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08 Oct 2013 description
report Haiti Support Group

P-au-P, 7 oct. 2013 [AlterPresse] --- Le gouvernement d’Haïti a exprimé son profond désaccord à la sentence de la cour constitutionnelle dominicaine, aboutissant à la dénationalisation de milliers de Dominicains d’origine haïtienne, dans une lettre adressée à l’ambassade du pays voisin.

C’est la première prise de position officielle du gouvernement haitien, après qu’il ait rappelé pour consultation son ambassadeur accrédité en République Dominicaine, Fritz Cinéas.

25 Apr 2012 description
report Haiti Support Group

Posted by: cwisskirchen

HSG from Port-au-Prince, 22-04-2012 We have arrived in Port-au-Prince as part of our 18 month campaign to move the European Union development policy more towards meeting the crucial needs for sustainable agriculture and better coordinated and effectively governed aid delivery that meets the true needs of the poor majority.

02 Apr 2012 description
report Haiti Support Group

By Alexis Erkert, 28 March 2012

When police and the landowner commanded Michelène Pierre to vacate her tent on a Sunday afternoon so that they could light it on fire, she responded: “If you want to light me on fire along with this entire camp, go ahead. I’m not leaving.” The police bypassed her tent, but continued to threaten other residents of Camp Kozbami, setting flame to six tents.

02 Apr 2012 description
report Haiti Support Group

The Coordination Europe-Haiti (CoEH), a platform of 15 European NGOs and CSOs has written to Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the EC following increasing concerns about the deterioration of the political situation in Haiti.

The HSG which is an active member of the CoEH raised these concerns with the Platform which agreed to a letter that urges the EU to

11 Jan 2012 description
report Haiti Support Group

As the second anniversary of the earthquake of 12 January 2010 approaches, the HSG is preparing for a major campaign lasting 18 months to persuade the European Union (and others) to change their approach to development aid in Haiti so that he country will be given a chance to take control of its own destiny.

Leading human rights lawyer Mario Joseph will visit London, Scotland and Brussels on a 10 day tour to provide the analysis and proposals of grassroots civil society in Haiti to the public and key decisionmakers.

16 Feb 2009 description
report Haiti Support Group

Haiti Support Group calls for the money to be used for structural reforms

The British solidarity organisation - the Haiti Support Group (HSG) - welcomes the Swiss authorities' 12th February decision to hand over US$6million of frozen Duvalier assets to Haiti.

The decision follows a lengthy process concerning the money deposited in Swiss bank accounts by the former Haitian dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier.

27 Jan 2009 description
report Haiti Support Group

Following the drastic rise in the price of imported food in early 2008, the food riots in April, and the four storms that destroyed much of the country's productive agricultural capacity in August and September, the country's progressive civil society organisations have redoubled their campaign for food sovereignty(2).

The British solidarity organisation - the Haiti Support Group (HSG) - is backing this campaign by putting international organisations on the spot as to what they are doing to help Haitian farmers to increase national food production.

15 Dec 2008 description
report Haiti Support Group

Is imported rice artifiically enriched and - when washed - of little value to hungry Haitian recipients?

The British solidarity organization, the Haiti Support Group, today wrote to Josette Sheeran, the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), requesting information about the type of rice that the organization is distributing in Haiti.

The Haiti Support Group is concerned about the nutritional content of the rice that the WFP is distributing to hundreds of thousands of hungry and starving Haitians.

21 Nov 2008 description
report Haiti Support Group

A platform of British development agencies and solidarity organizations has today written to the United Nations to express its concern about the poor international response to the joint UN/Government of Haiti Flash Appeal to help Haiti recover from the devastating series of hurricanes that hit the country in August and September.

In a letter to John Holmes, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, the British Haiti-Advocacy Platform notes that, as of 21 November 2008, only 33% of the total appeal amount of US$108m had been raised.

07 Oct 2008 description
report Haiti Support Group

In a statement(1) released following August and September's catastrophic floods caused by a series of hurricanes, sixteen organisations, including the country's human rights platform and the main peasant movements, demand an end to cosmetic solutions.

