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28 May 2008 description

On Thursday evening (29th) the SRSA will dispatch a module with three portable water purification plants to Rangoon in Burma. These three plants together can purify water for drinking for 15,000 people per day.

SRSA water specialists and water engineers will accompany the plants to install them.

"We are going to train local people on scene to run the plants," says Anders Olsson, a materiel developer employed by the SRSA.

22 May 2008 description

China appealed for international aid in the form of tents and blankets for the millions left homeless in Sichuan province.

The SRSA has ordered 500 tents which are being manufactured in China for delivery in two weeks as a donation from the Swedish Lions. The SRSA hopes to send personnel to manage the delivery on scene.

The SRSA is immediately donating 17,000 blankets, of which 2,000 are child blankets, and which are in Shanghai awaiting delivery. The Chinese Red Cross will receive the blanket delivery and ensure that they are distributed to those in need.

21 May 2008 description


This brief report provides the findings of a rapid environmental assessment conducted following Cyclone Nargis.


19 May 2008 description

This evening, Monday, a cargo plane will take off from =D6rebro Airport bound for Rangoon in Burma. On board are approx. 150 tents that will be delivered to the Burmese Red Cross. These are family tents of 12 sq metres and have been donated to the SRSA from the Swedish Lions.

09 May 2008 description

This evening the SRSA will send 3 experts to Bangkok. Their task will be to support the UN agency OCHA in its assessment of aid needs in  Burma. Also included in the task will be to assess and prepare for further Swedish operations.

The 3 experts are: Lars Johansson, humanitarian aid, Karlstad; Christian Di Schiena, strategic coordinator, Kristinehamn; and Leif Jönsson, environmental issues, Karlstad.

For further information contact our press liaison officer on +46 70 321 88 73

Responsible: Karin Viklund

28 Aug 2007 description

As a result of the recent forest fires starting up again in Greece, they have asked for assistance from neighbouring countries and the EU to assist with firefighting operations.

Sweden and the SRSA (Swedish Rescue Services Agency) responded by sending two forest-fire experts, who arrived in Athens on Monday morning. Their task is to study and assess the immediate need for further assistance of the type that Sweden can provide. Both experts carried out a similar assessment in Greece in 2000.

The country is now also in great need of firefighting aircraft.

03 Aug 2007 description

At the end of July the Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) sent fire fighting equipment to Macedonia. Several countries have been seriously affected by forest fires and now the SRSA is sending assistance to Albania also.

"We are sending the same type of equipment as we sent to Macedonia but not quite as much of it," says Curt Näslund, project leader for the Albania operation.

"Six containers of equipment and ten cubic metres of foam compound were sent to Macedonia.

27 Jul 2007 description

The Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) has since Wednesday had two fire experts in place in Macedonia, which is suffering from extensive forest fires.

They have now in cooperation with the Macedonian authorities agreed that the SRSA shall provide six containers of forest firefighting equipment.

"The containers are loaded with most of what is required to fight forest fires, equipment that has been previously used in Sweden," says Curt Näslund, project leader for the Macedonia operation.

They contain, among other things, motor pumps, hoses, axes, shovels and rakes, and …

26 Jul 2007 description

The Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) is sending two fire experts to assist with the forest fires raging in Macedonia.

This is in response to a request from the Macedonian authorities via the UN and the Swedish Embassy in Macedonia.

The fire experts, who will leave for Macedonia early on Thursday morning, will assist the authorities in estimating the resources required in terms of personnel and material to fight the fires, as well as grounds for decisions on the scope of continued Swedish assistance.

The fires along with others in south-eastern Europe in Greece, Serbia and …

31 Oct 2005 description

The SRSA's (Swedish Rescue Services Agency) disaster relief to Pakistan consisting of over 900 tents and food and clothing for WFP personnel has now arrived.

Each tent accommodates 20 people.

On Tuesday 25th October two cargo aeroplanes departed from Landvetter Airport. Martin Sjöholm, Magnus Nilsson and P=E5l Sundqvist from the SRSA were on board.

Receiving the disaster relief were the International Red Cross and the Pakistani government.

In total the SRSA now has 14 members of staff in the earthquake stricken area of Pakistan, of which 11 form a support team.

20 Oct 2005 description

On Tuesday next week the Swedish Rescue Services Agency will send an additional 975 tents to Pakistan.

