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26 Jan 2018 description

We, the 61 undersigned National and International Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), members of Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development (ACBAR), condemn in the strongest terms the atrocious attack on NGO offices in Jalalabad (Nangarhar) on Wednesday 24 January. It has been reported that there is a loss of at least 7 lives, more than 31 people injured, including five children. We would like to pass our condolences to the families of the victims of this atrocious attack.

24 Jan 2018 description

The Saudi-led Coalition's newly launched Yemen Comprehensive Humanitarian Operation (YCHO) plan pledges a welcome injection of funding to Yemen's 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan, for which $2.96 billion is urgently needed to help tackle the world's biggest humanitarian crisis.

16 Jan 2018 description

Seventeen aid agencies working in Yemen are urging for the complete and unconditional opening of Hudaydah port to allow for the uninterrupted flow of food and fuel. A thirty-day concession period enabling the delivery of commercial supplies has brought only brief reprieve within the context of a sustained blockade on Yemen’s Red Sea Ports. Parties to Yemen’s conflict have a responsibility to minimise the impact of war on civilians in Yemen by mitigating all factors that exacerbate death and suffering, as over 8 million people are already on the verge of starvation.

17 Dec 2017 description

As humanitarian organizations working in Yemen we condemn in the strongest possible terms the allegations of corruption and bias in the provision of relief assistance that continue to be put forward by the parties to the conflict in Yemen without proper substantiation.

12 Dec 2017 description

A savage war has been raging across Yemen for more than two years; much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed; and almost 15 million people do not have access to basic healthcare. The country is now gripped by the worst cholera epidemic ever recorded. More than 2,000 people have died since late April from the highly contagious bacterial infection, which can kill within hours if left untreated. There are more than half a million suspected cases of cholera in Yemen and on average 5,000 new cases are recorded a day.

04 Dec 2017 description

At almost midnight, a car sped into a remote village where RI had temporarily established a mobile medical clinic. In the back seat, unconscious, was Mohsen, he was so severely dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea that he had slipped into a coma and was just hours away from death.

29 Nov 2017 description

A savage war has been raging across Yemen for more than two years; much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed; and almost 15 million people do not have access to basic healthcare. A massive outbreak of the deadly disease, cholera, has swept across the country. It’s the largest and fastest epidemic of its kind ever to be documented in the world since record keeping began in 1949. More than 2,000 people have died since late April from the highly contagious bacterial infection, which can kill within hours if left untreated.

19 Nov 2017 description

12 days since land, air and seaports in Yemen were closed, Oxfam and 13 other aid agencies are appalled by the complacency and indifference of the international community regarding the historic humanitarian disaster now unfolding.

16 Nov 2017 description
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The humanitarian community in Yemen is outraged by the continued blockade by the Saudi-led coalition of humanitarian and commercial supplies desperately needed for the survival of the Yemeni population.

Now in its eleventh day, the blockade on almost all of Yemen’s seaports, airports and land crossings prevents the entry of food, fuel, medicines and supplies, exposing millions of people to disease, starvation and death. While the reopening of Aden port and airport is a positive development, it is insufficient to cover the needs of the entire Yemeni population.

13 Nov 2017 description

NOV. 13 — Relief International teams have begun responding to the devastating earthquake that destroyed homes and lives in Iran and Iraq Sunday night.

09 Nov 2017 description
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The humanitarian community in Yemen is greatly alarmed at the decision by the Saudi-led Coalition (SLC) to closure all of Yemeni airports, seaports and land crossings which is preventing critical humanitarian aid deliveries and commercial supplies from reaching the country and the movement of aid workers in and out of Yemen.

The humanitarian situation in Yemen is extremely fragile and any disruption in the pipeline of critical supplies such as food, fuel and medicines has the potential to bring millions of people closer to starvation and death.

30 Oct 2017 description

Ali* is three years old. He’s severely acutely malnourished. Now, doctors suspect he has contracted cholera in his village and is likely to die within days or even hours if he does not receive treatment.

17 Oct 2017 description

More than 20 million people are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance in Yemen after more than two years of brutal conflict. The country’s infrastructure has been destroyed and its health services crippled. Nearly seven million people do not know where their next meal will come from and 380,000 children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition. UNICEF is supporting mobile medical teams to reach children in remote areas, like four-year-old Yahya, with lifesaving help.

By Thomas Charteris, Relief International

07 Oct 2017 description

Executive summary

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Relief International (RI) carried out a multi-sector assessment between September 29 and October 3, 2017 with the aim of better understanding the priority needs of the influx of Undocumented Myanmar Nationals (UMN) – Rohingya – in Bangladesh, as well as the locations in which assistance is most needed from the humanitarian community. To date, an estimated 515,000 UMN have fled violence in Myanmar for Bangladesh.1

27 Sep 2017 description

Humanitarian Organizations call for immediate humanitarian access to those in need:

One month since the 25 August attacks and subsequent security response, INGOs in Myanmar are increasingly concerned about severe restrictions on humanitarian access and impediments to the delivery of critically needed humanitarian assistance throughout Rakhine State.

14 Sep 2017 description

ERBIL, IRAQ — Tents and cinderblock homes rise from the dusty fields here in northern Iraq. Children race bikes and play soccer in the streets and alleys between them, and men sip tea and shell sunflower seeds with their teeth. Amid faint strains of music, shopkeepers hawk everything from SIM cards to falafel and haircuts.

23 Feb 2017 description

27 humanitarian agencies working in South Sudan have warned that unless substantial funds are immediately provided to those working on the ground, organisations will struggle to stop famine spreading across the country in the next few months. The statement follows Monday’s declaration of famine in parts of the country.

14 Feb 2017 description

As thousands of families began fleeing Mosul, Relief International’s medical teams raced toward the crisis.

United Nations officials estimate that up to 200,000 people could flood newly liberated areas, leading to what they predict will be the largest humanitarian crisis in recent months. As many as 1.5 million people ultimately could be affected.