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20 Aug 2008 description

Permanent Mission of Lithuania would like to update the information on bilateral state contribution to Georgia. At the moment Lithuania contributed 275 390 USD in tents, sleepingbags, medical meterial, food, etc.

18 Aug 2008 description

Lithuania provides humanitarian assistance to Georgia, which has suffered from military actions. Commissioned by Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas, Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates the provision of humanitarian assistance.

On 11 August, the first consignment with humanitarian aid was sent, containing bandages of various sizes, burn treatment packages, antibiotics, antiphlogistic drugs and other pharmaceuticals, estimated at about 38,000 Litas.

11 Aug 2008 description

Lithuanian Government provides the necessary humanitarian aid for Georgia suffering from the military conflict. Earlier Lithuania sent the humanitarian aid consisting of medicaments, bandage and other medical necessities, the total worth of which exceeded 36,000 litas.

A new shipment of humanitarian aid is being convoyed by the Fire and Rescue Department. The residents of Georgia will receive tents, sleeping-bags, electric fires.

06 Aug 2008 description

Today a motor van with humanitarian aid cargo left Lithuania for Moldova. Following severe torrential rains in the Ukrainian Carpathians, Moldova also suffered similar conditions and was hit by the worst flooding in the past one hundred years. The risen waters of the rivers Prut and Dniester submerged 46 settlements, inundated 850 homes, destroying a hundred, and caused evacuation of nearly six thousand people from 12 districts, with 6 districts still remaining the disaster-struck zone.

06 Aug 2008 description

Moldova was hit by the worst flooding in the past one hundred years. The risen waters of the rivers Prut and Dniester submerged 46 settlements, destroyed about a hundred houses and caused evacuation of about six thousand people, leaving thousands shelterless.

In response to the call from the Government of Moldova, Lithuania is sending the following relief supplies: 10 motor rubber boats, 9 rubber boats, 150 pairs of rubber boots.

The relief is scheduled to leave for Moldova later today.

Lithuania has already shipped relief supplies to disaster-hit Ukraine and Romania.

31 Jul 2008 description

Last week, torrential rains caused flooding of the rivers in North-East Romania submerging 26 349 hectares of farmlands in the regions of Maramures, Suchava, Bac=E3u, Botosani, Ia=BAi and Neam=FE. Electricity supply was disrupted in the majority of flooded settlements. The Government of Romania calls on foreign countries for the assistance in generators, shelters and other items.

Lithuania is planning to provide assistance by shipping 5 generators and 50 tents to the affected country.

Relief has already been shipped by Austria, Slovakia, Czech, Sweden and other countries.

30 Jul 2008 description

On 30 July, Undersecretary of Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Laimonas Talat-Kelp=F0a received Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine Ihor Prokopchuk and expressed condolences regarding the casualties of the flood in Ukraine on behalf of Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Petras Vaitiekûnas.

Ambassador Ihor Prokopchuk handed in to the Undersecretary of the Ministry an official request of the Ukrainian Government to provide financial, humanitarian, and technical support which would help to rectify the consequences of the natural disaster in Ukraine. The …

02 Aug 2006 description

With regard to the call for urgent action by the United Nations, the Government has decided to allocate LTL 300 thou from the reserve fund to the humanitarian aid to the people of Lebanon who suffer from ongoing military actions between the Israeli army and Hezbollah.

29 Jun 2006 description

On 28 June Acting Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Antanas Valionis with the delegation of the Parliament of Afghanistan led by the Deputy Secretary of the Parliament of Afghanistan Mohammad Salih Saljoqi discussed the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

The Head of Lithuanian Diplomacy assured that Lithuania will continue to provide assistance to Afghanistan and invited representatives of Afghan authorities and the society to take active part in restoration of democratic values in the country, because the role of the citizens in this process is the most important.

Afghan delegation …

08 Jun 2006 description

On 8 June, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to allocate LTL 100 thousand in humanitarian aid for the earthquake victims in the Republic of Indonesia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will transfer the donated funds to the United Nations World Food Programme.

The humanitarian aid is allocated in response to the request of the Republic of Indonesia forwarded by the Monitoring and Information Centre of the European Commission.

25 Nov 2005 description

In support of Lithuania's mission in Afghanistan employees of Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and their families collected aid for the children of Afghanistan's Ghor province.

Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and Lithuanian Special mission have been functioning in Afghanistan's Ghor province since June.

19 Oct 2005 description

On 19 October, the Government decided to allocate from the reserve LTL 300 thousand in humanitarian aid to the population of Pakistan stricken by the earthquake.

Lithuania has already sent a donation of 30 tents and 10 fire stoves for heating them on a NATO plane to the disaster area.

It is the second shipment of humanitarian aid from Lithuania this year to areas hit by natural disasters. In May this year, shipment of portable power stations, dirty water pumps and rubber footwear was sent to flood victims in Georgia.