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17 Feb 2014 description

Post on February 16, 2014 by James Hathaway

Some good news today out of Cambodia: Landmine accident deaths and injuries are dropping. In 2013, 23 people lost their lives to landmines versus 45 in 2012. Injuries to landmines were also down from 186 in 2012 to 111 last year. Officials attribute the drop to aggressive demining efforts taking place across the country.

05 Jun 2011 description

By Cresa Pugh, CPI Southeast Asia Resident Manager

20 Apr 2011 description

Posted by: Karen Matthee

When more than 800,000 Afghans are severely disabled, it's easy to see why there's a drastic need for schools, hospitals, government buildings and places of worship to be made accessible to them.

But people with disabilities in Afghanistan have suffered from a nearly universal lack of access to these and other important buildings and facilities. The Afghanistan Central Office of Statistics has estimated that 98 percent of all buildings cannot be entered by wheelchair.

22 Mar 2011 description

Posted by: Karen Matthee

The following is an excerpt from The Journal of ERW and Mine Action of CPI's AMATC program in Afghanistan.

While clearing unexploded ordnance in Afghanistan's Herat province, a small, inadvertent error cost Haroon Hamdan1 his right hand and a means of steady employment for the next several years.

"With my right leg, I accidentally kicked a stone," recalls the 30-year-old native of eastern Afghanistan's Nangarhar province.

28 Oct 2009 description

Posted by: James Hathaway

JALALABAD, Afghanistan - What they say about sheep in New Zealand may not quite be true for goats in Afghanistan.

09 Oct 2009 description

Posted by: James Hathaway

KABUL, Afghanistan - After two years as a subcontractor here, Clear Path International is now a full-fledged independent grant recipient of the U.S. Department of State with a growing vision for aid to landmine accident survivors and people with disabilities in Afghanistan.

Its newly independent status means Clear Path is also ready to begin accepting private-sector grants and contributions for its work in one of the world's most mine-contaminated countries.

23 Jul 2009 description

Posted by: James Hathaway

By Melody Mociulski

Mae Sot, Thailand - Since we began supporting the Care Villa in 2002, we at Clear Path have dreamed of providing prosthetic hands for the amputees we serve there. Many of them have lost one or both arms in a landmine explosion and are wholly dependent on others for their care.

09 Mar 2009 description

In a one-year period, Clear Path International assisted more than 9,400 landmine accident survivors, persons with disabilities and members of their families in five countries, according to the organization's 2007 - 2008 annual report.

The number of 2007 - 2008 beneficiaries is more than CPI served in its entire history since 2000. It stems largely from its new Afghanistan operation and from a record number of bomb survivors assisted in Vietnam during the period. CPI's other program activities are in Cambodia, Thailand and just inside Burma.

15 Feb 2009 description

KABUL, Afghanistan - We were in the armored car again driving through the city through a never-ending maze of checkpoints and concrete barriers. But I noticed the scene began to change gradually. I saw more Afghans on the sidewalk, fewer road blocks, fewer police and a market where residents were milling around.

15 Feb 2009 description

KABUL, Afghanistan - It's one thing to be disabled and face the kind of discrimination typical for anyone with a disability here.

07 Feb 2009 description

Posted by: Imbert Matthee

KABUL, Afghanistan - A steel landmine probe. A deminer's trowel. A flail hammer. Mine field marking tape. Newly polished safety visors.

21 Jun 2007 description

KABUL, Afghanistan - Clear Path International (CPI), a U.S.-based humanitarian mine action nonprofit organization, has received a multi-year contract from DynCorp International to start a landmine survivor assistance program in Afghanistan on behalf of the U.S. Department of State.

With an average of 90 casualties from landmine and explosive remnants of war per month, Afghanistan is one of the world's most "mine-affected" countries. Nearly half of all casualties die trying to reach a hospital. One in every 10 adult men is a victim of a landmine or explosive remnant of war.

06 Dec 2006 description

To follow up on its relief shipments to Pakistan earlier this year, Clear Path International has funded the education of 55 girls and young women whose school was destroyed by a powerful earthquake that shook the region a year ago.

In March, Clear Path sent two containers of medical equipment, surgical supplies and orthopedic devices to Mensehra near the epicenter of the earthquake.

19 Oct 2006 description

Clear Path International supports a group of medical technicians from the Karen Handicap Welfare Association who go with members of the Back Pack Health Workers Team to measure, deliver and fit prostheses for internally displaced Karen landmine accident survivors inside Myanmar.

12 Feb 2006 description

Collection Effort Will Take Everything from Sweaters to Hand Tools


21 Jan 2005 description

MAE SOT, Thailand -- More Burmese landmine accident survivors will have access to stronger and lighter below-the-knee prostheses thanks to the introduction of two new technologies by Clear Path International and its partner Prosthetics Research Study of Seattle.

With the generous support of Rotary, CPI and PRS are bringing thermoplastics production and improved measurement technology to the Mae Tao Clinic for Karen refugees on the border between Thailand and Burma.

Bioengineer Brian Hafner and prosthetist/orthotist Kate Allyn from PRS conducted a two-week training session for 15 …

20 Jan 2005 description

KABUL, Afghanistan - A shipment of much-needed medical equipment donated by Clear Path has arrived at an emergency surgical center for civilian war and landmine victims in Afghanistan.

The shipment of diagnostic and surgical instruments, wheelchairs, gurneys, crutches and other trauma-care hospital equipment was a collaborative effort between CPI and the Mobility Project based near Bremerton, Wash.

The Mobility Project funded the shipment of a 40-foot container, which was about half filled with equipment and supplies donated by Clear Path through its medical support program …

04 Jan 2005 description

First Shipment Going to Bay of Bengal, India

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. - Clear Path International, known for its aid to landmine accident survivors in Southeast Asia, is using its medical equipment donations program to get aid to tsunami victims along the Indian Ocean.

In collaboration with Universal Aid Society in Canada, Clear Path is sending a container of hospital beds and mattresses to Chennai (formerly Madras) on the Bay of Bengal on the east coast of India.

The relief shipment is the first of several Clear Path hopes to send to the tsunami-stricken region.