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29 Aug 2005 description

ICS - Italian Consortium of Solidarity, in partnership with Oxfam-GB and Church World Service-CWS , is carrying out a capacity building project to assist Iraqi NGOs. The project aims at strengthening the managerial skills of staff of grassroots Iraqi civil society organizations and improving their effectiveness in the humanitarian actions.

07 Jun 2005 description

ICS - Italian Consortium of Solidarity is seriously concerned by the recent deterioration of the security conditions in Iraq with the increased violence affecting civilians and humanitarian personnel. This worsening situation in addition to the rigid and non-discriminatory militarily measures taken by MNF - Multi National Force and the Iraqi security forces have drastically jeopardized the assistance work of the humanitarian organizations at a time when it is mostly needed.

13 May 2005 description

Six month after the last dramatic crisis in Fallujah, the situation is again rapidly worsening in the Al-Anbar governorate, in the region of Qa'im near the Syrian border.

16 Nov 2004 description

The undersigned humanitarian organisations are concerned for the safety of thousands of civilians caught up in the major offensive being launched by the US and Iraqi troops against Fallujah, Ramadi and other areas of the Al-Anbar Governorate.

The actual number of people trapped in Fallujah is unknown. Aid workers on the ground have assessed that more then 200,000 people have fled Fallujah, seeking shelter and protection in the neighbouring area.

10 Jun 2004 description

The resolution 1546, unanimously adopted by the United Nation Security Council on the 8th June 2004, «requests Member States and international and regional organisations to contribute assistance to the multinational force, including military forces, as agreed with the Government of Iraq, to help meet the needs of the Iraqi people for security and stability, humanitarian and reconstruction assistance, and to support the efforts of UNAMI».