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05 Mar 2014 description

High-tech and aid organisations in unique cooperation - paradigm change to water recovery:

Lack of clean water in many areas around the world has led to a unique industrial innovation and a new cooperation between innovators and development organisations. Star of Hope will provide floating water plants to regions with scarce water supply, such as Haiti, Kenya and Philippines.

06 Nov 2012 description

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, November 6, 2012 Star of Hope project leaders report that the road to the Foret des Pines, (Bois Negresse) are cut in numerous places and it is impossible to get vehicles into the area. The community reports that the crop of cabbage and potatoes normally ready to harvest in November is a total loss. The fear is for the nutrition of the children in area.

Star of Hope projects in Dano and Hesse, southwest of Port-au-Prince are reporting moderate to severe road damage, roof damage to the school and substantial agricultural loss.

30 Oct 2012 description

Ellinwood, Kansas Oct 30, 2012: Star of Hope schools in Haiti report that they are welcoming children back into class even with damage to the buildings.

Myrtha Dor, Director of Star of Hope Haiti reports that Bois Negresse has been affected the most. Half of the metal roof is gone from the newly opened school building. Trees are down some taking the flimsy homes of the people. The farm fields have been washed out and the road is still cut by a failed bridge.

25 Oct 2012 description

Star of Hope staff in Haiti are reporting damage from four project areas from heavy rain and wind.

In Bois Negresse, southeast of Port-au-Prince, the roof on a recently completed school building has been damaged. In the surrounding Pine Forest are widespread reports of trees down on homes. The roads into the area are reported as impassable by the local population.

Dano, Hesse and Marigot communities are reporting flooding, impassable roads and roof damage and loss. Star of Hope schools in all three communities have been damaged.

25 May 2010 description

Written by Emmanuel Broh

The Danish Government has provided five hundred thousand US Dollar grant to the Ministry of Gender and Development.

Gender Minister Varbah Gayflor told Star Radio, the grant is intended to construct girls' hostels in Grand Bassa and Nimba Counties.

Minister Gayflor said each county will receive two hundred fifty thousand US dollars to begin the project.

She spoke Monday in Buchanan when women of Grand Bassa welcomed her at the start of a tour of Southeastern Liberia.

Madam Gayflor said Grand Bassa and Nimba Counties were selected based on …

25 Jan 2010 description

January 25, 2010 Star of Hope personnel have made the initial assessment in Dano and Hesse Haiti, Southwest of Port-au-Prince. They report significant damage and loss to homes. Refugees are reported to be arriving in Dano at the rate of 100 per day.

In Dano, the large church has collapsed. The local community leaders report as many as 1,400 of the estimated 2,400 homes destroyed. The US Marines visited the community on Monday with Star of Hope staff. Their mobile medical team medivaced three patients.

22 Jan 2010 description

January 21,2010 Star of Hope staff reached Dano Haiti. Dano is a community located in the communal section Grand-Goave. It is Located in the southern part of the country, and is 7 km from Grand-Goave. It is 65 km southeast from the capital.

The church used by the Star of Hope school was found destroyed and collapsed.

20 Jan 2010 description

January 20, 2010 A Star of Hope medical team has arrived in Haiti and will begin serving in Hopital Communaute Chretienn. The team includes surgeons and nurses and will work along side medical teams from around the world rushing to save lives from the crushing injuries sustained by so many in the earthquake.

The team is on a10 day mission and will depart from Haiti January 28.

Earthquake and Aftershocks Strike Haiti

January 20, 2010 Earthquake update from Naomie Beaujour, Director, Star of Hope Haiti.

Love of Jesus Girl's Home ( in partnership with Haiti Love and Faith).

13 Jan 2010 description

Port-au-Prince. January 13, 2010

Star of Hope works with 13 projects in Haiti with six of them located along the fault line. Reports of damage are beginning to trickle in hampered by the overload and failure of the mobile phone infrastructure. We have reports of collapsed church building used by the Star of Hope School in Dano Haiti, approximately 22 miles west south west of the capital.

09 Sep 2007 description

Star of Hope International staff report extensive flood damage to homes, schools and infrastructure in the upper north east sections of Ghana.

Mr Ambrose Asmah, Director of Star of Hope Ghanacompleted an initial survey of the affected areas and writes:

"The Upper East experienced continuous torrential rains between 24th -29th August 2007. This has resulted in widespread flooding.

13 Dec 2004 description

December 13, 2004 Real, Philippines. Star of Hope International delivered the first phase of disaster relief to the stricken families of Real, Philippines. One thousand families received help in meeting their immediate nutritional needs.

The packages each containing rice, canned goods, milk, sugar, pasta, water jug, cooking utensils and a blanket were put together by volunteers in Star of Hope Philippines Laguna staging area. The materials are purchased in country.

Transport personnel report that the road is passable but restricted in places to one lane.

09 Dec 2004 description

Ellinwood Kansas, December 9, 2004 - A Star of Hope International team completed an initial survey of the typhoon devastated area of northern Quezon, Philippines on Tuesday December 8, 2004. The team, comprised of staff from Star of Hope Philippines and Star of Hope International spent two days in the area, including the towns of Real, General Nakar and Infanta.

They report that the roads are impassable, covered with deep mud and debris.

27 Mar 2004 description

Saturday, March 27, a shipment of seed and tools was distributed in Boyer, Haiti in the southeastern part of the Artibonite. This third shipment was delivered from Port-au-Prince without incident to the school where the distribution was held.

26 Mar 2004 description

Two of the ten communities targeted by Star of Hope International for agricultural relief now have seed in hand to plant. The first two distrubutions have assisted some 330 rural peasant farm families with seed, tools and soon to be delivered, fertilizer.

23 Mar 2004 description

The final contracts have been signed paving the way for emergency agricultural relief distribution to begin on Wednesday March 24. This relief effort consists of agricultural inputs of seed, fertilizer and tools. These inputs are being provided to farm families in ten different communities in rural Haiti.

12 Mar 2004 description

Star of Hope International made the first delivery of seed to Paillant Haiti as part of a larger humanitarian effort to preserve the agricultural cycle. The delivery of 2 metric tones of black bean seed was made in cooperation with the local community committee.

06 Mar 2004 description

March 6, 2004 Port-au-Prince Haiti - Mr. Tony Boursiquot, manager of operations for Star of Hope Haiti reports that the first delivery of relief supplies is scheduled for the community of Paillant, southwest of Port-au-Prince.

24 Feb 2004 description

Star of Hope Haiti personnel, after meetings with community and Church leaders in both the South and North of Haiti, report that a devastating break in the food cycle is looming. These leaders are reporting in their communities the majority of the seed stock being held for planting has been consumed to meet the food need.