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12 Oct 2018 description
report Cordaid

October 13th is the International Day for Disaster Reduction. A good occasion to share some of Cordaid’s efforts to reduce disaster risks in Kenya, Sierra Leone and Indonesia. And to advocate for better resilience of marginalized communities against disasters.

11 Oct 2018 description
report Cordaid

As Dutch public fundraising campaigns for Sulawesi are gathering speed, aid efforts are scaling up as well. The death toll still rises and it appears that thousands of people are still stuck in unreachable areas. Aid workers of Cordaid’s local partner organizations do everything they can to help victims with food, water, medicine and blankets.

01 Oct 2018 description
report Cordaid

Last Friday, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent tsunami hit Sulawesi, devastating large parts of the Indonesian island. The death toll stands at 832 and is expected to rise. Cordaid supports a network of local aid organizations that have immediately taken action to map out the situation and start relief efforts.

Emergency workers are trying to rescue as many victims as possible and take care of survivors. They do this in hard to reach areas where the infrastructure is completely laid down and communication is virtually impossible.

27 Sep 2018 description
report Cordaid


Development work has traditionally been centered on poverty reduction/ alleviation strategies, with attention on developing livelihood opportunities at the community level for the most disadvantaged. With climate change and the increasing frequency of natural hazards - including typhoons, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions - the progress of poverty alleviation strategies has been severely compromised.

21 Sep 2018 description
report Cordaid

Today, on the International Day of Peace, we share the stories of three inspiring peace activists and Cordaid colleagues: Flora, Nasima and Chol. They rise above difference and promote dialogue in Central Africa, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

Nasima Omari (31) defends the rights of Afghan women in New York, in Europe and in Kabul. But the real center of her struggle are the Afghan villages. “In rural parts, women can do almost nothing. A male dominated culture keeps them voiceless. It robs them of everything: their dignity, their income, their safety”, she says.

19 Sep 2018 description

Disasters wipe out development progress and are being exacerbated by climate change, population growth, ecosystem degradation, and uncontrolled economic development. The poorest and the most vulnerable people are the hardest impacted groups of people as they are the most exposed to hazards and least able to minimize the hazard risks because of their low capacities. When this situation is ignored or unmanaged, there will be a serious threat for the ongoing sustainable development.

18 Sep 2018 description
report Cordaid

War catapults children into adulthood. To give them back their childhood, the Jesuit Refugee Service organized summer activities for hundreds of Syrian children. JRS is one of the partners Cordaid supports in Syria. Here’s an update of their amazing work in different parts of Syria.

More than 7 years now, violence and instability has been part of Syria. People face myriads of problems. One of them is that parents find it hard to answer the needs and requirements of their children. And that kids can no longer be kids.

10 Sep 2018 description
report Cordaid


Humanitarian and economic crises have exhausted Iraq’s health system. There is an urgent and immediate need to provide essential life-saving services.

This is why, since 2017, Cordaid supports basic healthcare services in North Iraq for the most vulnerable populations. These include returned minorities, internally displaced people and host communities. What follows is an overview of what we do where.

05 Sep 2018 description
report Cordaid

“Thanks to this pill, I am alive”, Rose Bomboso says, while taking her ARV medication. Rose lives in an isolated village up north in DR Congo. She is one of many thousands of HIV/AIDS and TB patients in DRC that receive treatment thanks to Cordaid, our local partners, the DRC Ministry of Health and generous support of the Global Fund. Follow the Pill shows you what it takes to get the medication where it is needed most.

29 Aug 2018 description
report Cordaid

Indonesian NGOs are providing humanitarian assistance to thousands of earthquake victims in North and West Lombok, with support from Cordaid. They do this in some of the most devastated villages of the island. The intervention focuses on shelter, water and sanitation and healthcare.

The 7.0-magnitude earthquake of August 5 and a series of aftershocks, have devastated large parts of Lombok. Worst hit are the North and West Lombok districts. The official death toll, per August 24, is 555. Nearly 400.000 people have been displaced and over 80.000 homes are damaged or destroyed.

09 Aug 2018 description
report Cordaid

One week after the Ebola outbreak in the Equateur Province was declared over, a new outbreak of the deadly virus hit DR Congo. This time it emerged in the country’s conflict-ridden north-east. In North Kivu Province, Cordaid started a joint healthcare and humanitarian aid operation to address medical and sanitary needs and help contain the outbreak.

07 Aug 2018 description
report Cordaid

8.4 million people in Yemen are at risk of starvation, making it the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in the eyes of the UN’s Secretary General. Despite severe difficulties in accessing the conflict-torn country, Cordaid is now offering emergency assistance to war victims in cooperation with a local partner organization.


02 Aug 2018 description
report Cordaid

The Cliniques Juridiques, legal clinics set up by Cordaid in collaboration with local partners, are not only established for legal advice, as the name suggests. These clinics are a valuable hub for people to come together, share their stories and learn from each other.

Bigger clinics, like the one in Ciraunga (South Kivu), have a library, an internet café and enough space for weekly communal workshops or meetings. About 50 men and women fit into the common room, where certain topics such as the issue of heritage, are dealt with and people are made aware of their legal rights.

23 Jul 2018 description
report Cordaid

Cordaid has a long track record in working on gender in conflict. One of the most important approaches is the Gender, Peace and Security Barometer.

18 Jul 2018 description
report Cordaid

“Standing up to your ankles in rising waters in Holland, is not the same thing as wading up to your neck in a tidal wave flood in a street in Jakarta.” Arya Putra recently obtained his Master’s degree at the faculty of Geo-Information Science in Twente. For his thesis research he went home to Jakarta and had a close look at Cordaid’s resilience project in Marunda, one of the world’s fastest sinking urban areas.

09 Jul 2018 description
report Cordaid

Clarisse Mawaki (56) was close to death when she couldn’t afford AIDS medication any longer, back in 1999. Today she and her team of volunteers – all of them HIV positive – provide free ARVs to hundreds of patients in Kinshasa’s poorest quarters, with support from Cordaid and the Global Fund. Together they fight stigma and ignorance, and unclog overstretched health structures in the process. “This is not work, this is about our life.”

27 Jun 2018 description

Twenty-one humanitarian and human rights organizations respond with dismay to the Dutch Parliament’s approval of the EU’s new asylum plans to offshore asylum protection. With a joint appeal, they ask the government for a humane asylum policy, in line with international law.

14 Jun 2018 description
report Cordaid

How can a young Libyan woman convince armed militia members to stop fighting? How can she help other women grab opportunities that weren’t there before the war? And why is political apathy in Europe causing mayhem in Libya?

05 Jun 2018 description

Today, Nigerian and international civil society organisations repeated their call for the immediate start of the long overdue clean-up of oil pollution in Ogoniland in Nigeria's Niger Delta. This should be undertaken in line with recommendations made by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in its landmark 2011 study of the region. The conclusion of the UNEP report was that Shell had, for years, not cleaned up oil pollution properly.