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30 Apr 2010 description

1. Summary of concerns

The opposition group, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) systematically recruited and used child soldiers throughout the 25-year armed conflict with Sri Lankan government forces which began in the early 1980s and ended in May 2009. Boys and girls were forcibly recruited and deployed into armed combat as well as being subjected to harsh conditions and military discipline. Children also "voluntarily" enlisted into the LTTE ranks.

26 Apr 2010 description

(Kinshasa, 26 February 2010) Mai Mai militias have been among the most prolific recruiters of children in eastern Congo in recent years, yet virtually nothing has been done to lessen the vulnerability of boys and girls from exploitation by these groups, stated the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers today.

26 Feb 2010 description


In eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where child soldier recruitment and use is an entrenched feature of ongoing armed conflict, Mai Mai are among the most prolific recruiters and users of children. The Mai Mai - a collective term referring to a range of local militias - may not be as militarily or politically significant as other armed groups in the region, but they have been active throughout the Congo?s two wars and since.

26 Feb 2010 description

The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers ('the Coalition') and the Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict ('Watchlist') welcome the report of the Special Envoy of the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict to Sri Lanka ('Special Envoy' hereafter) following his mission from 5-11 December 2009. The following points are made in response to the report.

26 Feb 2010 description


Dans l'est de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC), où le recrutement et l'utilisation d'enfants soldats sont une caractéristique profondément ancrée du conflit armé persistant, les Maï Maï font partie des groupes qui recrutent et utilisent le plus grand nombre d'enfants. Les Maï Maï - terme collectif désignant un ensemble de milices locales - ne sont peut-être pas aussi importants sur le plan militaire ou politique que d'autres groupes armés de la région, mais ils ont été actifs tout au long des deux guerres du Congo et depuis lors.

26 Feb 2010 description

(Kinshasa, 26 février 2010) Les milices Maï Maï figurent parmi ceux qui, au cours de ces dernières années, recrutent le plus grand nombre d'enfants dans l'Est du Congo.

04 Dec 2009 description

Paper presented by the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers at the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Rehabilitation and Reintegration of War-Affected Children

22-23 October 2009 - Brussels, Belgium


09 Nov 2009 description

Joint Response to UN Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict's Conclusions on Myanmar

November 9, 2009, New York, - As international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) committed to protecting the rights of children in armed conflict, we welcome the conclusions by the UN Security Council Working Group (SCWG) on Children and Armed Conflict on Myanmar and call for their immediate implementation in accordance with UN Security Council Resolutions 1612 and 1882.

In …

13 Oct 2009 description

Enhanced Protection Urgently Needed Due to Disastrous Toll on Civilian Populations

(Goma, October 13, 2009) - The Congolese government's military operation in eastern Congo, Kimia II, backed by United Nations peacekeepers and aimed at neutralizing the threat from a Rwandan Hutu militia group, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), has resulted in an unacceptable cost for the civilian population, said 84 humanitarian and human rights groups in the Congo Advocacy Coalition today.

The coalition urged diplomats and UN officials, who are due to meet in Washington, …

13 Oct 2009 description

Il faut renforcer de toute urgence la protection des populations civiles durement touchées

(Goma) - L'opération militaire Kimia II menée par le gouvernement congolais dans l'Est du Congo, appuyée par les soldats du maintien de la paix des Nations Unies et visant à contrer les Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda (FDLR, milices hutues rwandaises), a entraîné un coût inacceptable pour la population civile, ont déclaré aujourd'hui 84 groupes d'aide humanitaire et de défense des droits humains constituant la Congo Advocacy Coalition.

La coalition a exhorté les …

28 Jul 2009 description

Sri Lanka: Issues concerning protection of children post armed conflict


For more than 25 years the Government of Sri Lanka has been involved in an armed conflict against the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The conflict has been marked by numerous serious human rights abuses by both sides. A ceasefire that began in February 2002 effectively ended with the resumption of military operations against the LTTE in mid-2006.

28 Jul 2009 description

28 July 2009 (London) - Despite the end of hostilities, children in Sri Lanka continue to be at risk of forced recruitment, arbitrary detention and other human rights abuses, the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers (Coalition) said today. In a new briefing to the Security Council Working Group (Working Group) on Children and Armed Conflict, the Coalition urged the Sri Lankan authorities to act immediately to protect conflict-affected children.

Children are among dozens of people who have been detained by security forces in internally displaced person (IDP) camps in Vavuniya, …

23 Jun 2009 description

The ruling State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) is one of the few remaining governments whose army (Tatmadaw) continues to systematically recruit and use children in armed conflict. To date, the preliminary steps taken by the SPDC have had little direct impact on the situation and much greater efforts are needed if real progress on ending child recruitment and use is to be achieved. Some non-state armed groups in Myanmar have also failed to effectively halt recruitment and use of children as soldiers.

01 Jun 2009 description

In this updated bibliography, as in the 2005 edition, we have concentrated on presenting, in one document, articles and reports that are freely available online. We hope that such a 'one-stop source' will be particularly helpful for busy practitioners who either do not have easy access to libraries, or lack sufficient time/funding to research many such source documents.

20 May 2009 description

London, 20 May 2009 - Children (under-18s) are being abducted from refugee camps and from Vavuniya town in northern Sri Lanka by paramilitary groups who enjoy tacit support from the Sri Lankan government, the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers said today.

The Coalition welcomed the recent initiative by the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) on children and armed conflict to send a special envoy to Sri Lanka to investigate these and other abuses against children.

20 Apr 2009 description

Dear Ambassador,

As you prepare for the forthcoming Security Council debate on children and armed conflict, the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers (the Coalition) would like to draw your attention to a number of key issues.

The Coalition welcomes the continued efforts of the Security Council to protect children in situations of armed conflict. This has contributed to some important progress. However, the impact is still to be felt by many tens of thousands of children who are, or are at risk of becoming, child soldiers.

01 May 2008 description

Child soldiers. Two simple words. But they describe a world of atrocities committed against children and sometimes by children. Committed in many different countries and often hidden from the public eye. We know how devastating these experiences are for children - thanks to the courage and determination of those who have spoken out and called on the international community to take action on their behalf.

29 Feb 2008 description

A case study of children abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army in Teso, eastern Uganda


The research reported here was undertaken with the aim of allowing the voices of children and youth who had been abducted by the armed group the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) to be heard when planning takes place for the reintegration of future returnees from the LRA.

30 Nov 2007 description



Uganda is party to a number of international human rights treaties related to the recruitment and use of children by armed forces and groups.

04 Oct 2007 description


Political violence has sharply escalated recently in Lebanon. A prominent parliamentarian, Antoine Ghanem, and at least six others were killed on 19 September 2007 in a car bomb attack in a series of political assassinations in Beirut for which no group has claimed responsibility(1). Government troops and the Fatah al- Islam armed group fought in the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp for over three months until the army took control of the camp on 2 September 2007.