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10 Jun 2016 description

By Michael Holtz, Staff writer

KATHMANDU, NEPAL — This story was designed to be read on the Monitor's long-form platform. Click here for that version.

On a cool spring day last year, Dorje Lama was playing soccer at the brick kiln where he worked when the ground began to shake. It turned out to be a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, one of the worst in Nepal’s history, which would claim the lives of 9,000 people and lurch Kathmandu 10 feet south.

04 Jun 2016 description

By Olivia Lowenberg

Europe has been gripped by some of the heaviest rainfall in decades. In some of the hardest-hit parts of the continent, asylum-seekers are assisting with the cleanup.

As floodwaters sweep through Europe, some refugees are pitching in to help with the disaster relief efforts.

"We know what it means to live in a crisis area and to lose your home," Syrian Naja Al Hassas told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, as he assisted with clean-up in In the German town of Simbach am Inn.

26 May 2016 description

By Scott Peterson

With more Syrians choosing to, or forced to, stay in Turkey, an already overburdened state bureaucracy is trying to accommodate a burgeoning urban refugee population.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY — From the heart of this sprawling megacity to its overflowing distant suburbs, Syrians are finding lifelines in hole-in-the-wall service centers as they seek a way to Europe – or are forced to stop, exhausted often out of cash and out of hope.

19 May 2016 description

Citizens of all economic and political stripes rallied support following last month's earthquake, softening the blow of today's 6.7 temblor.

By Lily Hindy, Contributor

DON JUAN, ECUADOR — Fisherman Jairo Enrique Alava Puertes was inspecting his daily haul before rowing home on the evening of April 16 when the ocean around him began to bubble furiously, as though boiling.

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18 May 2016 description

By Miriam A. Berger, Contributor

As Greece struggles to set up refugee resources in the wake of the EU-Turkey deal, many migrants are trapped in information voids. Some advocates are trying to change that.

IDOMENI, GREECE — Abdul Rahman Al Habab sits cross-legged in his family’s tiny corner of a large tent and pores over his prized phone. Every few days the father of three from Deir Azzour, Syria, turns on the Internet and checks in with his brothers, now in Germany and Sweden.

16 May 2016 description

By Madison Margolin, Staff

While not typically a prime destination for refugees, Spain is preparing to receive its first two batches of arrivals of refugees from Greece and Italy within the next month.

As part of the European Union relocation program, the first group of 87 refugees will arrive from Greece around May 25, and 63 more will arrive in early June, according to Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz.

14 May 2016 description

By Lynne O'Donnell and Karim Sharifi, Associated Press

The Afghan government expects to finalize a peace deal with the notorious militant insurgent group, Hezb-i-Islami, within days.

Kabul, Afghanistan — The Afghan government is expected to finalize a peace deal with a notorious militant insurgent group within days, an official and a representative of the group said on Saturday.

09 May 2016 description

*One Afghan boy overcomes tragedy in a tale of resilience and Austrian hospitality. *

VIENNA — Shahzad Haidari doesn’t remember exactly how old he was – maybe 10, maybe 11 – when his father was killed by the Taliban. But in those months of grinding poverty that blurred together, his mother’s counsel rose in clarity: “Learn English. It is the only way we can come out of this,” she told him. “Seek knowledge from your birth until the grave.”

09 May 2016 description

As more child refugees show up in Greece, experts say it's important that both parents and societies provide as much stability and security as possible for the displaced generation.

By Sara Miller Llana

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23 Feb 2016 description

Even as tensions rise along the Gaza-Israel frontier, potato farmers from both sides are discussing ways to bolster the Palestinians' vital agriculture sector.

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04 Feb 2016 description


A harsh winter, an energy blockade, and delays to $4 billion in foreign aid have taken a toll, nine months after an epic quake. Nepal's new government says help is on the way.

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27 Jan 2016 description

Al Shabab launched its deadliest attack on Kenyan troops in Somalia earlier this month. Despite the retreat, Kenya is not planning to withdraw from the country.

Kenya’s military forces withdrew from two towns in southern Somalia on Tuesday, a move seen by many as a blow to Kenya's efforts to create a buffer zone between the Somali-based militant group Al Shabab and its border.

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24 Jan 2016 description

The World Health Organization confirmed a new case of Ebola in Sierra Leone Thursday, the second since West Africa celebrated the end of the epidemic last week.

By Ryan Lenora Brown, Correspondent Silas Gbandia, Contributor

22 Jan 2016 description

Investigating human rights abuses
Ambassadors from the United Nations Security Council are in Burundi to seek a path out of a violent political crisis that has drawn warnings of possible genocide.

By Julia Steers, Contibutor

BUJUMBURA, BURUNDI — Yvette Habonimana remembers what it was like watching the police carry away dead bodies of young men after what locals call the 12/12 massacre in December.

13 Jan 2016 description

Burundians have consistently pushed back against alarm bells that the violence over President Nkurunziza's third term could devolve into genocide. But an increase in messaging aimed at pitting Hutus and Tutsis indicates a worrisome shift.

By Julia Steers, Contributor

23 Dec 2015 description

A bus attack Monday by Al Shabab in northeast Kenya got rebuffed by passengers who bravely refused to divide into Muslims and Christians. Kenyan Somalis are forced to take civic responsibility for local education and schools.

By Ariel Zirulnick, Correspondent

15 Dec 2015 description

The government has cracked down hard in the wake of violent opposition to the president's controversial third term.

By Paula Rogo, Staff Writer

Former security officials accused of organizing a May coup attempt in Burundi were charged Monday, just days after the capital was hit with the worst violence since President Pierre Nkurunziza declared his candidacy for a disputed third term in April.

20 Nov 2015 description

Four Balkan nations shut their borders Thursday to migrants who are not coming from war-torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq.

BELGRADE, SERBIA — Four nations along Europe's Balkan refugee corridor shut their borders Thursday to those not coming from war-torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq, leaving thousands of others seeking a better life in Europe stranded at border crossings.

07 Nov 2015 description

By Lucy Schouten

Immigration law prevents crossing of the border between Russia and Norway without a visa by car or on foot, but desperate refugees are avoiding the dangerous sea crossing by using bicycles to enter Norway.

Refugees fleeing Middle East violence for safety in Europe have used any means necessary, employing inflatable rafts, criminal smuggling gangs and, now, bicycles.

06 Nov 2015 description

Expectations are running high for a possible victory for Aung San Suu Kyi's opposition party. But worries are mounting about voter manipulation in the Nov. 8 election.

By Paul Vrieze, Contributor NOVEMBER 6, 2015

YANGON, MYANMAR — The quasi-civilian government of Myanmar promises to hold the first credible elections in a quarter century this Sunday after decades of Army rule.