Over the last few days the Pakistani Embassy in Stockholm has appealed to the Swedish Rescue Services Agency for a rapid response to the enormous need for tents for the millions made homeless as a result of the earthquake.

It will be the military 20 man tents fitted with heaters that will be sent over, along with an equal number of tarpaulins for use as tent groundsheets.

This cargo weighs 93 tons and will require one or more large cargo aircraft, which will depart from …

13 Oct 2005 description

On Wednesday afternoon a convoy of lorries, amongst others the eleven lorries loaded with the 36 tons of tents and blankets from Sweden, left Islamabad in Pakistan. And under a military escort, for security reasons are expected to arrive in Muzaffarabad in 5- 6 hours.

"It's 140 kilometres to Muzaffarabad", said the SRSA's Magnus Nilsson, who in conjunction with Lina Eiserman =C5lund and Martin Sjöholm will ensure that the tents and blankets reach those in need of them.

The convoy of 30 vehicles also includes relief dispatches from France, Germany and Belgium.

11 Oct 2005 description

On Saturday 8th October, Pakistan was struck by an earthquake that measured 7.6 on the Richter scale.

It is feared that 30 - 40 thousand people lost their lives as a result.

The worst hit areas are around Kashmir, where several villages were completely destroyed. Rain and general bad weather conditions in the region have delayed the relief work.


The Swedish Rescue Services Agency has sent over 200 winter-tents and at least 3,000 blankets. The tents which are lined and equipped with heaters can accommodate five to six people.

15 Sep 2005 description

Today, 15th September, the Swedish Government permitted the SRSA to perform a support role for humanitarian mine clearing in Somalia, this came after a request from the UN's Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

This mission means that two of the SRSA's munitions clearance experts will train local police in Awdal, Togdheer and Sanaag.

The mission will be financed by UNOPS and will run until 31st December 2005 at the latest.

12 Sep 2005 description

During the morning an aeroplane from the F7 Air Wing in S=E5tenäs will depart for Landvetter Airport outside Gothenburg. There it will be loaded with three network stations that Ericsson has put at thedisposal of disaster-hit New Orleans. The equipment will be accompanied by one person from the Swedish Rescue Services Agency.

The aeroplane is expected to take off from Landvetter at lunchtime today and arrive in the USA tomorrow.

Transport route

From Landvetter, the aeroplane will fly via Reykjavik in Iceland then on to Goose Bay in Canada.

05 Sep 2005 description

The Swedish Rescue Services Agency's (SRSA) planned departure of aid to the disaster area New Orleans didn't go ahead on Sunday. However, planning continues so that aid can be despatched at a later stage.

The reason the SRSA flight didn't depart on Sunday was that the US authorities do not at present have the facilities to receive foreign humanitarian aid.

The SRSA's planned despatch includes, for example, water purification plants and communications equipment. A team of five would accompany the equipment.

30 Jan 2005 description

The Swedish Rescue Services is present in Thailand and Indonesia.

16 Oct 2002 description

Completed assignments

During the past week, we have collected 90 tonnes of flour from the mill in Burham, near Ramallah, 230.7 tonnes of flour, 124.8 tonnes of rice and 14.737 tonnes of oil at the WFP's warehouse in Jerusalem, and 10.4 tonnes of oil in Azun.

We have driven 46 tonnes of flour to Ramallah, 56 tonnes of flour, 24 tonnes of rice and 9.3 tonnes of oil to Hebron, 13.5 tonnes of flour, 4.05 tonnes of rice and 0.625 tonnes of oil to Deir Qadis, 16.5 tonnes of flour, 4.95 tonnes of rice and 0.772 tonnes of oil to Sinjil, 13.5 tonnes of flour, 4.05 tonnes of rice and 0.625 …

14 Oct 2002 description

The road to the village of Chitaca now passable for lorriesWe have commenced backfilling around the bridge foundations for the bridge at 36 km. The foundations for the bridge at 42 km are complete. A bulldozer has commenced construction of the roads in the community of Capunda Cavilongo. We have also cleared the vegetation along the road to the next village, Chitaca, which is situated at 63.5 km. This means that it is now possible to get to Chitaca by lorry.

This week we have had considerable problems on the workshop side.

01 Oct 2002 description

Relief work in Afghanistan

Relief Effort Manager Per-Olov Lindholm is in Herat, in north-west Afghanistan. Seven members of his team are clearing the roads in the mountain passes in the region of Chaghcharan.