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16 Apr 2014 description

Table of Contents:

For an Introduction – Senegalese Street Vendors and the Migration and Development Nexus, by Michele Gonnelli, p. 8

The Senegalese Transnational Diaspora and its role back Home, by Sebastiano Ceschi & Petra Mezzetti, p. 13

Imagining Europe: being willing to go does not necessarily result in taking the necessary Steps, by Papa Demba Fall, p. 21

EU Migration Policies and the Criminalisation of the Senegalese Irregular Migration flows, by Lanre Olusegun Ikuteyijo, p. 29

18 Dec 2013 description


I feel honoured to write the Foreword for this compilation of articles written by authors from diverse disciplines and cultural backgrounds. I am also pleased to offer, in the conventionally limited space of a foreword, a few comments on some key themes that I think the articles collectively underscore.
While presenting them in a list I express myself in words which some may consider too cynical, but with the intention of constructively highlighting central problems concerning Somalia.

18 Jul 2012 description

ITPCM International Commentary Vol. VIII No. 30, July 2012

Sudan was until one year ago - when South Sudan eventually proclaimed its independence (9th July 2011) - the biggest African country. Ruling over its huge territory – more than 2,5 millions square kilometres - and scattered population – about 45 million people in total - was a big challenge and ultimately a big failure. The seeds of which can be traced back decades.

15 Dec 2011 description

We are happy to send out this second issue of ITPCM International Commentary, entirely devoted to recent events in Libya, analysed from the European security perspective. During the last academic year, the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna organised a series of lectures, workshops and research colloquia - Debating European Security - in the framework of the Jean Monnet Programme and financed by the European Commission through the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). The purpose of the programme, designed by Prof. Strazzari, Dr. Coticchia and Dr.

21 Apr 2011 description

in this issue:


The Gaza Youth breaks out by Emanuela Muscarà, p. 3

Is another Africa possible? by Luca Raineri, p. 6

The Palestinians and their quest for democracy by Urte Leopold, p.9

Migrants from Africa to Israel and Europe by Eljona Sadiku, p. 12

18 Dec 2009 description
Afghan domestic justice system: a matter of time and training. Interview with Rosario Aitala: Legal Adviser - Rule of Law in Kabul

How is the institutional building progressing, particularly in the es­tablishment of the rule of law?

First of all allow me to clarify that my comments are aimed simply and exclusively at providing scien­tific analyses according to the tools and the theory of the legal science.

21 Jul 2009 description



For two years in a row Zimbabwe has topped the Economist newspaper's list of countries most vulnerable to political instability. The country has managed under difficult political and economic conditions to resist civil war, extra-parliamentary change of government, and revenge killings.