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16 Jan 2019 description

The Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) report on food security and agriculture is produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It provides a quarterly forward-looking analysis of major disaster risks to food security and agriculture, specifically highlighting:

16 Jan 2019 description

27-29 November 2018, Kampala, Uganda – One of the key objectives of the joint FAO-UNDP Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans Programme (NAP-Ag) is to build technical capacity at the national level on the use of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) tools to guide evidence-based investment decisions in agriculture based on quantitative methods.

16 Jan 2019 description

Situation générale en décembre 2018

Prévision jusqu'à mi-février 2019

Une résurgence du Criquet pèlerin se développe au Soudan et en Érythrée

16 Jan 2019 description

Atteindre la Faim Zéro en 2030, c’est possible au Tchad

Atteindre l’objectif «Faim Zéro» signifie tout d’abord travailler ensemble pour s’assurer que toute la population du Tchad a accès à des aliments sains et nutritifs.

16 Jan 2019 description

We are pleased to share the report, SDGs and Food Insecurity in Karnali: Results from The Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES).

Nearly 7 percent of households in Karnali Province were found to be severely food insecure, and four time that number, either severely, or moderately food insecure.

15 Jan 2019 description

Response Update

The FSL sector key needs during January – September 2018 include General Food Distribution [GFD], Food for Assets [FFA], emergency agriculture, livestock inputs, support services, and livelihoods training and start-up kits.

14 Jan 2019 description


  • Favourable prospects for 2018 main “meher” season

  • Reduced 2018 “belg” secondary season harvest in parts of Tigray and Amhara regions due to erratic rains

  • Below-average “deyr” rains curbing drought recovery in southeastern pastoral areas

  • Prices of maize declining in recent months and at low levels due to adequate domestic availabilities

  • Food insecure caseload estimated at a high 7.95 million

11 Jan 2019 description

Food Security Snapshot

  • Above-average harvest gathered in 2018
  • Average economic growth and slightly increasing inflation rate
  • Stable prices of coarse grains compared to last year
  • Continued food and humanitarian assistance needed, including for refugees

Above-average harvest gathered in 2018

11 Jan 2019 description

Food Security Snapshot

  • Favourable rainfall conditions and timely provision of inputs lead to above average production in 2018
  • Despite above-average production, 2018/19 imports remain stable or slightly decrease
  • Cereal prices stable or declining following seasonal trends
  • Overall food security generally satisfactory

Above-average cereal production gathered in 2018

11 Jan 2019 description

Food Security Snapshot

  • Above-average cereal harvest gathered in 2018
  • Imports will slightly increase despite above-average production
  • Prices of coarse grains declining following seasonal trends
  • Continued assistance needed for vulnerable populations

Above-average cereal output gathered in 2018

10 Jan 2019 description

El índice de precios de los alimentos de la FAO bajó en 2018, con subidas únicamente para los cereales

10 de enero de 2019, Roma - Los precios mundiales de los alimentos se mantuvieron en general estables en diciembre, con una subida de los precios internacionales de los cereales que compensó el descenso del azúcar y los productos lácteos, según informó hoy la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO).

10 Jan 2019 description

We aim to increase resilience of protected areas in the Amazon biome, to create livelihoods for communities in the midst of a changing climate scenario.

09 Jan 2019 description


  • Uncertain prospects for 2019 wheat output due to low availability of irrigation water

  • Cereal production in 2018 estimated at near-average level

  • Cereal exports in 2018/19 forecast close to last year’s above-average level

  • Prices of wheat and wheat flour increased in recent months reflecting seasonal patterns and strong exports

  • Food insecurity persists in some localized areas