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05 Sep 2018 description

Kerala Flood Relief 2018 

Background scenario

25 Sep 2017 description

Beneficiary: Geetha’s family

Block: Raxaul

Panchayat/Village: Belahi

Geetha and her husband Lalbihari have 4 children – 3 girls and 1 boy. The eldest girl is aged 10 years. Lalbihari is a daily wage labourer and in a month he doesn’t gets work on a daily basis. During the flood on 13-14 Aug 2017, their house was half submerged in the water and as the walls got damaged, the entire house has tilted to one side. It may fall down at any time.

19 Jul 2012 description


With the monsoon not even reaching many parts of India, Assam reeling under a major flood with death toll rising above 91 in 22 districts. About 20 lakhs people were affected and displaced due to incessant rainfall with the rise of water level of River Brahmaputra and its tributaries.

08 Aug 2011 description

Written by Mr. Peniel Malakar

Friday, 05 August 2011 11:52

Floods in Assam has become an annual phenomena and series of discussions in various circles remain ineffective to mitigate and reduce pravelent disaster risks. The government has agreed a few years ago to Assam’s sorrow as a National Problem. Yet Assam’s tears continue.

08 Aug 2011 description

This issue of Annual Report contains reports from all EHA Hospitals and various projects. It also include reports from the departments.


Chairperson’s message
Executive Director’s report
Community Health Department report
Partnership Projects & HIV report
Humanitarian Responses and Preparedness

21 Oct 2008 description

EHA Response

The EHA Relief team is continuing its relief operations in the flood affected areas of Madhepura, Bihar. The two community kitchens run by the EHA Relief Team have been providing two hot meals per day to more than 2,74,076 people.

Out of 50 clinics targeted EHA Mobile Medical Team has been able to cover 54 clinics. The Relief team continues to provide safe drinking water, sanitation measures, Chlorine tablets, Halozen powder and ORS packets to the flood-affected people.

The EHA relief team continues to distribute food relief packets to the people.

26 Sep 2008 description

Situation Report

The situation in the flood affected areas of Bihar continues to be in a bad shape following the massive destruction caused by the Kosi River.

After the initial evacuation and emergency rescue operations initiated by the Indian army and other relief operations, the affected communities are still fighting hard to survive and are trying to adjust to the new surroundings and challenges that they face each day. The relief camps are still temporary and the needs are growing while the solution to such a crisis is still in the air.

Bihar, one of the poorest states in …

22 Sep 2008 description

Situation Report

It is 34 days since the Kosi River in Bihar breached its embankment to cause one of the worst flood situations in India, taking many lives and leaving 3 million people struggling for a normal life. The flood affected people continue to suffer and battle with diseases. Relief organisations are carrying out their work in full swing but the emotional and psychological trauma of the victims is only worsening each day.

EHA Response

The EHA Relief team is continuing its relief operations in the flood affected areas of Madhepura, Bihar.

19 Sep 2008 description

Situation Report

Meticulous efforts are being carried out by various organizations through several relief workers and volunteers in Bihar. Continuous medical support is being provided by the medical camps in various areas through the supply of medicines and also implementation of sanitation methods. In spite of all the efforts being made, many people are still struggling to find a normal life.

Emotional Trauma

Volunteers are encountering new problems such as psychological depression, character disorderliness, fear and trauma among young people and adolescents.

16 Sep 2008 description

Situation Report

The flood situation has improved to a great extent with the fall in the water level in almost all major rivers in Bihar. Nevertheless, the deluge seems to have left a painful impact in the lives of the victims. The struggle for survival continues as people battle with diseases and lack of food and clean drinking water.

EHA's Response

The EHA relief team continues to serve the flood affected victims in Madhipura and Saharsha by providing meals through the community kitchens.

12 Sep 2008 description

Situation Report :

3.3 million people continue to suffer due to the devastating floods in the state of Bihar. According to sources, over 9.87 lakh people have been evacuated to safer places by the army, navy and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel. The flood waters have started receding but at the same time there is a threat of an outbreak of diseases. The districts of Supaul, Saharsa, Araria, Madhepura, Katihar and Purnea are the worst hit areas in the state. Facilities like water and electricity supply have been disrupted.

11 Sep 2008 description

Situation Report

Owing to the devastating effects of the Kosi River, a number of relief camps were set up in the Saharsha District as most of the areas in this district are on an elevated level. 200 people from five of the most severely affected blocks (Sanoavadra, Pathargarh, Sor Bazar, Madhepura and Muraliganj) along with their livestock found shelter at the Patwaha village of Saharsha District.

The relief camp is located at the Middle school in Patwaha.

08 Sep 2008 description

Situation Report

The episode of the River Kosi flood continues to create havoc in the lives of more than 3 million people in the flood affected areas of Bihar. The relief and rehabilitation operations are also under pressure as the number of flood victims continue to increase on a daily basis. It is an agonizing sight to see little children weeping in despair after having lost their parents to the fury of the Kosi River. The plight of the flood victims of Bihar is painful.

05 Sep 2008 description


Kosi river - Bihar's sorrow

The state of Bihar is experiencing one of the worst national calamities in recent years.

On August 18, 2008 the Kosi River, which gathers water from some of the highest mountains in Nepal, including Everest, and enters India in north Bihar, changed its course, and shifted over 120 km eastwards.

03 Sep 2008 description

Situation Report

As the people in the flood-affected areas in Bihar continue their struggle for survival, volunteers are coming into the relief camps to provide assistance and hope to the flood victims.

EHA's Response:

The EHA relief team distributed more than 500 dry food packets in Moshertolla area behind the Madhipura railway station on September 2, 2008. The community kitchen organized by EHA provided cooked food to 2000 people in the relief camp at TP college.

02 Sep 2008 description

Situation Report

Around 1.7 million people constituting 90% of the population of Madhipura district have been affected by the floods in Bihar and around 15 lakhs people have been displaced. The death toll could be more than 1000. This report can be confirmed only after the water recedes and people discover that other members of their family are missing. There is a danger of a breakout of epidemics in this area.

EHA's Response

EHA has been allotted the TP College Relief camp by the district administration. This camp has 2000 people in it.

01 Sep 2008 description

In response to the severe floods situation in Bihar caused due to the breach of river Kosi, Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) along with its partners, is spearheading relief operations for the flood affected men, women and children in Bihar. EHA is coordinating its relief activities through relief teams based in Patna, Saharsa and Madhipura.

EHA Response:


30 Jan 2006 description

With winter well set in, EHA is still there, providing the much needed medical and health care to the survivors of the earthquake in Kashmir, shivering in the onslaught of snow and unrelenting rain.

Braving extreme cold climatic conditions and heavy snowfall the EHA team consisting of Siju, Trinath, Koshy, Stanley, George and others continued to serve the people of Kashmir throughout the winter.

EHA Response

EHA focused on providing medical care, trauma care & counseling to the affected people in remote villages. EHA conducted 42 medical camps and mobile clinics in remote …