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31 Aug 2018 description
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LCB Declaration Paper - Berlin Conference 2018
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LCB Paper Berlin August 2018

With the crisis entering its ninth year and showing no signs of abating despite recent efforts, 10.7 million people continue to be in urgent need of life-saving assistance across north-east Nigeria, far-north Cameroon, Western Chad and south-east Niger. Nearly 2.4 million people are displaced with fresh waves of violence and human rights abuses resulting in thousands arriving into congested sites on a weekly basis.

07 Aug 2018 description

Sitting in the shadow of Sinjar Mountain, Borek village is surrounded by agricultural land and boasts a bustling main road lined with shops selling local produce. The village was home to the only petrol station within 30 minutes’ drive and the area became a popular destination for people traveling through the Sinjar district.

02 Apr 2018 description

Two decades ago, Diana Princess of Wales walked in Angola’s minefields. In doing so, she captured the conscience of states, civil society and the public and helped inspire the final successful push to achieve the groundbreaking 1997 Ottawa Treaty banning landmines. States, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and campaigners came together in a way that changed the world.

20 Dec 2017 description

Vienna: Prince Harry has called for efforts to be redoubled to clear landmines around the world at an annual meeting to review progress on the Mine Ban Treaty in Vienna. At the same time, mine clearance organisations, The HALO Trust and Mines Advisory Group (MAG) have published a new report, *'State of Play: The Landmine Free 2025 Commitment', *calling for increased action from treaty signatories.

25 Sep 2017 description

MAG completed non-technical surveys in Moxico Province on 7th June 2017 and more than 90% of suspected hazardous land has now been handed back to local communities.

Since 2014 MAG has been conducting non-technical surveys in Moxico – an eastern province of Angola. Moxico covers nearly 20% of Angola’s landmass and is one of the poorest and most contaminated provinces in the country. MAG collect and analyse locations that might contain landmines or unexploded ordnance, confirm whether there is evidence of a hazard or not, and define the perimeter of the area.

21 Jun 2017 description

21 June 2017: The first of Sri Lanka’s mine-affected districts has been declared safe from landmines thanks to the work of demining teams from the Mines Advisory Group (MAG).

MAG has been working along side the Humanitarian Demining Unit of the Sri Lankan Army and coordinated by the Sri Lankan Government.

In the wake of the country’s devastating civil war, which ended in 2009, Batticaloa District is the first to be classified as “residual risk”.

28 May 2017 description

1 February 2016: With the support of the German Federal Foreign Office and in partnership with the Presidential Committee on Small Arms and Light Weapons (PRESCOM), MAG has undertaken numerous Arms Management and Destruction (AMD) activities.

Armoury Storekeepers and Managers Course
Nigerian Police Force HQ, Abuja
November 2016

02 Apr 2017 description

Landmine clearance is the pivotal first step in a journey of recovery, security and development in countries affected by these indiscriminate killers.

MAG's Digital Impact Review 2016


Rathika and her son Dilakson live on land made safe by MAG in Mannar District, Sri Lanka. “The land is safe and we are safe,” she says. “We grow vegetables and have chickens. We could not be here at all if the landmines were still here.”

02 Apr 2017 description

Together, we've helped more than 17 million people escape the fear of landmines. People like Helen (below right) in Moxico province, Angola.

MAG's Digital Impact Review 2016


30 Mar 2017 description

Gunyoro village in South Sudan used to be a minefield. All the known landmines have now been removed and destroyed, enabling the community here to rebuild.

MAG's Digital Impact Review 2016


The James family fled Torit County in South Sudan because of conflict. When they returned they found themselves unable to re-establish their lives and livelihoods because of the presence of landmines:

15 Jan 2017 description

Over 9,000 improvised mines cleared by Mines Advisory Group (MAG) in the last six months

Twenty years on from the historic Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (Ottawa Treaty), the world is facing a new landmine emergency, the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) warned today. The regional conflict in Iraq and Syria has resulted in a scale of contamination not seen for decades. The international NGO – which has been working in the region since 1992 – is reporting an increase in the numbers of fatalities and injuries from these indiscriminate killers.

07 Dec 2016 description

The figures are simply mind-numbing. Over 270 million cluster bombs fell on Laos and up to 80 million did not detonate. More than half of all cluster munition casualties in the world are in Laos.

This edition of IMPACT goes beyond the numbers to the people at the heart of MAG’s work – the people who you help.