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25 Sep 2008 description
report Discipleship Centre

Discipleship Centre's relief team in Bihar reached out to families staying in marooned villages and distributed dry food rations. To reach these villages the team had to traverse though deep and turbulent flood waters by boats. In fact DC have been the pioneers in reaching out to these hapless people with dry food victims. It took around six hours for our team to reach these villages. On reaching these villages and interacting with the affected communities our team got to know their miseries and the problem they were facing as a result of the floods. Their condition is really pathetic.

17 Sep 2008 description
report Discipleship Centre

You have the concern.... we have the experience and together let us rebuild shattered lives

Appeal target INR 15 million (For Relief Work)

2.6 million people are homeless and it is time to join hands to do something. As during all other disasters Discipleship Centre has already responded to the situation in Bihar.

09 Sep 2008 description
report Discipleship Centre

Introduction: DC responded to the present catastrophe in North Bihar almost immediately after its occurrence. Our efforts are being focused on people living in four relief camps comprising of 1450 families from Saharsha district. The waters are receding and few of the families who had assets in the village have started going back to their respective villages.

03 Sep 2008 description
report Discipleship Centre

Discipleship Centre (DC) is already working in Dharbhanga District covering thirty villages through our various community development/ Disaster risk reduction projects. We have a branch office in Darbhanga. Our field staff consists of thirty staff and more than 100 volunteers trained through our ongoing projects, under the leadership of a senior project officer. This prompted us to respond to the flood situation in Saharsha and Madhepura.

12 Aug 2004 description
report Discipleship Centre

As on 12/08/2004

During the past one decade there has been a spate of natural calamities in the state of Gujarat. Nature's fury had struck the Gujarat coastline in the form of cyclone which had created a lot of havoc and there was loss of both life and property. The devastating earthquake in the year 2001 took its toll towns; villages and hamlets were reduced to rubble. Many habitations become ghost like towns with no human beings in sight. As if this was not enough for Mother Nature, she brought in a drought like situation in many of the interior districts of Gujarat.

06 Aug 2004 description
report Discipleship Centre

DC's relief operations are continuing in full swing though the pace has slightly slowed down because of the rains due to the onset of mansoon. Met. Department forecasts of heavy downpours in the days to come. This would in turn has worsen the flood situation. The need of the hour is food and medical supplies. DC's team has been organizing health camps and community kitchens. Precautionary measures are being taken to ward off water - borne diseases.

04 Aug 2004 description
report Discipleship Centre

Gujarat continues to maintain its identity as disaster prone state. This time it is flash flood due to heavy rains. The continuous rain for almost seven days has made the situation worst in many parts of the Gujarat, especially the south Gujarat and till date there is no sign of the rain getting stopped. And still the matter of concern is that the weather department is expecting more rains in coming few days.

30 Jul 2004 description
report Discipleship Centre

Bihar being one of the poorest states in India and with 56.5% of the flood affected people in India based in Bihar; it is always ravaged by recurrent floods, which have become an annual feature.