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28 Apr 2014 description

Section One: Focus Countries re


Women Seek Education

16 Apr 2014 description

Our disaster relief team is working hard to help Syrians displaced within the borders of their own country. Mike Parks, GHNI’s Director of Disaster Relief, shares the following realities with us.

Boy does his homework on his mother’s tomb

The harsh and complex civil war in Syria continues. Even as there are talks going on in Geneva, millions of Syrians are suffering and a nation is being torn apart at its foundation.

24 Mar 2014 description

Working with the Afghanistan government to build a school for Sheldon Village, the GHNI-Afghanistan and the village children are anxiously awaiting its completion. With spring and better weather around the corner, all are filled with hope. Here’s the latest on the school’s construction. Posted by Bethany on March 24th, 2014

Sheldon Village*, Afghanistan

“Work on the school in central Afghanistan has been progressing well, although at a slower pace. It has not been without its problems, but overall the progress has been good.

02 Feb 2014 description

From the desk of GHNI’s Jeff Power, who has walked closely alongside the community of Gambella, Kenya, in their five year journey with Transformational Community Development (TCD). Jeff gladly shares this account of love, loss, and triumph in Kenya!

Attir, Kenya

We’ve all heard the powerful expression, “Love your neighbor.” It’s not ultimately a religious or philosophical statement, but rather a statement of need – it’s what NEEDS to happen to change the world.

30 Dec 2013 description


There is no end in sight for the Syrian Refugees in Jordan. The GHNI team in Jordan has shared story after story of heartbreak.

According to the Jordan Times there are now over 600,000 Syrian Refugees in Jordan. These numbers began in March of 2011 and started a never-ending flow into Jordan. The Jordan team hosted five partner trip teams in October. They helped work with many Syrian families by giving out food boxes, wheelchairs, clothes, blankets and heaters in preparation for winter. A trip team member shared his experience:

27 Dec 2013 description

Omaha, Nebraska (December 11, 2013) – Providing recovery and restoration efforts in the midst of devastating conditions is what Global Hope Network International (GHNI) wakes up to every day. Only one month ago, the strongest storm EVER to make landfall struck the Philippines and Vietnam. The devastation is unimaginable and long-­‐lasting. While some relief has arrived, millions of people, many of those from outlying villages and small towns, still have had little if any relief.

06 Dec 2013 description

The people of BT Village* have proved teachable hearts after receiving Transformational Community Development (TCD) Lesson on water and micro-loans. The GHNI Nepal team shares stories about Maya and Basanti, who took these TCD lessons to heart.

29 Nov 2013 description

Families lives continue to be transformed with the income provided by hybrid poplar trees planted by GHNI. In their latest report on the project’s progress, the GHNI Afghanistan team shares how families are becoming more sustainable.

“The valleys of Central Afghanistan are verdant and lush and provide good places for the inhabitants to pasture their flocks or to grow crops of wheat and barley. The scenery is stunningly beautiful! The high mountains which cover 90% of the province rise up on each side of the green pastures.

23 Oct 2013 description

The GHNI Lebanon team faces many challenges but the danger will not deter them from the work they are so passionate about. Here are the most recent updates from the team in Lebanon:

Tripoli, Lebanon “It is a pleasure to endure and brave the challenges of working in with Syrian refugees in Northern Lebanon despite the danger. Here are some of the specifics that are happening in & around Tripoli. There have been many chances to show compassion and love, and to encourage people who have lost everything that they own.

“Here are some of the comments from the refugees:

11 Oct 2013 description

Construction of a building is never an easy process. Thankfully for this village, the GHNI team in Afghanistan was able to smooth some of the bumps along the road toward a better education for their children. The team shares the progress of the school construction and more…

“The last month has been a busy one for the school construction project in Sheldon. The problems with the previous construction company have been resolved and we have found a new company to continue the work. We trust this company will make good progress.

05 Aug 2013 description

Posted by Bethany

Tripoli, Lebanon

Part of relief to the Syrian Refugees in Lebanon has been helping children to put their trials behind them for a few hours and just be children. The GHNI Lebanon team shares about the success of their recent Day Camp:

“For the second consecutive quarter we were able to hold a day camp focused on the well-being of refugee children from Syria. This day camp had more than one goal:

  1. Follow up with the children that came to the first day camp and we are visiting them

  2. Invite new children

15 Jul 2013 description

Posted by Bethany

Syrian Refugees

GHNI has been working with Syrian Refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey since the conflict began their migration across the Syrian border. Here’s a heartfelt report from the GHNI team working closely with these hurting people.

“The conflict in Syria continues unabated and in fact growing in ferocity and with multiple groups involved in the conflict solutions seem vague any chance of peace is still distant.

08 Jul 2013 description

Posted by Bethany

Saneba, Burkina Faso

Richard, Regional Field Leader Assistant for Burkina Faso, shares exciting news from a recent trip to this community.

21 Jun 2013 description

Posted by Bethany

Syrian Refugees, Jordan

Imagine running for your life with your family to a different country with only the few things you are able to carry. Staying in a camp of temporary shelter or cramming as many people as possible into a small apartment, you don’t know how long you’ll have to stay there or how long until your money is going to run out.

05 Jun 2013 description

Posted by Bethany

The Mushroom Project, Afghanistan

GHNI Afghanistan leaders share the real circumstances wherein mushroom income becomes a much welcomed way for families to put food on the table in Afghanistan.

“Salia lives in a typical small Afghan mud house, a short journey from the capital, Kabul. The winters are cold. Many in the region find it difficult to survive the cold months, even if they have a regular income that allows them to buy tiny quantities of fuel to heat the house.

03 Jun 2013 description

Posted by Bethany

N Village*, Sri Lanka

When a woman made sure the the GHNI Sri Lanka team, “Thank them,” she really meant it! It is because of generous hearts, people willing to get up and go to the hidden and hurting on a Partner Trip, and the hard work of a village in Transformational Community Development, that we get to hear exciting stories like this one.

06 May 2013 description

Posted by Bethany on May 6th, 2013

Tanah Keke, Indonesia

11 Mar 2013 description

House of Ruth, Jordan

“One Syrian family nearby has 13 people living in the same household. GHNI leaders recently brought the family blankets, food, and a washing machine. Our village contact told us that after our visit the family was so touched that they mentioned they felt like they were back in Syria because of how comfortable and loved they felt. We have since made a follow up visit bringing medicine for the father and are working on establishing a solid relationship with this family.”

06 Mar 2013 description

Ola Nagele, Kenya

The only breadwinner for five children, having no help or support from anywhere, Mama Mollu has had a hard life. At 54 years old, she has lived in Ola Nagele most of her life. Her husband died, leaving her alone with their five young children – 3 boys and 2 girls.

National GHNI Leader in Kenya, Habiba Mengesha, tells the story of how GHNI stepped in:

05 Feb 2013 description

“In Berea there lives a 3-year old boy called Kemal. He has nine brothers and sisters between two and twelve years old. He and three of his other siblings have poor vision. His father is disabled and earns up to $2 a day. The family eats just once a day – usually dry food such as bread or rice, and never meat or vegetables.”