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12 Feb 2018 description

USIP’s Nancy Lindborg and Sarhang Hamasaeed on This Week’s Donor Conference in Kuwait

31 Jan 2018 description

USIP Expert Andrew Wilder

In Afghanistan, a string of attacks has killed more than 130 people and wounded more than 300 in just over a week. Targets included a busy downtown block near a government hospital, an international hotel, a military training academy, and the global charity Save the Children.

27 Jan 2018 description

In the aftermath of attacks by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army and subsequent military clearance operations, two competing narratives have emerged. One frames the attacks as a critical threat to national security and the majority cultural-religious status quo. The second focuses on the human cost of the clearance operations, particularly for the largely stateless Rohingya. In any interpretation, it is clear that the situation is a threat to regional stability moving forward, necessitating a coordinated political and humanitarian response.

26 Jan 2018 description

A Tight Deadline and Operational Challenges Could Jeopardize the Credibility of the Parliamentary Election

BY: Staffan Darnolf

26 Jan 2018 description

As the anti-Rohingya Campaign in Burma Shows, Without Inclusivity, ‘People Power’ and Protest Tactics Can Set the Stage for Later Violence

BY: Nicholas Zaremba; Davin O'Regan

More than a half-million Rohingya Muslims have fled from Burma to Bangladesh since August in one of the world’s fastest moving and most brutal humanitarian disasters. While the scale and speed of the crisis caught many in the international community unawares, the ground for the violence was partly prepared in an even more surprising way: through nonviolent protest.

24 Jan 2018 description

Iraqi and Kurdistan Governments Need to Talk

Thursday, January 11, 2018 / BY: Andrew Snow

The impasse between Iraq’s central government and its Kurdistan Region is building into an economic problem, and both sides need to quickly find a way to negotiate a solution. While political conflict between the authorities in Baghdad and the regional capital of Erbil has been quieter since Iraqi troops ousted Kurdish forces from disputed territories in October, the Kurdish region’s economy is unraveling, with risks for both sides.

19 Jan 2018 description

Musicians and actors spur youth to push for an end to years of violent conflict

Friday, January 19, 2018 / BY: Nicholas Zaremba

19 Jan 2018 description

BY: Jonas Claes; Maria J. Stephan

The recent election violence in Kenya and Honduras reveals a pattern that’s all too familiar: An incumbent campaigns on a platform of law and order and declares victory after a contested election. The opposition then cries foul, mobilizes its supporters, and nonviolent street protests turn deadly after clashes with police. Regional powers and local brokers might try to reduce tensions by bringing the main candidates together, but society is split between calls for peace and demands for justice.

16 Jan 2018 description

BY: I-wei Jennifer Chang

Yemen is facing an acute humanitarian crisis after nearly three years of civil war, with more than 10,000 deaths and three-quarters of the country’s population in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Although eschewing a leadership role, China has supported regional and international efforts to mitigate the conflict in Yemen and has supplied the country with humanitarian aid. This Peace Brief discusses China’s diplomatic efforts in Yemen’s transition and peace process and its potential role in postwar reconstruction.


03 Jan 2018 description

Jonas Claes; Inken Von Vorzyskowski

26 Dec 2017 description

In a Bogotá military prison, former soldiers encounter conflict resolution as they seek to rebuild lives.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 / BY: Aubrey Cox; Maria Antonia Montes

The prisoners would be arriving soon and Adriana Combita, like a young teacher preparing to greet a new class, was nervous. This was not the first time that Combita, 26, had led a peacebuilding training with soldiers convicted of war-related crimes. But these were senior officers, commanders with master’s degrees, military officials who had lived abroad.

27 Nov 2017 description

Since Afghanistan’s first presidential election in 2004, massive election fraud and malpractices have been the rule. Confidence in the electoral process among the population is correspondingly low. As this Peace Brief explains, a new biometric voter registration system has recently been suggested by the Independent Election Commission to radically reduce voter registration risks. If it is to be effective, however, training of registration officials in using the envisaged technology is essential, as is ensuring acceptance of it among stakeholders.

21 Nov 2017 description

Parliament Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri Visits Paul Ryan, USIP

20 Nov 2017 description

By: Nancy Lindborg

One rainy afternoon in early January 2014, I met with a group of Syrian women in a Geneva café as the latest rounds of Syria peace talks were getting underway. They had organized a nearly country-wide network of women who were already working on resolving conflicts at the local level in Syria and had come to Geneva to bring their voice to the talks. However, sadly, they were shut out of any participation by the Syrian government, the opposition delegations and the UN.

25 Oct 2017 description

First Lady Rula Ghani and USIP Visit Reveal Ways Women Seek to Reduce Violence

Amid a spate of recent Taliban attacks across Afghanistan, I heard a different but equally important story during a visit to Kabul last week: women from major cities to rural villages are taking action to defuse local tensions with the militants, prevent recruitment to extremist groups and, at the national level, to pave the way for peace with the Taliban. It’s a trend that Afghanistan’s first lady, Rula Ghani, highlighted during a discussion at USIP in Washington today.