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17 Oct 2018 description

I have been following with concern the planned eviction of the Bedouin community of Khan al-Ahmar, in the West Bank. Evacuation by force now appears imminent, and with it the prospects for further escalation and violence.

It bears recalling, as a general matter, that extensive destruction of property without military necessity and population transfers in an occupied territory constitute war crimes under the Rome Statute.

I am similarly alarmed by the continued violence, perpetrated by actors on both sides, at the Gaza border with Israel.

19 Sep 2018 description

Since the end of 2017, my Office has received a number of communications and reports concerning crimes allegedly committed against the Rohingya population in Myanmar and their deportation to Bangladesh.

06 Sep 2018 description
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Decision on the "Prosecution's Request for a Ruling on Jurisdiction under Article 19(3) of the Statute" & PARTIALLY DISSENTING O


Today, 6 September 2018, Pre-Trial Chamber I (the "Chamber") of the International Criminal Court ("ICC" or the "Court"), composed of Judge Péter Kovács, Judge Marc Perrin de Brichambaut and Judge Reine Adélaïde Sophie Alapini-Gansou, decided by majority that the Court may exercise jurisdiction over the alleged deportation of the Rohingya people from Myanmar to Bangladesh.

22 Jun 2018 description

PRE-TRIAL CHAMBER I (the “Chamber”) of the International Criminal Court (the “Court”) issues this decision inviting the competent authorities of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (“Myanmar”) to submit observations pursuant to rule 103(1) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence (the “Rules”) on the “Prosecution’s Request for a Ruling on Jurisdiction under Article 19(3) of the Statute” (the “Request” or the “Prosecutor’s Request”).

08 Jun 2018 description


Today, 8 June 2018, the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court ("ICC" or "Court") decided, by majority, to acquit Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo from the charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Judge Christine Van den Wyngaert, Presiding Judge in this appeal, read a summary of the Judgment during a public hearing. Mr Bemba will remain in detention on account of another case in which he has been convicted of offences against the administration of justice, pending a decision of Trial Chamber VII in that case.

23 May 2018 description

Today, 22 May 2018, I received a referral from the Government of the State of Palestine ("Palestine"), a State Party to the Rome Statute, regarding the situation in Palestine since 13 June 2014 with no end date.

06 May 2018 description

Je viens de conclure ma visite en République Démocratique du Congo («RDC»). J'ai eu des entretiens fructueux avec le Chef de l'Etat, SE Monsieur Joseph Kabila, et les autorités politiques et judiciaires congolaises sur des sujets aussi importants que les violences commises dans le pays, l'état d'avancement des procédures judiciaires nationales, la coopération et les activités de mon Bureau.

06 May 2018 description

I have just concluded my visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). I had fruitful discussions with the Head of State, H.E. Mr Joseph Kabila, and the Congolese political and judicial authorities on important issues such as the situation in the country, the incidents of violence, the status of national judicial proceedings, cooperation and the activities of my Office.

19 Apr 2018 description

Mardi 17 avril 2018, Fatou Bensouda, Procureur de la Cour pénale internationale (la CPI ou la «Cour») a conclu sa participation au Forum de Stockholm consacré à l'égalité entre les sexes.

19 Apr 2018 description

On Tuesday, 17 April 2018, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court ("ICC" or the "Court"), Fatou Bensouda, concluded her participation in the Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality.

09 Apr 2018 description

Aujourd'hui, le 4 avril 2018, Al Hassan Ag Abdoul Aziz Ag Mohamed Ag Mahmoud (« Al Hassan ») a comparu devant le juge unique de la Chambre préliminaire I de la Cour pénale internationale (« CPI » ou « Cour »), M. le juge Marc Perrin de Brichambaut, au siège de la Cour à La Haye (Pays-Bas). Le juge unique a fixé de façon provisoire le début de l'audience de confirmation des charges au 24 septembre 2018.

08 Apr 2018 description
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It is with grave concern that I note the violence and deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip in the context of recent mass demonstrations. Since 30 March 2018, at least 27 Palestinians have been reportedly killed by the Israeli Defence Forces, with over a thousand more injured, many, as a result of shootings using live ammunition and rubber-bullets.

01 Apr 2018 description

En qualité de Procureur de la Cour pénale internationale (la « CPI » ou la « Cour »), je me félicite de l'avancée significative réalisée aujourd'hui dans le cadre de la situation au Mali.

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13 Feb 2018 description

On the International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers, we are once again reminded that, sadly, millions of children around the world continue to suffer in war and conflict. Large numbers of children are killed, maimed, orphaned or subjected to unspeakable abuses. Often, the entire fabric of their societies – their homes, schools, healthcare systems or religious institutions – is disrupted with serious consequences for their future.

A childhood that is free from violence is not a privilege; it is the natural state of things. It is a right that must be protected.

13 Feb 2018 description

La journée internationale contre l'utilisation des enfants soldats nous rappelle une fois de plus, malheureusement, que des millions d'enfants dans le monde continuent de pâtir de la guerre et des conflits. Un grand nombre d'entre eux sont tués, mutilés, perdent leurs parents ou sont victimes de sévices innommables. Souvent, tout l'édifice social qui les entoure – foyers, écoles, système de santé ou institutions religieuses – se désagrège, ce qui a de graves conséquences pour leur avenir.

08 Feb 2018 description

Desde el año 2016, he seguido de cerca las situaciones en la República de Filipinas ("Filipinas") y en la República Bolivariana de Venezuela ("Venezuela"). Ambos países son Estados Partes del Estatuto de Roma.

08 Feb 2018 description

Since 2016, I have closely followed the situations in the Republic of the Philippines ("the Philippines") and in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela ("Venezuela"). Both countries are States Parties to the Rome Statute.

08 Feb 2018 description

I am deeply concerned by reports that unidentified persons detonated two car bombs outside the Baya'at al-Radwan mosque in the Al-Salmani district of Benghazi, Libya on the evening of 23 January 2018, killing at least 34 people, including children, and wounding over 90 others.

I am equally appalled by photographs and video made public on 24 January 2018, that purportedly show Major Mahmoud Mustafa Busayf al-Werfalli executing 10 persons in front of the Baya'at al-Radwan mosque, in what appears to constitute retaliation for the cowardly bombings of 23 January 2018.