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17 Mar 2018 description
report Direct Relief

This coming week, the world will remember how tragedy struck Puerto Rico six months ago.

Hurricane Maria churned a devastating path through the Caribbean last September. The Category 4 storm brought sustained winds of 175 miles per hour, destroying homes, mangling power lines and severing communications throughout Puerto Rico.

As images began to emerge, they revealed the destruction left in Maria’s wake, signaling the protracted recovery to come.

Immediate Response

06 Mar 2018 description
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By Lara Cooper on March 5, 2018

More than $11 million worth of medicines have arrived in Syria and will be distributed to more than two dozen health facilities and hospitals.

The 3.5-ton shipment contains antibiotics, medicines to manage chronic diseases like high blood pressure, mental health medications, and contraceptives, all specifically requested by the Syrian American Medical Society.

04 Mar 2018 description
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Within the Rohingya refugee camps situated outside of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, the lanes are crowded, thick with people in motion. Turning your head in any direction, you are swallowed by the deep sense of humanity and are carried along in the sea of movement. The mass movement of people seeking survival, relief and better lives.

More than 700,000 of these refugees have fled Myanmar into Bangladesh, and the latest threat to their survival comes not only from food insecurity, unsafe housing and disease, but the weather.

13 Feb 2018 description
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A Category 4 cyclone swept through the island kingdom of Tonga Monday, and now residents and officials are working to assess the damage from the ravages of wind and water that continue to move through the South Pacific.

The U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center reported maximum sustained winds of 145 miles per hour during the storm, and a state of emergency has been declared in Tonga.

When the storm made landfall in Tonga, the torrential rains had already caused damage in Samoa and American Samoa.

11 Feb 2018 description
report Direct Relief

In response to the Rohingya refugee crisis and in advance of the upcoming monsoon season, Direct Relief committed an initial $250,000 in cash Friday and made available its full inventory of medical resources to support the provision of quality health care in Rohingya settlements.

07 Feb 2018 description
report Direct Relief

When she walks through the clinic doors of the Maison de Naissance clinic each morning, Imene Rigeur doesn’t know exactly what the day has in store. On any given shift, Rigeur’s work at the Haiti birthing clinic can range from patient intake in the waiting room, to counseling, consultations or delivering babies.

Each of the midwives, nurses and staff at Maison de Naissance have a host of stories about the mothers they’ve aided and the babies they’ve helped enter the world.

30 Jan 2018 description
report Direct Relief

It’s been more than four months since Hurricane Maria churned a devastating path through Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Since then, Direct Relief has shipped more than 220 tons of specifically requested medical essentials, worth more than $56 million, to bolster the health system and enable care for Puerto Rico’s residents.

24 Dec 2017 description
report Direct Relief

As Puerto Rico celebrates the holidays and looks ahead to a new year, a fresh infusion of medicine arrived Monday – a week before Christmas and three months after Hurricane Maria made landfall.

Over 100 pallets labeled “emergency medical supplies” lined the ABF Freight warehouse in San Juan on Tuesday. Before shipments departed for clinics across the island, health providers and representatives from healthcare companies that donated the medicines and supplies gathered in the storage space.

20 Dec 2017 description
report Direct Relief

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A Direct Relief-chartered aircraft landed Monday at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan with 79,365 lbs of medical aid requested by the Puerto Rico Department of Health, the territory’s Primary Care Association, and more than twenty hospitals and clinics across the island that are still struggling with the effects of Hurricane Maria three months later.

14 Dec 2017 description
report Direct Relief

A critical shipment of medicines bound for a hospital in Hodeidah, Yemen, arrived this week, a sign that aid is resuming into the country. The shipment was coordinated with local aid group, Yemen Aid, and includes IV fluids, antibiotics and other items used to treat cholera. The shipment will bolster the Al-Thawra Hospital in Hodeidah, where Direct Relief is target efforts to help stem the tide of cholera. The hospital is one of many on the front lines of the epidemic.

29 Nov 2017 description
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More than 150,000 people are being evacuated as Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia, continues to erupt and spew dangerous ash clouds up to 10,000 feet into the atmosphere. The island’s main airport remains closed. Indonesia’s emergency management agency made a statement Monday indicating that the evacuation is proceeding well and that it could last for up to a month. Mount Agung erupted last in 1963, when it killed more than 1,500 people.

21 Nov 2017 description
report Direct Relief

Direct Relief announced on Monday a commitment of up to $5 million in cash grants to assist health facilities in Puerto Rico as they continue to address ongoing health needs following Hurricane Maria.

Today’s commitment follows more than 126 shipments of emergency medical aid, totaling $29.7 million, from Direct Relief to health centers, clinics, hospitals, and medical teams throughout Puerto Rico.

19 Nov 2017 description
report Direct Relief

A bustling, tree-lined plaza — the center of community life in Ocuituco, Mexico — is now a place for the city’s residents to get the medical care they need. In the state of Morelos, where Ocuituco is located, a 7.1-magnitude temblor damaged 24,000 buildings in September, structures that included the Centro de Salud de Ocuituco, a health center that serves about 4,500 patients.

The town’s hospital is still operational but is several miles outside of the town’s center, requiring patients to walk the distance or hire a car — expensive in the mountainous region.

14 Nov 2017 description
report Direct Relief

More than 400 people are dead and thousands injured after a magnitude 7.3 earthquake reverberated from its epicenter in Ezgeleh, Iran, near the Iraq border, on Sunday night.

The earthquake was tracked about 135 miles north of Baghdad. Some of the worst damage was reported to be in the mountainous regions of Iran. Search efforts were underway for survivors Monday after many slept in the streets Sunday night during the ensuing aftershocks.

At least eight people were killed on the Iraq side of the border, with more than 500 hurt.

07 Nov 2017 description
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Uganda has received over 1 million South Sudanese refugees alone since July 2016, with over 80 percent being women and children. The surge of refugees is due to the recent spread of armed conflict throughout South Sudan, which shares a border with Uganda to the south.

When violence broke out in 2013, fighting was initially contained to specific regions. In July of 2016, this began to shift and conflict spread into new regions, displacing millions.

02 Nov 2017 description
report Direct Relief

While Madagascar experiences outbreaks of the plague, also known as the Black Death, in rural regions nearly every year, the country is experiencing an unusually alarming outbreak affecting major urban centers, including the nation’s capital and its major port city of Toamasina. Direct Relief sent a shipment this week full of protective gear, IV fluids and other items requested by health professionals working to treat the disease and prevent its spread.

31 Oct 2017 description
report Direct Relief

By Michael Snyder

On a scorching Wednesday afternoon, representatives from Direct Relief-partner organization Mexfam drove into the village of Santa María de Xadani in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca to deliver ten large tents to families that lost their homes in the series of earthquakes and aftershocks that began here on Sept. 7.

30 Oct 2017 description
report Direct Relief

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, October 27, 2017 —  Direct Relief today airlifted 152,604 lbs. of urgently needed medical resources to Puerto Rico, where medical shortages persist more than a month after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.  

26 Oct 2017 description
report Direct Relief

MIAMI, October 25, 2017 — Direct Relief is preparing to airlift 152,604 lbs. of urgently needed medical resources to the Department of Health, hospitals, and community health centers in Puerto Rico, where severe medical shortages persist one month after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

23 Oct 2017 description
report Direct Relief

By Joe Harrison, Program Manager, Asia/Middle East on October 20, 2017

Since Aug. 25, over half a million Rohingya refugees have fled Myanmar’s Rakhine State for an area just slightly south of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, and those who made it across the border to Bangladesh are in desperate need of medical care.