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29 Nov 2017 description
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Education and illiteracy are named as the biggest problems facing females, according to a new survey - but support for equal access to schooling has fallen slightly.

In the struggle to get Afghan girls into school, changing deeply-held beliefs is one of the major challenges.

Two-thirds of girls aren't getting an education, according to a Human Rights Watch report. Now an annual survey of attitudes has revealed that support for equal access to education has actually fallen since 2006.

14 Nov 2017 description
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About 40,000 children have crossed the border into Bangladesh alone - they and many others are at risk of trafficking, child labour and early marriage.

Schools and safe spaces are helping thousands of Rohingya refugee children cope with the trauma of fleeing from their homes in Myanmar.

There they can draw, sing and play in a secure setting in one of the overcrowded camps along the border in Bangladesh.

31 Oct 2017 description
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Activists say the students were leaving their school in Eastern Ghouta when a shell landed at the gate.

Four Syrian children are reported to have been killed today when their school was bombed.

Activists say a shell fired by government forces landed at the gate of the school in Jisreen, a town in the Eastern Ghouta area.

The attack comes two days after schoolchildren fled when a kindergarten in the nearby town of Kfar Batna was bombed. Video showed them running terrified into surrounding streets.

31 Oct 2017 description
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Video of students fleeing from the attack in Eastern Ghouta was released today - as an aid convoy delivered food to starving children in the same town.

Syrian children fled in terror after a kindergarten was reportedly shelled by government forces.

A shocking video showed them running down a smoke-filled street away from their school in the town of Kfar Batna in Eastern Ghouta.

The Ghouta Media Center said there was "panic and fear" as the children poured out of the kindergarten after yesterday's bombing.

26 Oct 2017 description
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The pledge to safeguard students from attack came days after a coalition that backs the government was blacklisted by the UN for airstrikes on schools.

Hundreds of its schools have been damaged or destroyed by attacks in its ongoing conflict. Millions of its children are out of school because of strike action by teachers who haven't been paid for months.

In the midst of this chaos - almost unnoticed - Yemen has become the 70th country to sign the Safe Schools Declaration.

26 Oct 2017 description
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119 schools have reopened - others have no power or will have to close permanently because of the damage caused by Hurricane Maria.

Life has started to return to normal for thousands of Puerto Rican schoolchildren affected by Hurricane Maria.

Five weeks after the storm that killed more than 50 people and devastated the islands, about 40,000 students are back in their classrooms.

17 Oct 2017 description
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Billy Briggs, Education in emergencies writer

Thousands of children displaced from the liberated town of Hawija need urgent psychological support and safe places to learn.

Thousands of schoolchildren in Iraq remain displaced from Hawija following the defeat of Islamic State in one of its strongholds.

Many could soon return to the liberated town after the Iraqi military said operations to regain control had ended.

11 Oct 2017 description
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Millions of girls around the world are being denied an education because they are exploited, discriminated against - or just ignored.

Millions of girls aren't at school today. They are shut out of education because of discrimination, poverty, emergencies and culture.

These girls have the same hopes and dreams as boys. They want to learn, fulfill their potential, work and help their families and communities.

But too often they are treated as second-class. They are exploited, abused and simply disregarded in many countries.

05 Oct 2017 description
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Despite promises by world leaders to get all Syrian refugees into school, there are still many barriers preventing children in Lebanon from getting an education.

The start of a new school year should be an exciting time for children. But not for more than 280,000 of them in Lebanon.

That's how many Syrian refugees are still out of school there. Some haven't had an education for many years - younger ones have never set foot in a classroom.

04 Oct 2017 description
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"Mobile schools" are being used to take education to children in small communities in parts of the country that are under attack from Boko Haram.

“These areas have not been safe for teachers so we hire teachers who go into communities and teach - and then they go back to where it is safe,” said Alfred Hangus.

An education in emergency specialist for the charity Plan International, Hangus is based at Maiduguri in Borno state, northeastern Nigeria.

