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16 Oct 2018 description

Indian Red Cross Society has been on the ground and responding to the unprecedented floods that Kerala faced in August. According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), as on August 24th, 417 people have died and over 54.11 lakh people were affected,12.47 lakh of whom had to seek shelter in 5,645 relief camps.

10 Sep 2018 description

Airbus H135 airlifts relief across areas hardest hit by flooding

New Delhi, 10th September 2018: Airbus Foundation and Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) have partnered to provide relief to communities reeling under the impact of Kerala floods, one of the worst disasters that the state has faced in close to a hundred years.

05 Jul 2018 description

Hon’ble President of the IRCS Odisha State Branch (Hon’ble Governor of Odisha) Shri Ganeshi Lal, has launched a water and sanitation project that will benefit over eight thousand families in Ganjam and Nayagarh Districts over the next two years. The project is supported by the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS, NHQ) and will be implemented by the Odisha State Branch.

Hon’ble President Indian Red Cross Society Odisha State Branch unveiled the project at an event held on 27th June at the Abhisekh Hall, Raj Bhawan, Bhubaneshwar.

07 Nov 2017 description

“We are not used to open defecation, but this year’s floods did force us, as the drains got choked and flow of water was blocked, but thanks to Red Cross to have provided us latrines, which not only saved us from many diseases but also helped us maintain our dignity.” Soibam Sony Devi, a 42 year old female resident of Bashikhong, Imphal East District shared.

31 Oct 2017 description

The Indian Red Cross has today announced plans to scale up its recovery efforts following the devastating floods that have affected some 30 million people across India, devastating communities, and destroying homes and livelihoods.

The Indian Red Cross, Joint Secretary in-charge Manish Choudhary says, “Red Cross has been on the ground since the beginning, working tirelessly to help those who need it most, but with millions of Indians still in need, there is so much more to do”.

30 Oct 2017 description

India faces floods every year and Assam has always been at the receiving end. Hence, Assam state branch has developed ability to respond during any disasters. “Floods – 2017” were not different. As soon as the floods hit Assam, this state branch set out to respond with rescue and first aid services immediately in six of the most affected districts. Further, the state branch has trained volunteers to not only carry out rescue but also look in to the needs of the affected people within the affected districts.

22 Sep 2017 description

Shri J P Nadda, Minister for Health & Family Welfare and Chairman of the Indian Red Cross Society released relief supplies for flood affected states of Assam, Gujarat and Manipur today i.e. 2 August at 1.00 pm from the IRCS Headquarters. Speaking on the occasion Shri Nadda said, “To supplement the ongoing relief operations by the Assam, Gujarat & Manipur state branches, IRCS, NHQ, based on the request of the branch and assessment of the needs and situation is releasing relief items worth Rs Rs.3,12,65,290.

04 Aug 2016 description

The flood situation in the country, especially the badly affected states of Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand was reviewed at the IRCS Nhq. Dr Veer Bhushan, Acting Secretary General, chaired the meeting. The response of the branches and the Nhq was also discussed and the future course of action shared. The IRCS Nhq officials were joined by the IFRC and ICRC officials in the meeting.

04 Jan 2016 description

04.01.2016 - New Delhi, India

A powerful 6.7 magnitude earthquake, rocked remote north-eastern regions of India before dawn today at 4:35 am while many people were still in bed. The epicentre of the quake was in Nune village in Tamenglong district of Manipur state about 40 kms from the capital Imphal. Frightened people rushed into the streets in the darkness.

04 Dec 2015 description

04.12.2015 - New Delhi, India

The Indian Red Cross Society is scaling up relief efforts after floods in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu that have affected over 2 million people. The aid effort is being supplemented by nearly Rs 2 crore released from the disaster relief emergency fund of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies on Monday.

“Red Cross staff and volunteers have been helping people affected by the floods in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu,” Indian Red Cross Joint Secretary Dr Veer Bhushan said today.

07 Nov 2015 description

“Indian Red Cross Society’s First Medical Responders Programme is envisaged to empower volunteers from within the community to provide disaster relief, first-aid, family reunification and other complementary support in times of any emergency”, remarked Dr Veer Bhushan, Joint Secretary of the Indian Red Cross Society. Speaking on the occasion of the inaugural function of the Regional H.E.L.P.

15 Jul 2015 description


The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is very vulnerable to natural disasters, especially cyclones and floods, as it is a coastal region. As a matter of fact, it has the longest coast line on the Eastern coast and an overall second largest coastline of India which is more vulnerable to cyclones as compared to the Western coast.

06 May 2015 description

As the Nepal Army Chief fears that the toll from the Earthquake devastation could reach up to 15,000, and millions affected, the Indian Red Cross Society is upscaling its support to the Nepal Red Cross. Dr Agarwal, the Secretary General, Indian Red Cross Society held talks with the movement partners and apprised them that it has been decided to send another large water purification machine (capacity 300 lt/hr) and two manual small (backpacks) water purification machines to Nepal.

30 Apr 2015 description

As the toll of those having lost their lives in the Nepal Earthquake reaches to more than 6000 with millions affected severely, the Indian Red Cross Society has been keeping a close watch on the scenario as it has been unfolding. According to reports, half a million tents are urgently needed for the huge number of people forced out of their homes due to the devastation apart from other help for the victims. In keeping with the seriousness of the situation, emergency meetings are continuously being held and situation being reviewed by the Secretary General.

22 Oct 2014 description

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble Minister for Health & Family Welfare and the Chairman of the Indian Red Cross flagged off relief supplies today form the National Headquarters of the society, for the victims of the floods in the state of J & K. The relief convoy of 11 trucks has been sent based on the need assessment by the J&K State Branch of the Indian Red Cross.

02 Jul 2014 description

The Indian Red Cross Society (National Headquarters) has organised the 2nd national level training of Trainers (ToT) of the First Medical Responders (FMR) at the Disaster Management Centre (DMC). The training is being conducted from 2nd – 8th July 2014. The first such training was organised in 2013. It is being attended by master trainers from 17 states who will be trained by an expert joint faculty from International Federation of the Red Cross Societies (IFRC), International Committee of the Red Cross, India Delegation (ICRC) and IRCS.

26 Mar 2014 description

India is now a Polio Free country. From over 2,00,000 cases of Polio per year up to 1985, India is now officially Polio-Free; no new cases have been reported since 13th January, 2011.A function to commemorate the landmark achievement of Polio Free India was held at New Delhi’s Talkatora Indoor Stadium on 11th February, 2014.

06 Mar 2014 description

For the Indian Red Cross Team, visiting Punjab, it was fruit of hard labour that all the 181 TB patients of the two districts of Amritsar and Jalandhar fully adhered to their treatment and are now TB free.

The team consisted of Maude Froberg, Regional Communications & Advocacy Manager, (SARD), IFRC, Dr Kailash Raizada, Advisor (Health), IFRC, Dr Vanshree Singh, Director, IRCS & Programme In-charge (Health) and Gopal Mukherjee, Health Advisor-South Asia, IFRC.

16 Oct 2013 description

It was the fateful evening of 12th October, 2013 when winds gushing upto a speed of 220 kmph raked up Cyclone Phailin and hit the coastal areas of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. The devastation could have been massive but for the Indian Meteorological departments early and sound predictions which prompted the Indian government to evacuate nearly 90,00,000 people. This was the biggest evacuation operation done in Indian history accomplished with huge help from the Indian Red Cross volunteers.