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01 Sep 2008 description
report Global Policy Forum

Since their proclamation in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have become the leitmotiv of international development politics. With the MDGs, the development discourse among governments and international organisations has focused on eradicating the most extreme forms of hunger and poverty as well as on basic social services for the population, above all in the fields of primary education, health and water supply. Most of the MDGs are linked to clear quantitative and time-bound targets, the majority of which are to be attained by 2015.

01 Jul 2008 description
report Global Policy Forum

This paper takes as a starting point an international conference, held in New York in April 2008, organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Global Policy Forum. The conference considered the right to food and the role of the United Nations in responding to the global food crisis. Seventy experts from more than thirty countries attended. This paper is not a formal account of the conference proceedings. Rather, it starts from the main themes discussed and tries to take the debate further - both the causes of the crisis and the responses that are called for.

01 Jun 2007 description
report Global Policy Forum

This report considers many aspects of the conflict, with special emphasis on the US Coalition's responsibilities under international law. It also considers political and economic issues in Iraq and argues for urgent change, including a speedy withdrawal of Coalition forces.