In place of the "inappropriate policies imposed by the international finance institutions" and the "bad policies applied by the Haitian State", the civil society organisations make a series of proposals to address the most pressing problems affecting the majority population.

Representatives of eight …

29 Mar 2007 description
report Haiti Support Group

Haiti Support Group calls on donors to honour pledges to support the government's rapid impact social and economic programme - 29 March 2007

The British solidarity organisation, the Haiti Support Group, is very concerned about the slow disbursement of international assistance for the government of Haiti's programme to urgently address social and economic needs in the most impoverished and conflict-prone areas.

The Haitian government unveiled its Social Appeasement Programme (in French: Programme d'Apaisement Social, PAS) in June 2006, and it received strong support from …

13 Jun 2006 description
report Haiti Support Group

Call to: Heads of CARICOM states, CARICOM secretariat, Caribbean civil society
Re: Haiti's membership of CARICOM

04 Jun 2005 description
report Haiti Support Group

Cinder block and sheet metal houses were still in flames and pools of blood had not dried around midday on Saturday hours after Haitian police had led a major operation to root out gang members in the poor neighborhood of Bel Air in coordination with United Nations peacekeepers. Residents of Bel Air, a stronghold of support for former President Aristide, said police entered the neighborhood around 9am, shooting into alleyways, knocking down doors, and dousing houses with gasoline before setting them on fire.

27 Apr 2005 description
report Haiti Support Group

The Haiti Support Group today wrote to the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) asking for clarification on the number of officers in the Haitian National Police force (HNP). The letter draws attention to the widely varying totals referred to by the interim government and by international organisations, and asks if anyone is sure exactly how many police officers there are in Haiti.

19 Apr 2005 description
report Haiti Support Group


2004 a été une année difficile pour tout le peuple haïtien et particulièrement pour la zone frontalière. Les troubles politiques qui ont secoué le pays ainsi que les inondations du mois de mai ont fortement touché les populations de cette zone. Fonds-Verrettes, Anses-à-Pitres, Savanette et Fonds-Parisien ont enregistré plus de 3,000 morts et disparus dans les inondations du 23 mai 2004 et d'importants dégâts matériels.

07 Mar 2005 description
report Haiti Support Group

« En Haïti tout est prioritaire », a indiqué Claude Roumain lors de la conférence sur « les priorités de la première année » du gouvernement issu des élections prévues pour 2005 au 2e colloque avec la classe politique haïtienne à Moulin sur mer.

Le 21e siècle haïtien sera surtout économique c'est ce qu'a déclaré ce week-end le responsable du parti populaire du renouveau haïtien. Claude Roumain a identifié la pauvreté comme principal problème en Haïti.

05 Mar 2005 description
report Haiti Support Group

« Un montant de $ 51 millions sera nécessaire pour construire 550 habitats, les bureaux publics et faire fonctionner les institutions de services publics dans la nouvelle ville de Fonds-Verettes (75 km de Port-au-Prince). »

C'est ce qu'a expliqué Garry Coquillo lors de la présentation, vendredi au ministère de l'Intérieur, d'un projet de relocalisation de cette localité, ravagée par les pluies torrentielles du 23 mai 2004. Fonds-Verrettes, avec ses 45 000 habitants vivant dans la précarité, attend désespérément l'action gouvernementale.

21 Sep 2004 description
report Haiti Support Group

So far the total number of fatalities caused by the recent heavy rains and flash-floods in north-west Haiti stands at around 600, but the final tally is sure to be far higher.

This is the second major disaster this year, in addition to numerous other deadly but less well-reported floods. The news is terrible, but it is not enough to wring our hands and say 'poor Haiti'. Nor is it sufficient to call on the international community to provide more and better humanitarian relief.

06 Sep 2004 description
report Haiti Support Group

The Haiti Support Group once again sounds the alarm about the grave threat to human rights and democracy in Haiti posed by the increasingly bold campaign currently waged by armed groups demanding the return of the Haitian Army.

According to local media reports, groups composed of former members of the Haitian Armed Forces - an entity disbanded in 1995 - have assembled and set up bases in Petit-Goave, Grand-Goave, Jacmel, Belladere, and Gonaives.