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16 Jun 2008 description

I. Introduction

Since some weeks there have been relatively heavy rains in all of South Suriname, following a rather 'wet' and short dry season. Rainfall increased over the past few days with high peaks in the weekends of 1 and June 2008. This led to flooding of especially the Tapanahony and Marowijne rivers, partly or fully submerging various villages, their agricultural plots and other surrounding lands. The following areas are most affected:

- Tapanahoni and Lawa area
- Upper Marowijne area
- Coeroeni area

08 May 2006 description


1. Nature of the disaster

Flooding, due to continued torrential rainfall over the period starting around 1 May 2006 till current date. See Annex 1 for meteorological report on levels of rainfall over the period 1 – 7 May 2006. See Annex 2 for overview of affected geographical area.

2. Areas affected

The area affected is the whole Southern part of Suriname, more in particular the districts of Sipaliwini and Brokopondo. In terms of human population, the following administrative resorts have been affected to-date: