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14 Sep 2014 description
report Croatian Red Cross

Croatian Red Cross and Red Cross branches have been actively participating in the response of the rescue and protection services to the situation caused by flood waves that have occured on some rivers in several parts of Croatia.
Red Cross has been providing food, water, personal hygiene products and shelter for the affected population and has also been active in preparing and distributing meals for members of other rescue and protection services.

17 Jul 2014 description
report Croatian Red Cross

In mid-May, heavy rainfall led to severe flooding across north-eastern Croatia, as well as parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia, affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the three countries. Over just three days, parts of Croatia received what is normally three months of rainfall. Rivers quickly rose to torrential levels, within 24 hours as much as 3.5 meters in some places. In Croatia, an estimated 15,000 people were evacuated. Throughout the sixty days since the onset of this disaster, Croatian Red Cross teams have been working to help those in greatest need.

18 Jun 2014 description
report Croatian Red Cross

On May 13 torrential rains hit Southeastern Europe triggering flash floods and landslides. The large amount of rainfall that has fallen in eastern Croatian and large part of the central and north Bosnia and Herzegovina caused a sudden rise in water level of rivers, groundwaters and backwaters, exceeding the maximum ever recorded water levels in several cities. In three days the area recorded rainfall equal to three month quantities. In some area water levels rose by 3.5 meters over a period of just 24 hours.

19 Feb 2014 description
report Croatian Red Cross

Torrential rains and high water levels of rivers have caused flooding in central Croatia. Since 12 February, all protection and rescue services are actively participating in providing assistance to people in the affected areas. City and county Red Cross branches have been a part of the joint response to this disaster.

By 18 February, the Croatian Red Cross delivered to the affected areas:

8 338 litres of water donated by Coca Cola

430 matresses

430 blankets

322 hygiene packages

272 desinfection sets

110 pairs of rubber boots

05 Apr 2013 description
report Croatian Red Cross

National Society and local Red Cross branches are assisting people in flood affected areas of the country since April 2. Relief items including beds, blakets, bottled water and mobile dehumidifiers have been dispatched from the Central warehouse in Zagreb to the flood affected areas of Sisak, Ludbreg and Novska.

Volunteers and staff of all Red Cross branches active in the affected areas will stay alert and continue to offer support to the affected population.