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08 Aug 2013 description
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Sécurité :

La situation sécuritaire dans la zone Kamango reste volatile mais, elle est plus ou moins calme dans celle de Nobili. La zone est contrôlée par le 2ème bataillon du 801ème Régiment des FARDC basée à Mutwanga.

La présence des FARDC dans la zone rassure tant soit peu la population déplacée se trouvant à Nobili mais, celle-ci voudrait voir l’armée loyaliste progresser sur la ligne de front et faciliter leu retour dans leurs villages de provenance.

Accessibilité :

16 Jul 2013 description
report Merlin

The international health charity Merlin is joining Save the Children to create a world-class humanitarian health force for children and their families living in some of the toughest places in the world.

By combining Merlin’s network of frontline health workers with Save the Children’s life-saving work in over 120 countries more children affected by disasters or living in conflict and post-conflict zones will be reached.

Justin Forsyth, Save the Children Chief Executive, said:

28 Jun 2013 description
Full press release

The entire population of the Central African Republic (CAR), 4.6 million people, is affected by a severe humanitarian crisis following a coup and subsequent political instability, warned a group of aid organizations today. Immediate action must be taken by international governments to plug the approximately $80 million funding gap said 9 aid agencies and the Archbishop of Bangui. The forgotten political crisis threatens to destabilize the whole of Central Africa.

21 Jun 2013 description

Malnutrition infantile, risques sanitaires et insécurité alimentaire : en 2013, les besoins humanitaires demeurent très importants et demandent un soutien à long terme selon les ONG Solidarités International, ACTED, Concern Worldwide, Merlin, Oxfam, International Rescue Committee, Première Urgence-Aide Médicale Internationale, Croix-Rouge Française, InterSOS, International Medical Corps, COOPI, Action Contre la Faim, Medair, CARE International, World Vision, Diakonie, Le Secours Islamique France, Islamic Relief Worldwide, et ACRA.

20 Jun 2013 description

Child malnourishment, health risks and food insecurity: even in 2013, the need for humanitarian help remains high and requires long-term support, according to a group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) consisting of Solidarités International, ACTED, Concern Worldwide, Merlin, Oxfam, International Rescue Committee, Première Urgence-Aide Medicale Internationale, French Red Cross, InterSOS, International Medical Corps, COOPI, Action Against Hunger, Medair, CARE International, World Vision, Diakonie, Secours Islamique France, Islamic Relief Worldwide, and ACRA.

12 Jun 2013 description
report Merlin

Continued insecurity in the Central African Republic (CAR) is putting progress against common childhood illnesses at risk, the medical charity Merlin has warned.

Nearly three months after the Seleka coup, two thirds of CAR’s population (3.2 million people) remain cut off from health services. But with 206,000 people having been forced to flee their homes the need for medical aid is soaring – particularly amongst children, who are the most vulnerable to illnesses and malnutrition.

24 Apr 2013 description
report Merlin

In 2013 Merlin celebrates its 20th anniversary; here we take a look back over one of our first missions in the region of Nagorno Karabakh.

04 Jan 2013 description
report Merlin

Mark Hawkins

I have recently returned from Chad where I spent two weeks in one of Merlin’s newest programmes. I visited our main operational base in Massaguet, just over an hour’s drive east from the capital city of N’djamena.

The southern part of Chad is in the Sahel region of Africa. Sahel was in the headlines earlier in 2012 due to a drought. This is why Merlin is on the ground now providing urgent emergency aid.

28 Nov 2012 description
report Merlin

An Emergency response by international health charity Merlin to the violence in DR Congo (DRC) has been staged in record time, thanks to support from a fast-working partnership project, led by UNICEF and UN OCHA. Merlin has been providing healthcare to vulnerable communities in DRC since 1997. Right now Merlin’s priority in the North Kivu province is providing medical help for people caught up in the conflict around Goma, where the lives of civilians have been turned upside down by fighting between opposing armed factions.

19 Nov 2012 description
report Merlin

Merlin – which has been working in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 1997 - is scaling up its work there in response to rising violence. Armed fighting in North Kivu province between rebel factions and government forces has been on the increase since March this year, with a dramatic escalation in recent days.

It is thought that between 50,000 to 100,000 people have been displaced over the weekend (including tens of thousands living in displaced camps) to escape being caught in the crossfire. The fiercest battles are currently affecting Goma, the provincial capital.

27 Sep 2012 description
report Merlin

Humanitarian response still severely under-funded despite billions promised

11 Sep 2012 description
report Merlin

A new hospital has opened its doors in Obokote in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), thanks to international health charity Merlin.

Obokote Hospital is the result of collaboration by different parties who all want the same thing – safe and sustainable hospital care for local people.

06 Jul 2012 description
report Merlin

London, 9 July 2012 – One year ago, parts of East Africa recorded the worst rainfall for 60 years leaving more than 13 million people in the grip of a devastating drought.

Thanks to the dedication of its health workers and generous donations from supporters global health charity Merlin raised nearly three quarters of a million pounds, distributed 7,500 tons of food to Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia and saved the lives of thousands of people.

In Kenya, Merlin is working in the arid Turkana region, where the pastoralist population rely on seasonal rains for their survival.

02 Jul 2012 description
report Merlin

Monday July 2: In the UK family planning is a lifestyle choice but in many of the countries where global health charity Merlin works, this lack of choice can prove fatal.

As we approach the London Summit on Family Planning, it is estimated that every year 287,000 women and girls die from complications in pregnancy and/or childbirth. The vast majority of these deaths occur where poverty, conflict and natural disaster make everyday life a challenge.

23 May 2012 description

Yemen is on the brink of a catastrophic food crisis, seven aid agencies said today (23 May 2012) with 10 million people – 44 percent of the population – without enough food to eat. The aid agencies warned that malnutrition rates recorded by the UN in some parts of the country were alarming, with one in three children severely malnourished.

26 Apr 2012 description
report Merlin

A few years ago, malaria would have been a nurse’s worst nightmare in Nyanza Province, Kenya.

Outbreaks used to be common here. Dennis Ngare, the nurse in charge of Ogango Dispensary, Nyamira District, recalls how on one morning during the long rains of 2005 he arrived at the facility to find over a hundred people waiting for treatment.

Now, as this year‘s rainy season begins, the facility - which is supported by Merlin - has only had two confirmed cases of malaria in the past week.

10 Apr 2012 description
report Merlin

More women die in childbirth in Afghanistan than anywhere else on the planet, and few suffer more than those living in Badakhshan, in the far north-east of the country.

Badakhshan recorded the world’s highest ever maternal mortality rate in 2002 with 6,500 women dying for every 100,000 babies born, with around 30 per cent of these deaths due to obstructed labour.

31 Mar 2012 description
report Merlin

London 30 March, 2012 - As Myanmar prepared to go to the polls, there was an unprecedented sense of hope for the future. But taking the country out of poverty and raising the population’s standard of living won’t be easy.

22 Mar 2012 description
report Merlin

London, March 21, 2012 - The shooting of 16 Afghan civilians just three weeks after the Qur’an burnings has caused outrage across Afghanistan, with days of nationwide protests and reprisal attacks - but for international health charity Merlin the work must go on.

06 Mar 2012 description
report Merlin

International medical aid charity Merlin is to join a network of experts who can be called on by Government in times of international crisis, such as famine, floods and earthquakes. The new facility will mobilise life saving support from Britain's best businesses and charities in the critical hours after a disaster strikes.