28 Sep 2017 description
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A "bold and positive" change in government policy will see undocumented refugee children allowed to join double-shift schools. Until now, Syrian children who are not registered officially as refugees have been blocked from going to government schools in Jordan.

But that is about to change. Children who lack the required documents and special refugee ID card will be allowed to start attending classes in a move described as "bold and positive" by a United Nations official.

26 Sep 2017 description
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Safe spaces and schools are vital if huge numbers of children fleeing from violence in Myanmar are to recover from their toxic stress.

Almost 60% of the Rohingya refugees fleeing ethnic atrocities in Myanmar are children - and many are escaping on their own.

Stories of violence against women and children - villages burned, infants thrown in rivers, toddlers and mothers shot - abound from makeshift camps in neighbouring Bangladesh, where survivors are struggling to find clean water, food and proper shelter.

26 Sep 2017 description
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Children at 44,000 schools returned to their classrooms today after the earthquakes that devastated parts of Mexico.

But nearly 5100 schools were destroyed or damaged - threatening the education of thousands of children. And only 1% of Mexico City's 4000 public schools were reopened because of ongoing relief efforts in the capital.

“We are deeply concerned by the substantial damage sustained by schools in the hardest-hit communities and the impact this could have for children,” said Christian Skoog, UNICEF Representative in Mexico.

20 Sep 2017 description
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With more than 20 students confirmed dead, parents could only wait in hope as rescuers searched in the rubble of the devastated school in Mexico City. Desperate parents and rescue workers pulled through rubble in a floodlit search last night for dozens of young children feared buried under a Mexico City school destroyed by the country's most lethal earthquake in a generation.

14 Sep 2017 description
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A three-year plan will see official schools take in students currently in temporary education centres and those not getting any education.

Turkey has announced more details about its three-year plan to get all Syrian refugee children into state schools.

Almost 300,000 children currently in temporary education centres will be gradually transferred to official schools. Another 360,000 not currently in education will also start to move into classrooms.

13 Sep 2017 description
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The deadly storm left many schools damaged, without power or used as shelters in Caribbean countries and the southern United States.

If anyone had doubted the raw power of nature to disrupt people's lives, this year has been a harsh reminder.

Natural disasters, such as floods and typhoons, forced 4.5 million people around the world to leave their homes in the first half of 2017. Hundreds of thousands of children had their education disrupted.

31 Aug 2017 description
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With the disaster putting 1.8 million children out of school in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, there are calls for education to be a priority in the response.

Hundreds of thousands of children could drop out of school permanently as a result of the catastrophic flooding in South Asia - unless education is prioritised in relief efforts.

The warning came today from Save the Children, which also revealed that at least 18,000 schools have been destroyed or damaged and 1.8 million children cannot go to their classes in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

30 Aug 2017 description
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A truce meant to safeguard students returning to classrooms has already been broken - in an area where 200,000 children already need trauma support.

Children are set to go back to school this week in war-torn Ukraine - but a ceasefire supposed to keep them safe has already been broken.

Both sides had agreed to call a halt to violence on August 25 - ahead of the new school year starting on September 1.

30 Aug 2017 description
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The United States has saved $1.2 billion in medical bills by vaccinating young children against the rotavirus, according to a new study.

But the vaccines, which prevented more than 380,000 children being hospitalised over five years, are expensive and need to be kept in a chilled environment.

That's a challenge for sub-Saharan nations.

Now a new cheaper vaccine called BRV-PV that doesn’t need to be kept cold and has a shelf-life of a year is being trialled in Niger by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) with amazing results.

26 Aug 2017 description
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With the Taliban regaining ground, we look at some of the obstacles and success stories in a country where conflict and cultural values have affected millions of children.

In 2001, the Taliban lorded over Afghanistan. Their iron rule meant that fewer than one million boys went to school - and girls were almost completely excluded from education.

By last year, after 15 years of conflict, peace-building and efforts to rid the country of the fundamentalist group, that figure had soared. More than nine million children were at school - 40% of them were girls.