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26 Jan 2018 description

We, the 61 undersigned National and International Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), members of Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development (ACBAR), condemn in the strongest terms the atrocious attack on NGO offices in Jalalabad (Nangarhar) on Wednesday 24 January. It has been reported that there is a loss of at least 7 lives, more than 31 people injured, including five children. We would like to pass our condolences to the families of the victims of this atrocious attack.

08 Jan 2016 description

Nyarugusu refugee camp is located in Kigoma, Tanzania, accommodating 150,204 refugees, most of them are Congolese, as of January 6th 2016. Due to protracted encampment, refugees in Nyarugusu camp heavily rely on humanitarian assistance and their economic self-reliance is highly instable. The government of Tanzania therefore eased its encampment strategy for refugees and the host community to trade food and commodities in the buffer zone, considering prolonged encampment and increased influx to the host community.

14 Sep 2015 description

Kakuma refugee camp located at the heart of Turkana, Kenya, hosts more than 181 thousand refugees from 21 nationalities. Due to high influx of South Sudanese this prolonged camp is suffering from congestion and limited humanitarian aid at all times. To respond, Good Neighbors International (GNI) launched its assistance program in Kakuma last year, and has been providing safe shelters to protracted refugees in Kakuma 1.

23 Jun 2015 description

Good Neighbors International (GNI), in its plan to operate relief and rehabilitation projects, aims to build safe infrastructure, provide quality education, increase access to safe water and health services and improve livelihood of the earthquake affected communities in Gorkha, Kathmandu and Lalitpur. The operation plan will not be limited to immediate relief support and ensuring emergency needs. It ultimately aims to enhance capacity of community people and support safer self-recovery.

22 May 2015 description

On 12th May at 12:50 local time (UTC+5:45), another devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 occurred in Nepal, 83 km northeast of the capital Kathmandu. Good Neighbors International (GNI), in spite of severe aftershocks, is actively distributing emergency relief kits, providing medical services, and conducting psychosocial support programs for children.

12 May 2015 description

As the result of devastating Nepal Earthquake, 8.1 million people became in need of humanitarian assistance, more than 3 million people became in need of food assistance and approximately 16,392 people were injured (UNOCHA, 06/05/2015).

17 Apr 2015 description

On 24th March unprecedented heavy rain struck in the Northern Chile desert region, and this fatal damages has affected up to 30,000 people, including 26 deaths, 85 persons missing. (UNOCHA, 14/04/2015)

15 Apr 2015 description

As one of the oldest protracted refugee situations in the world, Kakuma refugee camp is keeping its history for 24 years with 180,000 population of 21 nationalities.

In addition, with high influx of South Sudanese refugees caused by the ongoing domestic conflict since December 2013, Kakuma refugee camp has already exceeded its capacity to accommodate. And this substantial numbers of new arrivals lead insufficient humanitarian assistance in the camp across sectors to more impoverished lives of refugees.

24 Mar 2015 description

As the Syria conflict entered its fifth year this month, Syrian crisis, the worst humanitarian crisis of our era, is still appealing more attention and assistance of the world today. Especially Turkey-Syria border areas hosting the biggest Syrian population among neighboring countries, have been experiencing severe lack of humanitarian relief in every sector.

02 Mar 2015 description

Devastating floods hit 15 provinces of Southern Malawi Early January in 2015. As of 27 Jan., over 174,000 people were affected and the death toll stood at 79 with 153 reported missing.

Good Neighbors International immediately dispatched an emergency relief team for the initial needs assessment and identified the situation and needs in Phalombe, one of three-worst affected districts; Nsanje, Chikwawa, Phalombe, and established the humanitarian assistance plan covering Tcheleni, Phalombe based on the assessment.

27 Nov 2014 description

Las oenegésintegrantes del Equipo Humanitario de Paísfrente a la gravedad de la situación causada por la prolongada canícula y en consecuencia la emergencia en seguridad alimentaria que viven miles de familias guatemaltecas en comunidades del Corredor Seco y que se prolongara en 2015, manifiestan su preocupación con la falta de financiación nacional e internacional para poder atender la respuesta a la emergencia en seguridad alimentaria de forma integral y participativa.

14 Jul 2014 description

Reseña: El día 7 de Julio a las 5:24 am, se registró un sismo de magnitud 6.4, localizado al Sur Oeste del departamento de San Marcos. El sismo fue sensible en 12 departamentos del país, se reportan daños en 8 departamentos, San Marcos, Huehuetenango, Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu,

24 Apr 2013 description

The Island of Mindanao, the southern Philippines was struck by typhoon Bopha, the strong tropical cyclone on 4 December 2012. In particular Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental were the worst affected provinces in Mindanao. The death toll stands at 1,146 people with further 834 people reported missing. 925,412 displaced people are seeking shelter elsewhere and over 230,000 houses were damaged or destroyed(UNOCHA, 12 Feb 2013).

15 Nov 2012 description

On November 7th 2012, 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the pacific coast of Guatemala. San Marcos, Quetzaltenango, Sololá, Quiché, Retalhuleu and Totonicapán province are mostly damaged. A total of 1,2 million people were affected and 52 people died, as reported.