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31 Jul 2014 description

With the recent, rapid changes on the ground in Iraq and subsequent calls from the United States for a new power-sharing arrangement to govern the country, PILPG recently hosted a roundtable discussion on the topic, “Power-Sharing in Iraq: Impossible or Inevitable?” The roundtable brought together experts to discuss whether, and under what circumstances, a power-sharing arrangement might be achieved in Iraq. Participants also discussed the potential geo-strategic and security implications that a power-sharing arrangement in Iraq would have.

29 May 2013 description



This report presents the results and findings of the evaluation of the first phase of the Joint Programme for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Ethiopia (JP GEWE) conducted over a period of 4 months between February and May 2013.

02 Apr 2012 description

Policy Planning Paper

The purpose of this report is to provide recommendations for measures that an interim Syrian government could take in the days immediately following President Bashar al-Assad’s departure. This report is meant to generate serious planning for practical responses to a range of transitional challenges and potential solutions that will enable an interim government to effectively lead the nation and provide protection for all Syrians, including minorities, during the transition period.

17 Mar 2005 description

Op-ed by Jamal Jafari and Paul R. Williams for The Jurist

Among all the interviews conducted last August with the seemingly uncountable number of refugees of the Darfur crisis who had escaped to relief camps in Chad, Amina Adam's* story stuck out for us. She described seeing the Sudanese military and Janjaweed militia throw her neighbor's baby up in the air and catch it on a bayonet.

01 Jan 2004 description

This handbook is designed to serve as a practical guide for diplomats and lawyers involved in the negotiation and drafting of peace treaties and similar international agreements.

The handbook is divided into a series of subject matter templates, each contains a brief primer on the subject, a detailed comparative analysis of language used in previous peace agreements, model language, and a brief summary of the political context of relevant previous agreements. The following issues are addressed:

- Ceasefire agreements
- Transitional agreements

31 May 2003 description

Prepared by the Public International Law & Policy Group and The Century Foundation

May 2003


1. Introduction
2. The Political Context
3. Choosing a State Structure
4. Deciding on Autonomy-Asymmetrical Federalism
5. Designing a Parliament
6. Structuring an Executive
7. Building an Electoral System
8. Protecting Minority/Human Rights
9. Concluding Note on Democratic Consolidation
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