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14 Dec 2018 description

SOS computer centres offer refugees in Serbia the opportunity to learn, develop their skills and connect to their families

On a recent day at the Obrenovac refugee centre, Zalmai* was queuing up to use one of the computers provided by SOS Children’s Villages.

04 Dec 2018 description

More educational support is needed for refugee children who are separated from their families, says Vesna Mraković-Jokanović, National Director of SOS Children's Villages Serbia. 

Since launching its emergency response for refugees at the height of the 2015 migration crisis, SOS Children’s Villages Serbia has helped 125,000 children, young people and parents.

01 Dec 2018 description

Every time the SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe team comes to visit Eveliyen Malunga, 66, she bursts into song. She claps her hands and lifts them up to the sky to speak a blessing. The SOS team has been good to her, she says, helping her care for her grandson, Willhamu*, who is HIV positive.

In 2017, almost 36.9 million people were living with HIV, with 1.8 million infected in the same year, according to the World Health Organization. For Eveliyen and Willhamu, HIV has been part of their lives since he was a baby.

20 Nov 2018 description

Reaffirming the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in these challenging times is a global obligation

By Norbert Meder
Chief Executive Officer of SOS Children's Villages International

08 Nov 2018 description

SOS Children’s Villages Honduras is caring for unaccompanied children who have been sent back to their homeland

Unaccompanied children who attempted to join a migrant caravan to the Mexico-US border are being cared for by SOS Children’s Villages Honduras as they return to their homeland.

05 Nov 2018 description

SOS Children's Villages helps to improve the lives of children near the border with Guatemala

Margarita recalls the night decades ago when she and her family fled from the civil war in Guatemala.

“Many people we knew died in the war. My parents, my sister, my brother and I had to walk in the night to escape, with mud up to our knees in some places,” Margarita recalls of that night in the 1980s, when she was ten-years-old.

28 Oct 2018 description

SOS Children's Villages responds to the needs of children displaced by the deadly earthquake and tsunami on the island of Sulawesi

One month after an earthquake and tsunami devastated parts of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, SOS Children's Villages is providing more than 160 displaced with safe places to play and learn.

16 Oct 2018 description

Guatemala is the country with the highest rate of chronic malnutrition in Latin America, and among the six countries with the highest rates world-wide. Almost half (46.5%) of all Guatemalan children under the age of five are affected.

Additionally, high levels of inequality and poverty put many families in Guatemala in a situation of acute vulnerability. Two-thirds of the country’s population of around 16.5 million lives on less than 2 USD/day. The indigenous population is disproportionately affected by a lack of resources as are women and girls, children and young people.

10 Oct 2018 description

Nearly 40 children whose families lost their homes in the earthquake and tsunami in Palu are being cared for by SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia.

A team of experts has established a Child Care Space (CCS) in the area of Tumbelaka where children are now receiving psychological and social support.

“It is feared that there are close to 70,000 internally displaced people, therefore there is an urgent need for having more Child Care Spaces,” says Gregor Hadi Nitihardjo, National Director of SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia.

08 Oct 2018 description

As the death toll continues to rise and the search for the missing continues, SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia has sent a team of specialists to Palu, a city devastated by the earthquake and tsunami on 28 September.

27 Sep 2018 description

Children face the risk of abuse, abandonment and exploitation as more Venezuelans leave for neighbouring countries

SOS Children’s Villages has started emergency programmes in two countries directly affected by the situation in Venezuela, but more help is needed to address the needs of children, says Fabiola Flores, International Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Region of SOS Children’s Villages.

11 Sep 2018 description

Weeks after the collapse of a dam in south-east Laos, SOS Children’s Villages is helping children whose families were displaced by the disaster and heavy monsoon rains.

As one of the first organisations to respond following the 23 July collapse of the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy dam, SOS Laos is providing food as well as recreational and educational activities at two child-care spaces in southern Attapeu Province.

31 Aug 2018 description
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LCB Declaration Paper - Berlin Conference 2018
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LCB Paper Berlin August 2018

With the crisis entering its ninth year and showing no signs of abating despite recent efforts, 10.7 million people continue to be in urgent need of life-saving assistance across north-east Nigeria, far-north Cameroon, Western Chad and south-east Niger. Nearly 2.4 million people are displaced with fresh waves of violence and human rights abuses resulting in thousands arriving into congested sites on a weekly basis.

17 Aug 2018 description

Amid the hardships in eastern Ukraine, SOS Children’s Villages delivers help – and hope

SOS Children’s Villages is one of the few international organisations working on both sides of the line of contact in eastern Ukraine, addressing humanitarian needs of families and providing support through a team of social workers, psychologists, educators and other staff. In some of these communities, SOS Children’s Villages is the sole provider of holistic care for children and support for families.

03 Aug 2018 description

SOS Children’s Villages helps children with speech problems, but the need is growing

When conflict broke out in eastern Ukraine in 2014, three-year-old Yuriy would hide in fear during the fighting that engulfed his town.*

27 Jul 2018 description

SOS Children's Villages is making homes available to families crossing the border, says emergency response coordinator Sergio Marques.

SOS Children’s Villages Brazil is mobilising to help children and families from Venezuela who have sought refuge in the country. An estimated 1.5 million Venezuelans have been displaced over the past year, many seeking refuge in neighbouring Colombia and Brazil.

27 Jun 2018 description

Twenty-one humanitarian and human rights organizations respond with dismay to the Dutch Parliament’s approval of the EU’s new asylum plans to offshore asylum protection. With a joint appeal, they ask the government for a humane asylum policy, in line with international law.

22 Nov 2017 description

A new SOS Children’s Villages programme will improve livelihoods and gender relations between host communities and the growing number of refugees

SOS Children’s Villages Uganda will launch a programme to help the surging number of refugees in the country’s southwest, with a focus on vulnerable local and refugee families.

16 Nov 2017 description

Two months after a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake in south-east Mexico, SOS Children’s Villages is considering establishing a Child Friendly Space to provide support for children still affected by the devastation.

None of the more than 40 children at SOS Children’s Village Tehuacán were hurt during the 19 September earthquake and there was no major damage to the village. Families in the surrounding community programmes were also reported unharmed.

12 Oct 2017 description

SOS Children’s Villages-Columbia University tap scientific knowledge and on-the-ground experience to keep children safe.

SOS Children’s Villages has launched a collaboration between its Global Emergency Response team and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. The focus of the partnership is a joint effort to improve global disaster preparedness and management, focusing in particular on the risk-management tool Resilience360.