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01 Dec 2002 description

Examining the changing role of donor governments in the management of humanitarian assistance, this report describes the changes resulting from 'bilateralisation', identifies the implications of this trend, and proposes an agenda to define 'good donorship' in the humanitarian sphere. It includes the following chapters:

- 'Bilateralisation' of humanitarian assistance
- Changing role of donors in the coordination of humanitarian action
- Donors and accountability
- Uncertain power: Conclusions and recommendations

30 Nov 2002 description

This paper provides an overview of the development and use of livelihoods approaches in relation to humanitarian responses in areas of chronic conflict and political instability. The paper explains that there is a profound mismatch between the structures and institutions of the international aid regime, and the characteristics and dynamics within countries experiencing chronic conflict and political instability. The following topics are discussed:

- Humanitarian Approaches to Situations of Chronic Conflict and Political Instability
- Livelihoods Approaches

01 Oct 2002 description

This paper describes the phenomenon of the 'bilateralisation' of humanitarian response, examining the evolution of donor involvement in humanitarian policy and practice assessing the implications for UNHCR. For this purpose, it considers the following main issues:

- 'Bilateralisation': What does it mean and does it matter?
- Global trends in financing of humanitarian response and implications for UNHCR
- From grants to contracts? Changes in the contractual and managerial environment
- Issues and implications for UNHCR
01 Apr 2002 description

In the context of shifting understandings of humanitarian need as well as international expectations of the role of humanitarian action evolving, this report reviews and analyses key trends influencing humanitarian action over the past decade. For this purpose, it includes the following chapters:

- Analysis and synthesis
- Trends in the financing of humanitarian assistance
- Trends and challenges in the UN humanitarian
- Trends in US humanitarian
- Trends and risks in EU humanitarian action