actors to nationally led disaster risk management has already taken place, in general terms. Within this, national institutions are looking for more efficient and effective ways to meet the needs of their people, especially those affected by more frequent and severe natural disasters due to climate change.

23 Feb 2018 description

Between 15 to 27 of January 2018, 25 open collective centers were assessed during DTM Round 4 in Dominica. These centers shelter 352 internally displaced persons (IDPs) (114 households). 56% of the IDPs residing in collective centers have at least one vulnerability and the vast majority (96%) of the residents in the centers reported that their houses were damaged or destroyed. 16% of the collective centers do not have access to hygienic latrines and 48% of the residents mention a lack of privacy in the assessed sites.

25 Jan 2018 description

A Report by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica
November 15, 2017

Executive Summary

01 Dec 2017 description


The following are the findings from collective centers assessed during the second round of DTM assessments conducted from 20 -27 November 2017.

  • 30 collective centers assessed by IOM house Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Dominica (other shelters have been identified by the ministry of social services and will be included in the next round of DTM assessments)

  • These 30 centres house 120 households (459 individuals) 44% of the displaced population reside in schools.

07 Nov 2017 description


  • 69 centers were assessed by DTM enumerators.

  • 45 still open while 24 have closed.

  • 147 households (corresponding to 369 individuals) voluntarily registered with IOM enumerators.

  • 54% of registered households have indicated being owners of the house they resided in before the hurricane.

  • 67% households have indicated that their former residence was completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria

07 Nov 2017 description


The following are the findings from collective centers assessed during the second round of DTM assessments conducted from 24 October -2 November 2017.

  • 45 collective centers house Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Dominica. These 45 centres house 239 households (742 individuals).

  • 36% of the displaced population reside in schools.

  • A reported 60% of the IDPs residing in collective centers present a vulnerability.

20 Oct 2017 description


The following are the findings from collective centers assessed during the first round of DTM assessments conducted from 11-15 October 2017.

63 collective centers house Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Dominica

These 63 centres house 361 households (1,862 individuals) 53% of the displaced population reside in schools.

A reported 32% of the IDPs residing in collective centers present a vulnerability.

12 Dec 2016 description

A team of Assessors was commissioned by the UNDP on behalf of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica (GCOD), in January 2016, to undertake a Social and Livelihoods assessment of the impact of TS Erika. The team arrived in Dominica for a two week period (January 18-29) in order to conduct its investigations and presents its findings through this report The Social and Livelihoods Assessment following the Impact of TS Erika situates itself within the framework of social vulnerability and disaster risk reduction.

16 Nov 2016 description

The Clear Harbor Cares Foundation has responded to Hon Prime Minister, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit’s call to lend a hand to Haiti, one of the countries hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew.

Company officials presented $10,000 during a ceremony on Monday at the Office of Disaster Management in Jimmit.

General Manager of Clear Harbor Dominica, Luther Seay, stated that he is pleased that the company could assist Haiti in its relief efforts.

13 Nov 2016 description

The agreement was signed by the Honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs, Francine Baron and Stefano Manservisi, European Commission Director for International Co-Operation and Development at the recent EU-CELAC summit held in the Dominican Republic.

The overall post-Erika rehabilitation project, which will be carried out through the Ministry of Finance is part of efforts by government to source concessionary or grant funding that will mitigate the effects of tropical weather phenomena.

25 Oct 2016 description

As promised by the Honourable Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, at a press conference last week, a 20ft container is currently being loaded for shipment to Haiti.

Following the impact on Haiti and the Bahamas by Hurricane Matthew, the Dominica leader launched an appeal to the private sector to fuel support for the donation of relief items for the severely affected people of Haiti.

18 Oct 2016 description

Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Hon Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, has committed US$100,000 each to hurricane-stricken Haiti and Bahamas.

The Dominica leader led a delegation to Haiti and the Bahamas on a fact- finding mission on Monday 10th October.

06 Sep 2016 description

The Kalinago People of Dominica invites the rest of the island to celebrate Kalinago Week from September 16 to 25th.

Proceeds of the week’s events will establish a Kalinago Emergency Response Fund.

Honourable Minister for Kalinago Affairs, Casius Darroux, revealed at a press conference on Friday, September 2nd that the Emergency Response Fund will meet the needs of the Kalinago people who require costly emergency medical interventions.

The theme for Kalinago Week this year is, ‘Kalinago Forever, Defeat Never: Embracing Our Kalinago Heritage.’

01 Sep 2016 description

Government has spent between five and six million dollars to assist victims of Tropical Storm Erika.

This was revealed by the Chairperson of the Social Services and Welfare Ministerial Committee, Hon Justina Charles.

The Social Services and Welfare Subcommittee was appointed by Cabinet to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation exercise.

Hon Charles outlined some of the duties of the subcommittee.

05 Aug 2016 description

The Parliament of Dominica has consented to establish a fund specifically to deal with the costs associated with natural disasters.

Recent incidents have proven that the island is prone to natural hazards including destructive rainfall events and earthquakes.

The bills for clean-up and restoration following both Tropical Storm Erika and the 2013 Christmas Eve trough were crippling.

Hence the reason for the vulnerability, risk and resilience fund.

04 Aug 2016 description

The largest chunk of the $33.2m allocated to the Ministry of Health and the Environment goes to an environment-sensitive project.

The Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project or DVRP emanates from Dominica’s Strategic Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR) and was approved for funding from the World Bank’s climate investment fund four years ago.

Dominica’s project was selected in addition to projects of 17 other countries to pilot their climate proofing strategies.

21 Jul 2016 description

A team from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank is impressed with Dominica’s response to the global Zika emergency.

The team visiting for a week is here to conduct a Rapid Needs and Cost Assessment of Dominica’s healthcare systems as it relates to managing Zika.

On Monday, July 18th, staff of the Ministries of Health and Finance met with the team for tabletop exercises as part of the assessment.

06 Jul 2016 description

There is a need for community-based disaster relief groups to be recognized as equally important as professional disaster relief organizations.

This is the message that Dr. Terrence O’Sullivan of the Center of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Policy Research of the University of Akron, Ohio is bringing to the region.

In a series of lectures organized by Barbados-based environment conscious company, Octopus Three, Dr. O’Sullivan is touring the region lecturing on resilient community-based disaster response.

04 May 2016 description

Hon Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit has informed the Dominican populace of urgent interventions being made to enhance the safety of citizens in a number of locations across the country.

Rehabilitation works will take place along west, east and south east coasts and the Roseau Valley.

The Hon. Prime Minister was speaking at the contract signing ceremony for projects for the Roseau Valley Constituency room when he made the announcement on Tuesday, April 26th.