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20 Feb 2018 description
report HALO Trust

Japanese government grant supports halo’s transformational work in Georgia

The HALO Trust has been awarded a grant of $400,000 USD from the Government of Japan to support the clearance of unexploded ordnance in Georgia, allowing over 585,000 square metres of land to be made safe.

19 Feb 2018 description
report HALO Trust

Following 10 years of mine clearance operations funded by the UK Government, The HALO Trust has handed over the Province of Herat in western Afghanistan to the local government.

Meanwhile, this week Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, visited The HALO Trust in Afghanistan during the Scottish Parliamentary recess. The Scottish Conservative leader spent four days in Kabul at the invitation of the Dumfriesshire based HALO Trust - the world’s largest humanitarian mine clearance operation.

15 Jan 2018 description
report HALO Trust

Secretary-General meets former combatants now clearing their own communities

14th January 2018 | Colombia

On a visit to Los Tanques, in the Municipality of Mesetas in Meta Department, Colombia, the world’s senior diplomat has met with former militants who have been recruited and trained as HALO deminers.

20 Dec 2017 description

Vienna: Prince Harry has called for efforts to be redoubled to clear landmines around the world at an annual meeting to review progress on the Mine Ban Treaty in Vienna. At the same time, mine clearance organisations, The HALO Trust and Mines Advisory Group (MAG) have published a new report, *'State of Play: The Landmine Free 2025 Commitment', *calling for increased action from treaty signatories.

07 Nov 2017 description
report HALO Trust

145,000 people to benefit from HALO’s work

On the 1st November, a ceremony took place to mark the handover of Chognari minefield located in Imereti Region, Georgia, following HALO’s successful clearance work. In total, 985,654 square metres of land, where mines had claimed the lives of three local people, have now been declared safe.

03 Nov 2017 description
report HALO Trust

As the world observes UN Disarmament Week, this week marked a symbolic milestone in Angola’s National Disarmament Campaign.

Since 2005, a total of 125,000 weapons have now been destroyed in a campaign supported by HALO with funding from the United States Department of State Bureau of Political-Military Affairs and the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement.

29 Oct 2017 description
report HALO Trust


I was born in Bar Malang village, but I am currently living in the nearby Baghagai village. As my family expanded in size, I decided to relocate because the neighboring village was safer and more developed.

My household consists of 37 people. My wife and I live with our children, my seven brothers and their wives and children. I have spent the majority of my life living in Bar Malang and Baghagai villages; only during the war, I sought refuge with my family in Pakistan for a few years.

22 Sep 2017 description
report HALO Trust

More than 14,000 people can now safely access land, schools and clinics

The global mine clearance charity The HALO Trust will today [Friday] hand over a 29km-long cleared minefield to a community of more than 14,000 people in the north-east of Zimbabwe. In total, 14,742 mines have been detected and cleared by HALO, which employs 340 Zimbabwean male and female deminers, over a three-year period.

01 Sep 2017 description
report HALO Trust

A key area of HALO’s work around the world is ensuring that weapons and ammunition arsenals are stockpiled safely and securely. This was put into sharp focus in early August when a military ammunition warehouse exploded in Abkhazia, killing two Russian tourists and injuring dozens more locals.

31 Jul 2017 description
report HALO Trust

This week The HALO Trust was pleased to sign an amendment to its Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Social Welfare in Myanmar. This amendment will allow HALO teams to start conducting Non-Technical Survey (NTS) operations. Working with local communities across Kayin and Shan States, in the east of the country, HALO will gain a better understanding of the scope and nature of landmine and other explosive remnants of war (ERW) contamination which is affecting their daily lives.

23 Apr 2017 description
report HALO Trust

Ahmed Nuur Aw Nuuh owns a small business in Ceel Bardaale, Somaliland, where he buys milk and vegetables from local farmers to sell at the market in the town of Gabiley. A town that should have only been 23 km away. But landmines were laid on the only road between the two towns during the country's civil war and subsequent conflicts, hindering safe access to food, and forcing authorities to keep the road blocked, prohibiting its use for years. The road was so heavily mined that some were clearly visible.

01 Apr 2017 description
report HALO Trust

Ozerne village in Donetsk oblast lies next to the Siversky Donets River. The river is now a popular place for anglers due to the slow streams of fresh water, yet during the conflict in 2014 between Ukrainian and separatist forces, it witnessed fierce fighting.

A bridge across the river was a crucial piece of infrastructure controlled by non-government forces between April and June 2014, before being taken back by the Ukrainian Army.

01 Apr 2017 description
report HALO Trust

Every year during his school holidays, 11-year-old Maphioss visits his grandfather in Kapfudza village on Zimbabwe’s north-west border with Mozambique. Almost 200 km from the capitol city, Kapfudza is a small agricultural village of around 2,000 people; it lies just 300 metres from some of the world’s densest minefields.

01 Apr 2017 description
report HALO Trust

About 10km north of the ancient Afghan city of Herat, in a dry plain, lies the village of Sarai Naw. The local people are farmers, scratching a living from crops and animals. In a country where poverty is endemic, Herat Province has the highest proportion of food insecure families.

In the 1980s the Soviet occupiers of Afghanistan built a military base for tanks and 400 armoured personnel carriers near the village. In turn the Afghan resistance – the Mujahedeen – built bases near the village and planted anti-tank mines around Sarai Naw to protect their bases.

10 Mar 2017 description
report HALO Trust

The HALO Trust has been awarded a grant of $550,000 from the Government of Japan to conduct humanitarian demining and clearance of ordnance in Angola. The grant enables HALO to employ 50 Angolan demining staff for a period of 12 months.

The grant comes from the Japan’s Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP). A signing ceremony to commemorate the grant was held in Luanda on 9 March 2017, at the official residence of the Japanese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Angola, His Excellency Hironori Sawada.

03 Mar 2017 description
report HALO Trust

The HALO Trust has been awarded a grant totalling $346,000 from the Government of Japan’s Grassroots Grant Programme (GGP) to continue humanitarian demining and clearance of ordnance in Georgia.

24 Feb 2017 description
report HALO Trust

The HALO Trust launched the Safe Steps for the people of Karabakh campaign in 2016 with the aim to clear all the landmines in Karabakh by 2020, alleviating the suffering Karabakhi Armenians have endured for the past 22 years.

A third of landmine victims in Karabakh are children, and in addition to facing the threat of debilitating injuries and death, the Karabakhi people are financially threatened as minefields hinder agricultural and family businesses.

08 Feb 2017 description
report HALO Trust

HALO Somalia has passed a huge milestone - finding its first landmine in southern Somalia on 4 February 2017.

After months of painstaking survey work in a region where mine densities are often low, but render huge areas of land unusable, HALO began actively clearing mines in late 2016.

A HALO team surveyed the minefield - designated 006 by HALO Somalia - near Mohamed Ga’al, in northern Hirshabelle State, in September 2016. Local people drew attention to an area in which a number of accidents happened in the early 2000s.

23 Dec 2016 description
report HALO Trust

Halo Cambodia celebrates staff who've helped clear half a million mines

HALO has celebrated 25 years of humanitarian demining in Cambodia at the once-mined, UNESCO-listed Preah Vihear Temples. HALO held a event to recognise long-serving Cambodian HALO staff on its 25th Anniversary in the presence of the British Ambassador, representatives from the US Department of State and the Vice President of Cambodia’s Mine Action Authority.

11 Nov 2016 description
report HALO Trust

The HALO Trust has welcomed a pledge of £1.2 million from British Minister for the UN and Commonwealth Baroness Anelay on a visit to Sri Lanka. She said: